F-1 review by Maverick

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (32 votes)
Maverick: F-1

Purchased from: Chappells Bond street

Sound — 10
I normally play rock, metal and a bit of punk, always as distorted as the amp will go, without to much bass and plenty of mid. I use it through a Behringer GMX1200H head in rehearsals and through Spider 2 30w when practicing. This guitar has great sustain for a Floyd Rose equipped guitar with a basswood body due to the one piece neck and tight fitting neck joint. Screaming pickups with great tone, great bass response for palm muting and pinch harmonics jump right out. Great distorted, bridge pickup really screams while the neck is much smoother for sweeps and a blusier and heavier tone. The licensed Floyd Rose is really nice and smooth, always perfectly in tune, great for those dimebag squeals and crazy effects. The clean tones on this guitar are great, which makes me think these are alnico pickups, the bridge is more twangy while retaining a heavy bottom end and the neck is much bassier, roll of the tone and you get a great blues tone. These stock retain their clarity even at high gain and are really sensitive to how hard you pick, rolling off the volume control carefully you can get them nearly clean even from serious distortion. They have me seriously considering never bothering to change them.

Overall Impression — 9
This is an amazing metal guitar from a small British make, great hardware, great sound, great design. Would definitely recommend this over even the top end stuff from Ibanez and Jackson, as even if the Maverick loses out on a couple of things like not having a flamed maple top, or dimarzio pickups (nobody wants EMG's anyway so lets not mention them) it is way cheaper and much better value for money. A super fast neck and a feel like something way more expensive in my opinion. it's also really versatile, and although it might look odd playing jazz with a guitar that looks like this, it can definitely be done. This guitar is definitely better than anything in this price range, it's unique and a bit different. I would definitely buy this guitar again, but I would probably venture in to the different designs like the X1.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This would definitely withstand Live playing, it is a solid well made guitar, definitely the same or better quality than much more expensive brands like Ibanez and totally whips any pretenders to the 'lower price range' throne like ESP's LTD range or something like squire or Epiphone. This guitar rrp's for 550 btw although it can easily be found for cheaper. Like I said the body is something to be careful with as it's not made of mahongany or anything and although the paint is thick and a smooth finish and it's not gonna wear down or anything, it is prone to get dented from a hard bash. Apart from that the hardware is great, one of the best licensed Floyd Rose trems I've tried, has a push in trem arm so it doesnt't wobble about, strap buttons are decent and the top one will never unscrew annoyingly as it is built in to the body. I would gig without a backup as the only thing that is going to go wrong with this guitar is breaking a string, which is a pain with a floyd rose, so always best to have a backup really.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The guitar was really well set up when I bought it, although that was in a shop and ordering off the internet is probably a different story. Action was nice and low and the Floyd rose was set up perfectly. Really fast neck, apparently the fastest in production, with well finished frets and nice inlays (dunno what they are, could be bone). Really well made guitar, all hand carved. The nickle hardware oxidises quite quickly but it's not noticeable and it makes it look cool and worn eventually anyway. Paint work seems to get damaged fairly easily, although I am a bit clumsy with it, it has already chipped a bit, but this is mostly due to the softer basswood body, so just have to be careful not to bang it too hard on something.

Features — 8
This is the latest incarnation of the F1 and it's improved features. Cool Black sparkling paintwork, two piece Basswood body, bolt on neck, one piece hand carved maple neck with AAA grade rosewood fingerboard, 24 jumbo frets and a Floyd Rose licensed tremolo. It's got the unique Evolution roller controls which are pretty useful, although you can't get killswitch effects a la Tom Morello because it only has one volume control (and one tone of course). Design looks cooler than your Standard Ibanez Rg or Jackson superstrat shape, well contoured, comfortable, light and all handcarved, the cut aways and sculpted neck joint really give perfect access to all 24 frets. Two humbuckers, not sure whether alnico or ceramic (designed with Trevor Wilkinson) three way pickup Switch and good smooth tuners, all Maverick's own. Decent strap buttons but I still prefer to have strap locks on 'em. Nothing fancy like binding or flamed maple tops so I give it an 8.

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