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manufacturer: Michael Kelly date: 05/10/2011 category: Electric Guitars
Michael Kelly: Patriot Custom
Are you ready for a single cutaway with no sacrifices? One with every feature needed to build the ultimate guitar? If you're ready the Patriot Custom is your new favorite guitar.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9.5
 Features: 9.3
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overall: 9.4
Patriot Custom Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 16, 2007
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Price paid: $ 429

Purchased from: Gallucci Music

Features: Are you ready for a single cutaway with no sacrifices? One with every feature needed to build the ultimate guitar? If you're ready the Patriot Custom is your new favorite guitar. The list of extras on this one is too long to include completely. We start with an extra deeply carved maple top on a hand selected mahogany body. The set-in neck is tightly fit to assure maximum sustain and performance. Installed in this best-in-class body is a set of Rockfield SWC Pickups. Rckfield Pickups are built using the same high-end all USA Made components as many collectible humbuckers. The Rockfield SWC Pickups give the Custom a high output edge, while retaining a deep rich tone. To give you the full impact of these special pickups we have direct mounted the pickups and include a coil tap for each pickup. Normally humbuckers are mounted from plastic rings, suspending them apart from the full vibration and tone of the body. We attach them directly to the maple and mahogany body to draw every ounce of sound out. The coil taps allow you to switch each pickup from a full humbucker tone, to a single coil tone with a simple push-pull pot. No detail was overlooked on the Custom; it has an ebony fingerboard, recessed control knobs, Grover tuners, real abalone block inlays, TonePros locking bridge and an amazing flame maple top. We could go on and on, but the best bet is for you to get your hands on one and check it out for yourself. // 10

Sound: Amazing is the first word that comes to mind. The sounds that you can get from this thing are insane. In the humbucking position you get very gritty deep tones (Avenged Sevenfold rhythm/Silent Civilian) which is perfect for any kind of drop tuning. The coil tap feature gives you a slightly brighter bite to your sound without giving up too much thickness. In the middle pos. it sounds very Gibson-ish and is the perfect setup for punk rock or alternative stuff like zebrahead and stuff like that. The bridge pickup is SO bright and clean and is perfect for basically anything that you would normally use a Strat with. If you coil tap that pickup you get a slightly softer tone with less bite and a little smoother sound. Both pickups are completely silent. I noticed it first when I played direcetly in front of a CRT Television, a computer monitor, and had fluorescent lights on. I then tried to make it feed so I kicked on some ungated distortion and put it directly in front of my Vavleking with everything full blast and I finally got some. Needless to say, these pickups are awesome. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Action and setup was great. The Strings were old, but can't expect much more from a Guitar store. The bridge pickup was a little low to really pick up the harmonics the way I like it, so I raised it about 1/16" and it was perfect. Everything was perfect and in great shape. If you get one, get the walnut finish, it's to die for. All controls were tightly fitter as well as tuners. The only thing I noticed was that the bridge wasn't locked, but I just grabbed my allen wrench and locked one of the ends and it was perfect. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This thing feels like a tank. You know that feeling you get when you pick up a Vintage Fender? That feeling of invincibility? it's the same with this guitar. It is heavy (like a Gibson) and the buttons and hardware are just as good as a Gibson (except they don't lock, but they stay in tune perfectly, even when in a gigbag). The finish is very nice and thick. The back I'm not too sure about as all of my guitars (even the fenders) get buckle rash after a while. // 9

Overall Impression: This is the perfect guitar for me. It is pretty much a PRS SE killer. it's got better looks, better playability, and a cheaper price. Although the tone rivals a PRS Soapbar or Gibson LP Studio. I play everything from Brad Paisley-SRV-Santana-Avenged Sevenfold-Metallica-Silent Civilian-TransSiberianOrchestra-CCR- to Steve Miller Band. This things got you covered. Just learn how to setup your pickups! My friend cannot get the sound that he wants when he plays it because he doesnt't know how to adjust the coil tap to suit his needs, just learn to use the coil tapping and you will have every sound you need. If this thing was stolen I would track that person down and disembowel them while they are still alive. The only flaw is the lack of locking tuners, but that is going to be remedied soon enough, then it will be perfect! // 10

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overall: 9.8
Patriot Custom Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 14, 2011
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Price paid: £ 260

Purchased from: The Internet somewhere

Features: This was a Korea based model with Rockstar pickups. Coil tap knobs for bridge and neck pickups. Only downside to this is the lack of individual volume and tone controls for each pickup but you don't seem to notice this. The frets are quite close together and the neck is quite thin but it really aids you as a player once you get used to this. Picking accuracy improved as well as fretting accuracy. // 9

Sound: I play mostly Rock/Rock and roll to some metal with this thing ranging from Guns and Roses/Alexisonfire/Oasis to 36 Crazyfists/A day to remember. With its coil tap switches, it is extremely versatile and can play absolutely anything. The neck pickup is really bright and warm whilst the bridge is gritty and bassy. You can also add a lot of dynamics but adjusting the tone knob. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The action is perfect for me. Really easy to play. This can be adjusted anyway at the bridge position. No fret buzz. The neck feels very substantial in your hand and its a well balenced weight. It has a really glossy finish. I have accidently brushed the headstock on walls/doors even a brick wall and there were no scratches or marks at all. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This is a fantastic guitar. It stays in tune really well, even in tunings such as Drop B/C. I have not had any problems with this at all. Never played live with it as I would hate for it to get covered in beer/blood/sweat/tears but it could easily withstand this. // 10

Overall Impression: I was reading a couple of reviews at the time of buying and they recommended this to be better than Epiphone Les Pauls. I thought I would take a gamble going for a relatively unknown brand but I have been blown away. It covers most music styles. I own a Boss MT-2 metal zone pedal and this thing sounds great with this. I also have a DD-7 delay pedal and it's really smooth. I have been playing for about a year and a half now. I started off with an entry level Ibanez which I thought was great at the time but I never touch it now! If this guitar was lost/stolen, I would hunt down whoever did it and they would pay in blood! // 10

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overall: 9
Patriot Custom Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 14, 2010
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Price paid: £ 450

Purchased from: Park Music

Features: Scale/ Frets: 24-3/4 scale.22 medium/jumbo frets. Wood: Mahogany neck/ Ebony fretboard makes for a smooth, fast and yet still chunky feel. Mahogany body and flame maple finish. Hardware: Grover tuners, SWC rockfeild pickups w/ coiltaps, mounted direct onto the body for "extra sustain". Tune-o-matic bridge. All chrome finish. Electronics: 1 tone knob, 1 volume knob and a 3 way pickup selector. What a great guitar! It's solid, heavy, chunky and great for all sorts of jazz, blues, rock, hard rock and metal. For the money your paying you could go ALOT worse off, tanks any Epiphone IMO in terms of tone and playability. Coil taps are versatile enough so that you can get any sound your after, the whole range of tones is available. // 9

Sound: Before I got this guitar I was playing nothing but metal, strictly rhythmic palm muted dirty awesome metal. And it's this guitar that started to increase my horizons as a musician... Now, I'm able to play everything from dirty blues licks to full on metal shred. And it all sounds great. This guitar has Really close strings, so forces you to be ridiculously clean with your playing. Get this guitar and within a month your picking accuracy will have increased tenfold. In terms of amps I'm mostly playing it through a crappy, ancient Line 6 30 watt spider amp, so the tone ain't even close to awesome. But as soon as you plug into any decent quality valve amp... Awesomeness ensues. I play this in the live environment through a Peavey 6505+ and I've never heard anything better without paying almost a grand more. Rich, full and bright sound. Easy harmonics, the cleanest clean and full clean distortion too. The only fall down on the sound I've ever experienced is that the pickups have a nasty habit of feeding back on any sort of noticeable volume. Nothing that can't be solved without a decent noise gate. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: I got my guitar set up for free buy the local shop I bought it from, they did an expert job. Ridiculously low action with no buzzing at all. Flawlessly beautiful finish, nothing like some of these really tacky paid jobs you see on guitars in the same price range. The only problem I've experienced with this guitar was the buzzing of the pots, and all that needed doing was a good clean... Then it was all good. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I gig with this guitar weekly no backup, all I keep with me is a pack or two of extra strings. Hardware has had no problems, it's all made by solid, reliable and time tested companies. I replaced my strap buttons with Jim Dunlop Strap locks, no problems there, easy job. Finish is solid, slight road rash but to be honest I think it makes her look better. // 10

Overall Impression: Perfect for hard rock, looks the part and plays the part but can play everything from jazz to death metal. I've been playing for 5 years, I've played this through crappy (line 6 spider 30) to amazing amps (Peavey 6505+) and it always delivers, plug in a Tube screamer and I can't find any faults. If it were stolen, I'd probably buy a Gibson Les Paul because I have more money now, but for someone without much resources. Buy This Guitar. I love the finish, it looks like something that would be played by the guys out of Black Stone Cherry or some other US southern hard rock band. Fave feature is probably the pickups mounted onto the body directly, sounds so good. The other competitor when I was buying this was a Dean Hardtail, for pretty much the same price, the HardTail was by no means a bad guitar, it just never felt right when played next to this. I wish it had volume and tone for both pickups... But nothing is perfect and I can live without it! // 9

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overall: 9.2
Patriot Custom Reviewed by: intotheend, on may 10, 2011
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Features: Not quite sure what year mine was made, but the guy I bought it off had it for anout 5 months before he sold it to me, I've had it for 3 now, and it's in great shape, by the way, these things retail for around 350-500 I think! So here goes Neck: The neck is a set neck which I beleive to be mahogany, consisting of 22 medium jumbo frets with abolone inlays, it's a nice rich sounding neck, with an ebony fretboard. Body: A mahogany falme maple capped body, mines in an amber finsih I beleive, but don't trust the images you see on the internet, as it looks 100x better in real life, much darker and richer. A lovely Les Paul look-alike Bridge: TonePros Locking, no probles with this, very good so far! A good build quality Tuners: Grover tuners, keep the guitar intune well, hardly ever have to re-tune once I'm set on a tuning, I vary from Standard to Drop C, and never have problems with this guitar. Pickups: Rockfield SWC, these were the biggest concern of mine when buying the guitar, and woah, I've been quite blown away! I've played guitars with EMG's and they aren't quite as nice as these! These can give rich clean tones, crunchy bluesy sounds, and brilliant metal sound! Like I said I bought this guitar second hand, and it came with a free hardcase, so for features it gets nine, purley for the build quality, it gives for so little money! // 9

Sound: This guitar like I said above sounds beautiful played through my Vox VT30 and through a Marshall JVM50 I've been using, I play with another guitarist and we mainly play metal, hard rock, metalcore and rock (bands ranging from Iron Maiden, Bring Me The Horizon, Lamb Of God, Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Biffy Clyro) If you like the sound of any of them bands, this guitar will do you pretty well. But not also is it good for the heavier side of guitar, it also fits the cleaner side perfectly too, I often use a touch of delay or a splash of reverb whislt playing clean just to give it a bit more personality, but there is no need if you're not a fan of effects as the guitar sounds beautiful played by itself anyway. This guitar also gives off a lot of sustain which is SWEET. I've played this guitar next to a PRS Custom 22, that cost litreally 10 times as much, and it shines with it, I wouldn't say that they were equal, as something that costs a lot less you wouldn't expect it to be, but I'd say it's not far off it! Oh it's also coil tapped which adds even more versitility! (<< Is "versatility" even a word?) so for the reasons stated above and the fact it's just fun to play I'd give this guitar a 9. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: This was bought second hand, so there were a few dinks, nothing major, it still looks lovely, the action is perfect for me, and electronics are in good condtions, siince having this guitar NOTHING has gone wrong, it's been perfect so far, hope it stays this way. So this part is purley personal, so it's getting a 10. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I can only guess as I've only had it for 3 months, but it seems durable, the strap button are solid and my stap has never fallen off or come loose, although I'd reccomen adding strapklocks if you're into all that fancy spinning your guitar around your head stuff. If I was to gig, I'd take another guitar just incase, purley cause I wouldn't want to look unprofessional trying to play a song without a first string, but If was only doing a small set, then I could gig this without a back-up. So as a gestimate it gets 9. // 9

Overall Impression: This guitar is great for ME, but like with all guitars, get out there and try it, it might not be for you! If this guitar was lost or stolen I'd be gutted, I'd probably buy one of these again, purley because I like it it's a nice guitar! I would like to get one with maybe a trem unit, but that's no biggy, and just a personal want. But yeah, a very nice guitar, a good price, and well worth the money I piad, if you see one of these for around 200-350, try it, you won't be let down! // 9

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