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manufacturer: Legend date: 09/22/2008 category: Electric Guitars
This outstanding solid body guitar features three single coil pickups, two tone controls, one volume control and a five way pickup selector. The body is made from Chinese Alder and it has a Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard. It also has chrome die cast machine heads.
 Sound: 6
 Overall Impression: 6.8
 Reliability & Durability: 6.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7
 Features: 5.8
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overall: 9
ST1 Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 13, 2007
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Price paid: $ 114

Purchased from: used on ebay

Features: It features a 21 fret rosewood neck, it's black Strat looking thing, very nice stuff. Neck is made of maple. 2 tone and 1 volume, 5-way selector, S/S/S setup however I will smack some hotrails in soon. I gave 9 only cause it's used. Otherwise no flaws at all. // 9

Sound: The G string sounds a little rusty but my friend says that's how all G's sound. The tone is nice, I use a Peavey Rage 158 15W, amp is perfect for practice. Neck is nice and bassy with warmth. Bridge is nice for leads and higher stuff. If you turn bass up on amp and set to neck or neck/mid, you can use it as a decent bass if played with thumbs. Sounds awesome! I haven't tried it with an pedals cept my 7 band EQ. Works nicely. The distortion is nice too! Very crunchy and dry but muddy and messy if you want, all with amp settings. It really is perfect for the begiinner. I play lots of stuff, from rock to blues to jazz to bass on guitar material. Does awesome for RATM/Audioslave stuff as well as something like Kryptonite. Awesome cleans as well as decent distortion, you really have to fiddle with amp and an EQ if you have one to get something spesh from a SSS Strat like this. I gave 9 because I can't quite make it scream hahaha, but hopefully in near future. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Action is ok, not low but decent. Having it just a tad above superlow is good for me and all beginners. A friend has his superlow, can't play much after 15th fret, just no sustain at all, it's horrible! All the bits and pieces are fine, no flaws but since mine is used, the bridge is a tad crocked. I think the guy Who had before lowered action, didn't play well so return to original. Knobs, strap locks, jack and selector are awesome. I've heard people complain about these things with their cheapos. There aren't many things that seperate good cheap strats from Fender Strats. lots of people will disagree, but if you have a decent body and neck, rest is easy! If you spend some money you can make something awesome of it and to your taste too. I don't recommend this but in my case, poor man, can't afford like $500 now nor do I plan on spending that in near future, so I'm going to change bridge pickup and some other bits, mainly cosmetic like pickguard, knobs, pickup covers. Just a bit of holiday fun! // 10

Reliability & Durability: Live playing no idea, hardware is fine, but the bridge is the only thing that is a tad weird like I said. Sound fine though, fixing or replacing would make no difference so I'm not gonna bother. I've been playing for about 4 months, can't say I'm a budding musician yet but I can still entertain you with the little skills I have. // 8

Overall Impression: I plays lots of stuff, anything that sounds good and isn't impossible to play. Anything but metal, just not my go. Compared to Squier I say yes, to Yamaha Pacifica, I say par but since that has a hum, maybe it wins, but this is much much cheaper and better value. Yamaha just exploit the big name. I did wish I spent $80 more and bought a new one maybe so it was mine and not used mine but I'm still more than happy. It's perfect for me. Stays in tune, won't fall apart in next 2-3 years, nice cleans, good distortion, plays well, what more does Mr. Beginner need? // 9

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overall: 5
ST1 Reviewed by: SteveBeginner, on july 21, 2007
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Features: 21 fret rosewood fretboard with a maple neck. I got it Red with some sort of strong Laquer on top of the paint. The body is plywood and very cheap(considering I dropped the body lightly and it snapped in half, literally + very light). The body is a Strat style body with a white scratchplate with a tone combo and volume Strat type knobs, it also features a 5-way selecter with a s/s/s pickup section. I got this guitar with a starter pack which included, gigbag, strap, cable, tools and picks + amp. // 5

Sound: I play most punk, and as for playing that, the guitar suited it and I could play the songs I wanted fine. I was using a Legend TEC-10D amplifier and a DigiTech Grunge effects pedal, which sounds cool. I could play some modern rock/blues to punk and light medal with this guitar fine. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: The action seemed fine, and the pickups seemed fine. The bridge was very very poorly routed, and very poor quality wood. The guitar came with very bad teeth floss like strings which absolutely sucked, but once I had some D'addario 10's on it sounded nice. Most of the hardware and wirings seem to be fine, but not top quality. // 5

Reliability & Durability: This guitar could withstand maybe a scool performance but not a proper gig (in my opinion) and the strap did seem to full of quite a few time which wasn't very nice. I would most definitely have a better quality back up if I was playing an important gig, and wouldn't rely on this guitar for a gig other then a school performance of maybe a party. The guitar seems like it will end up falling apart after maybe 1-3 years. // 4

Overall Impression: The guitar matched my style fine in my opinion, I wish I had asked if there was anything a tad better for almost similar price before I bought it. If it was stolen I would most probably buy a new guitar, or buy this guitar again if I needed a practice guitar. I wish it had a humbucker in the bridge. // 5

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overall: 5.8
ST1 Reviewed by: Gnomestar, on september 13, 2007
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Price paid: $ 67.64

Purchased from: Billy Hyde

Features: Made in china I believe, it appears to be plywood with a bright blue lacquer painted on top, it has a fairly thin 21 fret rosewood neck. The body is you're Standard Strat shape, it has 3 single coil pickeups, a 5 way selector, 2 tone nobs and a volume nob, it has chrome tuners and is incredibly light. // 3

Sound: I play rock, this guitar is not particularly suited to any style, with single coils it is certainly better at lighter, jangly sort of music but this guitar is never gonna have great sound period. The different pickups take the sound from muddy to tinny and everything in between, howver being that this guitar cost me $89 AUD it is still well worth it, you will find guitars with the same sound going for $200+ for this reason I'm going to give the guitar a slightly higher mark. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The set up was mostly fine, the low e string intonation is out a bit but nothing horrible and nothing a beginner will notice, there was not fret buzz that I have found and the action is nice, the guitar has no obvious problems with the setup apart from slightly off intonation. // 7

Reliability & Durability: THis guitar feels like it could snap any minute it's so light, however as long as the guitar isn't bashed about too much it seems like it should survive, the pickups are fine and reliable with no problems from them, the pickup selector is smooth and works perfectly, the strap buttons I'm not sure about, I'm yet to use them much, they look a little dodgy but that dosen't mean hey are, I wouldn't use this for a gig, maybe as a backup guitar if I had no other guitar to use as backup but certainly wouldn't wanna gig with it. // 6

Overall Impression: Basically this guitar is a very cheap beginners guitar, the sound isn't the best, infact the guitar is just plain average but when you consider how cheap it is then it certainly seems ok, it's definately worth the money I paid and it's normal price over $170 doesn't seem overpriced in my opinion. This is just a perfectly decent starter guitar perfect for anyone looking to learn but not willing to spend too much, if it were stolen I'd not be too upset and would probably opt in to buying soemthing mroe expensive, however if I had no money I'd be more than happy to get another one. // 6

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overall: 5.8
ST1 Reviewed by: myearshurt, on september 22, 2008
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Price paid: A$ 259

Purchased from: Billy Hyde

Features: 22 Frets, rosewood fretboard, maple neck, made in China, the neck is a slightly thinner C-shape with some sort of thin finish on it (definitely not satin or gloss). Wood is obviously some cheap but heavy wood. The finish is lacquer, Stratocaster style body and electronics, 3 single coil pickups. Some sturdy tuners. // 6

Sound: I play all different styles and this guitar suits it 'well'. It's been a while since I replaced the stock pickups with the ones from my Mexican Strat but I can still remember the cheap, dead sound. I'm not exactly picky when it comes to a good clean-clean sound but this one sounded horrible. The pickups were noisy, in all positions. On this guitar, you can either have a dull bassy sound or a dull trebly sound. That's it. I use it with a Legend LE10D which is a crap amp I know, but replacing the pickups did wonders. // 2

Action, Fit & Finish: I was a beginner when I got this guitar so I can't remember if it was setup well or not, but I know it wasn't impossible to play. I've had it for about two and a half years, been from super light gauge all the way to extra heavy strings and never adjusted the truss rod or anything and it plays fine. Could be setup better, but I wouldn't know and I don't think it's worth the cost. Some issues, buzzing on the G string around the 5th fret, possibly because of the low action (that I've adjusted), again, could be fixed. And the high e string nut slot wasn't cut properly, the spacing was a bit too wide, so that's caused some issues with tapping. The tremolo is real rusty too and makes an annoying squeaking noise when I use it. // 6

Reliability & Durability: This guitar definitely would survive live playing (personally, I think every guitar would if you didn't spend half the show grabbing it by the headstock and banging it on the ground). Strap buttons were alright, were a bit loose but I replaced them with Dunlop straploks. I wouldn't use it a gig unless I got the nut replaced, string spacing setup and the whole thing setup. Whatever the finish is, it's tougher than my Mexican Strat. // 8

Overall Impression: I play whatever sounds good to me (almost all styles except post-hardcore, screamo etc), I'm using this right now because my Strat 'got killed' and my Jackson isn't 'the one' (cause I love Strats, wherever it be the real deal or a copy). If it were lost/stolen, I'd probably go with a Squier as a backup (mainly because Squiers have a better sound in my opinion). I love that it's a Strat copy, nice solid finish, nice tuners, hate the electronics, tremolo. Didn't compare it with anything when I bought it, I walked in, pointed at the box and bought it. Wish it had better pickups! // 7

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