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  • Features: 1
  • Sound: 1
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 1
  • Reliability & Durability: 1
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reviewer's score: 1 Junky
  • Users' score: 5 (3 votes)
KTone: 5003

Price paid: $ 110

Purchased from: eBay

Features — 1
The guitar comes standard with three-way switch and a volume and tone pot for each pickup. It also has six strings... And those are just about the only good things to say about it. The bridge is a Tune-O-Matic style, pretty common to an LP shaped hollow-body guitar. That being said, my main reason for buying this guitar was that I had a bunch of LP parts left over from my Gibson rebuild and this seemed like a guitar they might fit into. Not at all. The fretboard has trapezoid inlays that aren't cut properly. Half the edges aren't straight and some of them don't even fit properly.

Sound — 1
It sounds almost as bad as it feels. The pickups have so much noise and twang you can barely hear the notes. Don't even try to strum a chord. I play a lot of different types of music (blues, rock, country) and this guitar is extremely poorly suited for any style. This guitar has zero depth or richness to the sound (I'm not even sure the pickups can be considered 100% functional). I have a Peavey Classic 30 and a Peavey Bandit - as well as a recording interface with 1000+ amp and pedal sounds through my laptop and nothing made this guitar sound even remotely pleasing.

Action, Fit & Finish — 1
Horribly put together. I bent a note at the 8th fret and the string popped off the saddle. This happened many times. Just about everything (including the bridge) is made out of a cheap plastic and I'm not sure there's a measurable amount of real wood in the entire guitar. The finish is then and plastic-y. This guitar should be in a textbook as an example of overspray. The tuners stay in tune for about 30-40 seconds of playing. I truly believe that the neck on this guitar is made out of plastic. Surprisingly, it was deeecently set up to play out of the box. Intonation was off, but action was playable. Which is the only plus to this guitar.

Reliability & Durability — 1
If you actually play guitar on a semi-regular basis, this guitar would be broken in a hundred places within six months. I was worried that it would break when I set it down on my couch. I didn't let my dog anywhere near it because I was worried he'd snap the neck in half and I wouldn't be able to return it. When I was playing, the bridge would come out of place (it would shift forward or backward about half a centimeter) and upon bending, strings would pop off their saddles. The strap buttons were not sturdy at all either. I had to play the guitar sitting down because I was worried the strap buttons would pop off (even though this is the lightest guitar ever).

Overall Impression — 1
I've played a lot of guitar, and this is (by a million lightyears) the single worst instrument that I have ever played. Do NOT trick yourself into thinking that it might possibly be worth the money. This guitar is not (NOT!) worth any money, at all. It looks bad. It sounds bad. And it feels even worse to play. At no point whatsoever, was anyone involved in the construction of this guitar even remotely capable at doing their job properly. It is a complete waste of building materials that could be use for something like a bucket or a house phone.

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    I bought this guitar October 2014 for about 250 USD, including shipping. This is by far the cheapest hollow body accessible to me here in Norway. Out of the box, it looked very shiny, with minor flaws. Also, there is visible glue residue inside the f-holes, and even though the inlays are about perfect, there was probably some extra glue on the first inlay that seems to have miscolored the fretboard slightly. 7/10 for the finish. 10/10 considering the price.The intonation was OK, but the action was sky-high and the fretboard was not sanded / had some sort of residue on it. However, after playing on it for about 3 weeks, this residue was gone due to friction with the strings and some washing. The intial guitar strings that came on it were not good, but not the worst I've tried. After the action was adjusted and the fretboard was playable, I started to assess the sound of the pickups. Their height was pretty OK, pretty standard out-of-the-box LP height, but they buzzed against the pickup mounts. I solved the issue by removing the pickups and placing self-adhesive foam around their edges. The truss rod was nicely adjusted. 4/10 on set-up due to the painful fretboard, 8/10 considering price here as well.The pickups were surprisingly good - relatively little feedback for a hollow body guitar, with neck pickups similar to the alnico pickups on cheap Epiphones, and a thick, bass-y bridge pickup. Tone configurations were off, and as on all cheap guitars, they do not actually control the entire tone, but only the "sharpness". 7/10 regarding electric sound, 10/10 considering price here as well.Its acoustic sound is different though. It sounds pretty okay, a little "sharp" for a hollow body, but for this price, it's magnificent it's a hollow body at all. 8/10 for acoustic sound, 10/10 considering the price.Regarding this guitar's reliability and durability, it looks pretty weak, and especially the tuners were unreliable. After switching them with locking tuners for 10 USD including shipping, I was content with the guitar. I installed another strap button, as it only comes with one, to use a sturdy strap with strap locks to prevent accidents. However, I've dropped this guitar several times, with not as much as a dent on it. After half a year, it has some scratches in the gloss due to my guitar picks, but that's about it. The electronics have not failed me once either. 7/10 on durability, 8/10 regarding price.¨My overall impression of this guitar is that it is definitely worth the money, if one can bother with the hassle of muting buzzing gear, changing tuners, etc. I also glued the pick guard to the pickup mount, as it wasn't a perfect fit, I placed foam around the tune-o-matic screws (as almost all tune-o-matics buzz to some extent), and I glued the tailpiece as it easily vibrates. In the end, I spent about 260 usd (100 usd shipping, 10 usd to tuners, 150 usd for the guitar) and about 5 hours on a guitar I will happily keep for many years. 8/10 for general overall impression, 10/10 overall impression considering the price.