Patriot Custom review by Michael Kelly

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (58 votes)
Michael Kelly: Patriot Custom

Sound — 9
This guitar like I said above sounds beautiful played through my Vox VT30 and through a Marshall JVM50 I've been using, I play with another guitarist and we mainly play metal, hard rock, metalcore and rock (bands ranging from Iron Maiden, Bring Me The Horizon, Lamb Of God, Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Biffy Clyro) If you like the sound of any of them bands, this guitar will do you pretty well. But not also is it good for the heavier side of guitar, it also fits the cleaner side perfectly too, I often use a touch of delay or a splash of reverb whislt playing clean just to give it a bit more personality, but there is no need if you're not a fan of effects as the guitar sounds beautiful played by itself anyway. This guitar also gives off a lot of sustain which is SWEET. I've played this guitar next to a PRS Custom 22, that cost litreally 10 times as much, and it shines with it, I wouldn't say that they were equal, as something that costs a lot less you wouldn't expect it to be, but I'd say it's not far off it! Oh it's also coil tapped which adds even more versitility! (<< Is "versatility" even a word?) so for the reasons stated above and the fact it's just fun to play I'd give this guitar a 9.

Overall Impression — 9
This guitar is great for ME, but like with all guitars, get out there and try it, it might not be for you! If this guitar was lost or stolen I'd be gutted, I'd probably buy one of these again, purley because I like it it's a nice guitar! I would like to get one with maybe a trem unit, but that's no biggy, and just a personal want. But yeah, a very nice guitar, a good price, and well worth the money I piad, if you see one of these for around 200-350, try it, you won't be let down!

Reliability & Durability — 9
I can only guess as I've only had it for 3 months, but it seems durable, the strap button are solid and my stap has never fallen off or come loose, although I'd reccomen adding strapklocks if you're into all that fancy spinning your guitar around your head stuff. If I was to gig, I'd take another guitar just incase, purley cause I wouldn't want to look unprofessional trying to play a song without a first string, but If was only doing a small set, then I could gig this without a back-up. So as a gestimate it gets 9.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
This was bought second hand, so there were a few dinks, nothing major, it still looks lovely, the action is perfect for me, and electronics are in good condtions, siince having this guitar NOTHING has gone wrong, it's been perfect so far, hope it stays this way. So this part is purley personal, so it's getting a 10.

Features — 9
Not quite sure what year mine was made, but the guy I bought it off had it for anout 5 months before he sold it to me, I've had it for 3 now, and it's in great shape, by the way, these things retail for around 350-500 I think! So here goes Neck: The neck is a set neck which I beleive to be mahogany, consisting of 22 medium jumbo frets with abolone inlays, it's a nice rich sounding neck, with an ebony fretboard. Body: A mahogany falme maple capped body, mines in an amber finsih I beleive, but don't trust the images you see on the internet, as it looks 100x better in real life, much darker and richer. A lovely Les Paul look-alike Bridge: TonePros Locking, no probles with this, very good so far! A good build quality Tuners: Grover tuners, keep the guitar intune well, hardly ever have to re-tune once I'm set on a tuning, I vary from Standard to Drop C, and never have problems with this guitar. Pickups: Rockfield SWC, these were the biggest concern of mine when buying the guitar, and woah, I've been quite blown away! I've played guitars with EMG's and they aren't quite as nice as these! These can give rich clean tones, crunchy bluesy sounds, and brilliant metal sound! Like I said I bought this guitar second hand, and it came with a free hardcase, so for features it gets nine, purley for the build quality, it gives for so little money!

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    no lolage
    I've got a standard strat, schecter Loomis-7, Ibanez prestige and this guitar. I honestly play and love this guitar as much as I love my others which were all far more expensive - that's a great compliment to the quality and value for money of this instrument.
    Just got one for $375 delivered on a daily Hello Music Net special. All they had was Burst. This guitar is everything all these reviews say..and more!!! Best guitar deal I ever got. Unfortunately, looks like they are discontinuing this model. Their 2012 catalog doesn't have it and they are showing more expensive ones with much less quality components and woods. Suggest you grab one of the old ones ASAP if you want one. Guess it was too good to last.
    Amazing piece of instrument.Heavy as stone. Fantastic Rockfield pickups. A real Gibson killer.
    I have one of these, and trust me, while a rave review would be a bit over the top, it is an incredible guitar. Fantastic sound, and really versatile.
    John Cuthbert
    Managed to get one of these a couple of months ago, in cherry sunburst, paid 200 ,what a bargain. Changed the strings, a quick clean and polish, perfect condition with not a scratch anywhere ( don't think it's ever been played). Being a beginner I decided to call some guitarist friends to try it out. Response from all was they all loved it, great sound etc. .Raised a bit of interest for Michael Kelly guitars .I love playing it, some day soon I will play it in public. BUY ONE you wont regret it.
    Most any guitar case will fit. Are you looking for hard or soft-sided? I have a nicely padded red and black Road Runner case I picked up for US$15 on eBay which works great.