MVG-1BK review by Monterey

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.7 (3 votes)
Monterey: MVG-1BK

Price paid: A$ 275

Purchased from: Miranda Music

Sound — 7
I am almost exclusively a Metal player, abit of Blues, Rock, and Punk If I'm in the mood, and this really suits my style. The shape, classic shape, awesome shape, that's pretty metal, and when I play it it sounds so freaking heeaaavvvyy.. Pickups are'nt the best, I could change these, but otherwise I'm not bothered. I play with a DigiTech RP90 effects pedal, through my computer speakers or headphones. With the 2 volume knobs I can turn one knob to say, 7-8, and select exclusively that pickup, it sounds very clean, Switch it to the other pickup, Get the best distorted metal tone. This is mostly a Metal/Rock guitar, I've played Blues and Punk on it before, and I've even used my RP90 unit to make electronic music.

Overall Impression — 9
This guitar is an excellent Metal guitar. It fits in with Rock/Blues/Punk pretty good as well (in the way it plays and sounds). I'd recommend this for Imtermediates and Pros, its a great guitar, beginner's might not be able to manage the Flying-V shape. I've been playing guitar for a year and a half. I'm a teenager but I've done a few gigs and this guitar certaintly fits the metal image and people often comment on the shape of it. This is the best guitar I own, my other guitar was my first, a Peavy Raptor EXP. I'm a fairly skilled player, and this guitar plays better than much more expensive guitars. Even the BC Rich guitars. If this guitar was stolen or lost I probaly would'nt be able to afford another guitar :P I like this guitar very much and I'd probally buy it again unless I saw another cheap guitar with the same capabilities. I love the guitar's shape, and the neck is just right for those parts where my hand has to rapidly move around the fretboard and imediatly do technical work. The TuneOmatic Bridge accomodates palm muting without feeling awkward or painful. I don't hate anything about it, only niggle is I can't attach a tremello bar to it. I've looked at other Monterey products, as well as guitars made by Ibanez, Cort, ESP/LTD and Peavy, and this guitar was one of the best, and the price sought of amplified how awesome it was. I wish it had a Floyd-Rose or an EverTune bridge, but those are worth more than the guitar itself. If you see this guitar, I recommend you buy it straight away. You wont be dissapointed.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar could be labeled as invincible. I've played a few gigs with it, I've jumped around and climbed atop of a speaker cabinent to do a guitar solo, and I'm impressed. But I'd change the strap buttons. They come loose sometimes under movement and you have to stop playing and catch the guitar before it falls to the ground. Otherwise, yeah. Its awesome. I've done the gigs without backups, simply because I know it won't break. Once I've played it 6 hours straight. And why would it break? The things solid as. Paint finish is alright, of course it comes off when I ding it but It looks like its there to last.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The guitar feels solid, and I've banged it around a few times, nothing looks bent or nothing, it just left a few dings on the paintwork. It's pretty solid, it just is. There aren't any flaws or nothing. It's one of the best guitars I've played. The finish is entirely gloss black, with white Pickguard and an insert on the headstock, Identical to the real Flying V's. The pickups are alittle loose, but this has'nt caused me any problems and I play pretty hard, if it wern't for the pickups I'd give it a 10.

Features — 7
Hi I brought this guitar Brand New from a small music shop in Tweed Heads NSW, had an alright selection of mostly acoustics and banjo's and some electric's as well, I saw this guitar on the rack and it stood out to me immediatly. I honestly thought it was a genuine Gibson Flying V until I saw the Monterey badge on it and all that. Pricetag: $325. Waitaminute, It had another sticker on it saying it was on special for $275. I tried it out in the shop, only thing I liked more was the Jackson Rhodes but I could'nt afford that so I just brought this. Monterey is an Australian company, I assume the instrument is Australian made. I'm pretty sure its made of Mahogany. The Bridge is a Tune O Matic, good quality one too, has a tailpeice. It has 2 volume knobs (for each pickup), 1 Tone knob, and a 3 way pickup selector. Did'nt come with any acessories, however I purchased a basic strap with it and got a custom Flying V gig bag from CNB for $30 dollars. A bag or something or a case is nessacary with these things, trust me. The 2 pickups are humbuckers, generic, aren't the best quality. The finish is a contempary black gloss, and the white pickgard contrasts it. Tuner's don't lock, generic, good quality though. The neck has 22 frets, I'm not sure of the scale, it is good for very very fast playing.

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    Crap reviews for a crap guitar. Cant even get an accurate idea of the sound. Ntm a 1.5 year player saying hes fairly advanced. Laughable. Recomended for pros and intermediates? Lmfao. Delete these reviews UG.
    Yah, I was probally on drugs when I made that review. I can't delete it myself, I can say the guitar is DECENT FOR BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATES but that is about it. Please, dont take this guitar too seriously, shell out a few more hundred and get a slicker machine from a more reputable brand.