SG review by Jim Deacon

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 5 (19 votes)
Jim Deacon: SG

Price paid: £ 220

Purchased from: JG Windows, Newcastle

Sound — 9
Sound is fantastic, I've been able to get a lot of different tones out of it, which is much better than my the Marshall Rocket I had previously - the tone knobs wouldn't change the sound in the slightest. I'm using it with the Marshall MG15CDR that I got with the Marshall Rocket, through a Line 6 TonePort GX. Through this I'm able to get a lot of interesting sounds and it keeps things fresh. Bit of fret buzz on the E but nothing I'm not used to from previous experience. It has a really warm sound and you can really tell the difference between this and a cheaper guitar. The sustain is impressive and all the harmonics are spot on. I mainly play metal but I experiment with different styles, so far it's been extremely versatile and I look forward to experimenting even more.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall I'm really impressed with this. My opinion doesn't count for too much as I'm only a beginner/intermediate guitarist, but the mere fact that I have an SG makes me want to play more so I can not only make the purchase worth it, but prove myself worthy of such an admirable guitar. I've played a Gibson SG with the top strap fixed to the body, this is definitely something I'd want to look into. One thing I would say is that the change in width on the neck gave me hand cramp pretty fast, so this will take some time getting used to, but I look forward to developing with my new guitar. I'd suggest this in a flash for anyone who loves the SG shape and wants a reliable but cheap replica. Brilliant beginner to intermediate guitar, with great sound and even better looks!

Reliability & Durability — 8
It will definitely withstand live playing, it's very sturdy and feels extremely well built. The weight of it is certainly reassuring and it feels like a very solid guitar overall. While the strap buttons are very well fixed and solid, I worry that my strap may fall off the top one because of the pressure added due to the odd angle at which it places the strap.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
It came perfectly set up with a low action perfect for shredding right out of the box. Pickups are both a little loose but nothing too drastic. As mentioned before, the neck is quite unpolished meaning bends can be a little difficult when you're forcing it over the grains in the wood. No flaws whatsoever that I can see or hear. Volume control/tone knobs are a little raised off the body with a 1 or 2mm gap, hopefully this shouldn't pose a problem. Pickup selector is brilliant. I'm used to a big click of static from my previous guitar but with this it's totally silent.

Features — 8
To add to the other reviews, the unknown features etc: - Pickups are Wilkinson humbuckers with high polish chrome finish. - Appears to come in different versions - the picture already posted has no pickguard, mine has a partial pickguard over the bottom end of the guitar. - Finish is fantastic, heavily polished dark cherry that really comes alive in the light - Tuning pegs are in a classic/vintage style with semi-transparent plastic. Non-locking, but seem very reliable so far. - Fingerboard is unpolished rosewood, can be a little grainy in places. - Body is thicker and more substantial than most SG copies, which puts a bit more weight into it. - Bridge is tune-o-matic with a high polish chrome finish. - Inlays are large Mother Of Pearl squares and rectangles. - Text on the head of the guitar says "Classic" and is in a Gibson font/style, also in Mother Of Pearl. - Two volume knobs, two tone knobs, three-way tone selector. - Neck is a medium thickness, more than what I'm used to, but it is quite thin lengthways. - I got a free gig bag thrown in!

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    honestly if i started over again, i would just buy a quality guitar and a nice tube amp to start with (i have both now but what a waste on cheap junk
    After so many years of playing and so many kinds of guitars that passed through my hands, dare I say I understand the logics behing the reviews dedicated to such guitars. People buy a cheap guitar and, deep in their minds, expect for a nightmare, because they saw in the music shop or on the Internet (booo!) how real guitars look, what are their features and, last but not least, how much they cost. And, when getting home and finding out their cheap axe actually sounds good, plays relatively well and is actually better than their expectations, start to get enthousiastic. They compare their poor axe with an SG and even pretend it sounds better, make commitments they never saw a better axe in their life (which might be true, since it's their first and only guitar) etc. etc. I own two Vintage guitars: a Reissue V100 and a V6 Icon. I'm satisfied with their sound and overall quality, but, compared to my other two Yamahas, I can see, feel and hear the differences (and I only compare them to Yamaha, not PRS). They have cheap electronics, that should be changed after an year or two, if youn want to preserve the sound. The tone and volume pots have less dynamics and, hence, don't succeed to deliver all the tone the pickups has to offer, and should be replaced. They are roughly put together and need more detailed and frequent setup. They have mediocre internal shielding and need an urgent new shielding if you really want to play on them. Straps are there only to be replaced by real ones. And so on. All in all, an experienced player can notice that such guitars are made by lutiers with less skills and experience than those employed by premium makes. And Vintage has avoided most of the problems encountered by entry-levels, when they decided to use Wilkinson pickups, Wilkinson hardware and Trev's team for quality check. I very much doubt other such makes, as JD reviewed here, reached at least to that level. That's why owners' entousiasm should be met by our criticism. Beginners must know what are the differences. Follow COREYTAYLOR721's advice and buy the best guitars you can afford!