Rebel Flag Tele review by Main Street

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 2.2 (13 votes)
Main Street: Rebel Flag Tele

Price paid: $ 50

Purchased from: Moes't Everything Music in Stroudsburg

Sound — 8
My style is bent on rock. This guitar gives you a perfect Hendrix sound but with the twist of a knob, you think, "Pantera!" I run it through a Kustom Quad 100 DFX and a DeltaLab pedal. There is no hum and no agitating fuzz while you play. One feature I love is its clean song when its unplugged. Its got a banjo/ acoustic sound. Then you plug it in and WOW! Such a difference! Its not to bright and not dull in the least, between a grenade and an atomic bomb sits this beauty. I play mostly Van Halen and it complies with the Brown Sound. Taps, harmonics, slides, etc. This guitar will blow your mind! And the sustain that seems to course through the thing is rockin! I did eventually edit the pickups to experiment with the sounds I could get. I put a cheap Epiphone Les Paul body pickup in the neck position and the sound is almost complete. Now all I hope to add is a sustainer to elongate the already mind-blowing tones.

Overall Impression — 7
My first impression was, "Did I seriously just give someone money for this thing?" and now its my primary guitar. After six years of playing its the best that I've ever played under the price range of $800. I would stock up on them but I'm not sure they are still sold, that's a shame because its a terrific instrument! I think the only thing I might change in the future would be to relocate the knobs and selector switch and to add a sustainer if I can get one. I wish I would have asked where he got it from as it was used. I'd buy another as a spare.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Forget beating around the bush, my guitars go through the sh-t! I play the hell out them and this is the only guitar I've ever played that likes it rough. Extreme bends, behind the nut bends, body bangs, you name it and I've probably exposed this guitar to it. Through hell, it holds tuning, the screws, bolts, and so forth remain tight and secure. I did however take the buttons out and put grover strap locks in. I am confidant enough to play it without a backup. I don't clean it like the normal player might and the finish stills gleams.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
The guy I bought it from, Moe, just had it hanging in the corner of the shop for a long time. I got sick of it sitting there and really wanted a Tele so I bought it. Besides the rusty strings, dirt, and a green film on the frets, it was in descent shape and I buy from the guy again. Cleaned the shit off of it and it looked new! The finish is a bitch to sand through. (I added an aged look) The action is awesome on this thing. Its to wonder how there isn't a rattle! I sanded the back of the neck quite a bit because there was a gloss coating on it. Honestly... A gloss coating? Then took it apart, put it back together and made sure it was all tight. The tone is outstanding, personally I think any guitar can have great sound if one just puts work into it. The only issue so far was the nut. That was the only thing I had to replace because my high E kept coming out of the groove on bends. Also I removed the string trees on the headstock and the sound became louder and more full. Guess its the small things.

Features — 8
I definitely struck gold here. Its a 22 fret with a beautiful maple neck and fretboard. The body feels like maybe alder or maybe maple. Its got a rebel flag finish with a through body Tele bridge. Following standard Tele form, there is a lipstick pickup in the neck position which delivers with an outstanding range; then there is a single coil in the body which has alot of treble to it but I barley use that. There is one tone one volume and a 3 way selector switch which are surprisingly durable. The tuners are tuners but they hold well. The action is fantastically close to the fretboard yet there is no buzzing.

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    You had to switch the nut, because the high E string kept coming out of the groove. Sanded down the neck because you hate gloss coating. Still gave it a 9?
    "Did I seriously just give someone money for this thing?"< Reviewer. Guess that's what I would say too.
    badfish_lewis wrote: uhh I'm no Hendrix expert but I can't remember seeing him ever use a tele...
    He never said Hendrix used a Tele. He just said you can get a Hendrix sound with it.
    I appologize for all the high ratings. im rather taken with this guitar. Honestly it is an excelent instrument but io supose i should have realisticaly rated instead of submitting opinionated ratings. now that i think id give Features: 8 Sound: 8 Action fit and finish: 6 REliability and durability: 10 Impression: 7 Please understand that i bought this guitar and it wasnt too well kept. Then i took it home and once it was cleaned it up the difference was miraculous. Look at E.V.H., the strat he made was a peice of shit but he made it into a beautiful thing.
    Semperfidelis23 wrote: "twist the knob and think, Pantera!" Yea.... If the knob doesnt fall off.
    You make a joke but it really has happened when i first got it haha! I spent about a half hour looking for it XD but i got good ones now.
    Perfect for you to play "Workin' for the MCA", win the heart and then bang some redneck's hot daughter. Seriously though, solid review. Looks like a really good guitar.
    I have a Main Street Strat copy that I bought for $99. I've got a 73 Les Paul Deluxe, a Les Paul Studio, two Charvels, one the same model that Jake E. Lee plays, two Kramer's from their prime, a Schecter, and two PRS's. All of them are great, but I like the Main Street best.