513 Rosewood review by Paul Reed Smith

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (99 votes)
Paul Reed Smith: 513 Rosewood

Price paid: $ 2100

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
My style of music includes hard rock and metal. I also love to play scales and appregiate chords on this guitar. I'm using it with a Marshall H/S. As far as instrument specifications I'm kind of a dune, but in laymans terms, this guitar is sick! I'm not biased because I have one, either. I also own a Fender Strat (American) and an Ibanez Iceman. The first guitar is about $375 new and the iceman was about $650. The PRS was $2100, which is pricey, but I'm telling you from experience it is worth every penny. The stock pickups are a dream. With seven settings (tones), you can reach any sound you want. I usually keep it on the first setting because that is the most "trebly" sound and is good for shredding and power chords. The action is awesome. My fingers can play this guitar so easily. It really makes the transition from chords, solos, and scales sooo easy. It isn't too heavy either. It stays in tune perfectly. I play this guitar about 2 hours per day and only have to retune it every other day.

Overall Impression — 10
When people think of PRS, an image of Carlos Santana may come to mind or something. Most metalheads, gothcores, emo's, or hardcore guitar players don't think of a PRS when rocking out. They think of Jackson, Ibanez, etc. Well I love bands with hard riffs like Killswitch, The Black Dahlia Murder, etc. and this guitar can handle the hard picking of a dropped tuning. It will give you some power man. Think of a 427ci enging in a classic muscle car. Or even a 502. Don't let the pretty birds or the shiny finish fool you. Again, I'm not biased, I've owned six other guitars, check my ratings of them and see that I am fair in my ratings. Good luck if you are trying to buy a guitar.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I've played Live with this guitar and I'm telling you now I can't think of any other guitar I've played that is this competent. I've owned it for three years and as gentle as I try to be with my instruments, they still all tend to go through hell. But this one just holds up and I expect it to keep going strong for several years to come. Extremely dependable. The finish is amazing and all the materials are quality crafted. The only thing I might advise is caution when you are plugging in your cable. The nut got a little loose after the second year of player, but I must admit I would jam the cable in carelessly. I don't think it's manufacturing defect, because I was so harsh with it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Right out of Guitar Center, this machine was ready! As I've stated before I'm not knowledgeable on the technical aspects of the specifications of these instruments (but maybe you can relate to someone like that more), but I am an experienced player (7 years) and pretty decent all around. I've played many other PRS models and years, and they are all such good quality. Bottom line: if you see the letters 'PRS' on a guitar, please know that that is a quality instrument and you won't be disapponed (although if you are buying form Guitar Center, you can almost certainly talk them down up to 600 dollars, so please do).

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    A great guitar. I've had one for a year and it is just so well rounded and versatile. It does so many things exceptionally well and yet doesn't sound like any other guitar out there. Build quality and details are top notch. Go check one out, you won't be disappointed!
    black_sabbath85 wrote: looks pretty..plays pretty too i guess .....but 6 ****ing thousand dollars!!!!
    You get what you f'cking pay for in this line! Why else do ya think we all avoid Squiers like a leper in an orgy?. 2 years? Doesn't matter how good you are, gear that good'll make you just want to play. Also, as the Major above said, that thing'll out-last the guy who bought it, no question.
    Brazilian rosewood is a regulation 1 CITES banned wood and has to be harvested pre CITES to be allowed to be manufactured into anything (not only guitars) i've checked and enough brazilian RW to make a a fingerboard is about 300 usd i dont even want to know how much for a neck. So the price is easily justifiable what isnt is the use of such a rare wood when suitable alternatives can be easily found. On the other hand i would kill for one of these. And to add fuel to the debate a professionnal luthier can make the exact same guitar for about 3000 so you basically pay an extra grand to the price but it will keep its second hand value whereas boutique guitars usually don't. And anyone who can afford a guitar deserves it, thats capitalism for you!!!
    i just played one of these for the first time about a week ago. its the best guitar ive ever played. i started playing some blues jams on it, and slowly progressed to some rock and metal, and it played it better than anything else ive ever seen. its light weight which i love, but it still has the full tone of say a singlecut. it was listed as $4000, but i managed to talk the sales guy down to 3500, and i stopped there, cause i didnt actually plan on buying it. if i had the money i wouldve payed 10,000 for it though. d
    Remember that the non-rosewood is around $3000 but the rosewood adds another $2000 to the price.
    Seeing as he bought it in Glasgow, I don't think its $ 6000. I think its 6000 pounds. which is like... 12000 dollars.
    meh i want to have one...so sad im broke these days and if ill ever buy a new guitar,i guess ill just have an ordinary prs for now.. :'c
    I want to know which GC sold Frenchfry a 513 for $2100 & $375 for an American strat. A Cali carved top is a copy of PRS. And why exactly cant you shred on a PRS. The one dude was right he really should buy an amp that would do the guitar justice. I have a Mccarty and it smokes my Les Paul my Strat's and my ESP. Sorry to you guys who cant afford one. Get a job. or do what I do, I use all my gig money to buy more shit to gig with.
    Major Seventh
    To everyone having a go at him because he's forked out 6 grand for a guitar, 2 years is plenty of time to become a very competent guitarist if you love it and practice enough. Sure it's unlikely anyone is able to play super fast shred solos in that time, but a lot of guitarists don't give a toss about shredding or other very technical things. So if you've got the cash, why not fork out for a quality guitar which will have unmatchable tone (especially for Santana's music!) and last you a lifetime probably. Pricewise with guitars as you get to the super high end prices are going through the roof without a huge difference in quality (whereas the difference between a $100 and a $600 guitar is very noticeable) but if you can afford it then why not.
    Saw a Robin Crosby Flyin V on ebay.. One he played on stage with.. Seven thousand dollars.. And he pays that.. Crazy ass.
    Triviutallica wrote: PRS are quite cool guitars if you are a rythm guitarist and yeah i know santana can get a solo out of it but if I had 6,000 quid i spend it on an Alexi 600, Dean Razorback and a BC rich IT Beast and believe it or not i would have only spent half that amount by the time i'd bought them and then i could use the rest to get a cool rig and amp! Wow if only... i would kill for those axes!! riase your horns and show your appreciation to METAL!
    PRS guitars are a hell of a lot more than rythem guitars. There are plenty of people who use PRS guitars for lead work (Gonalo Pereira, Mark Tremonti, Johny Hiland and Al Di Meola to name a few).
    PRS are quite cool guitars if you are a rythm guitarist and yeah i know santana can get a solo out of it but if I had 6,000 quid i spend it on an Alexi 600, Dean Razorback and a BC rich IT Beast and believe it or not i would have only spent half that amount by the time i'd bought them and then i could use the rest to get a cool rig and amp! Wow if only... i would kill for those axes!! riase your horns and show your appreciation to METAL!
    I just love these comments; someone buys a nice new guitar and suddenly he's a rich bastard who doesn't deserve his gear. First of all, if someone wants to spend a lot of money on a guitar, it's their choice. The cool thing about buying stuff is that you don't need to deserve anything, you just need to pay. Deserving has nothing to do with it. If you want something nice and you can afford it, why not buy it. Recently I met a guy who was playing purely for the fun of it. His playing was at a beginners level, yet he did have a custom shop Tom Anderson. Some of you will say that he shouldn't buy such an expensive guitar, because his playing isn't good enough. On the other hand, just because you might be better than someone else, doesn't mean that you should have a better gear as well. I can understand it's frustrating to look around the internet and to find a bunch of people who have your dream gear while you're stuck with Squire and a small solid-state amp, but that's life. If you go into a guitar store and you want to buy a nice guitar, wouldn't you be surprised if the store refused to sell it to you because your playing isn't good enough? So please, the next time when you see a kid butcher a Deep Purple classic with a Gibson or a Fender custom shop, ask yourself this: if someone gave me an expensive guitar, or if I had enough disposible income to buy one myself when I was just starting out, would I have taken it?
    enjoy a nice dodge neon while the rest of us enjoy bmws or ferraris
    lol +1
    I now own one of these beautifully crafted guitars!! I have a flame maple charcoal grey, and is awesome. We play cover tunes at the local drinking establishements, and play everything from (a bit of country), to Rock and even some remaid 80's tunes like send me an angel (Thrice version). I can get the sweatest tones, and the sustain is unmatchable! I have been playing for 20yrs and have only now been able to justify buying a $3500 (canadian funds) guitar. But it was worth every penny! I play it through a Hughes and Kettner switchblade and I have never received sooooo many complements on my tone until now. I am going to get a noise gate, the heavy humbucking position has to be the hottest pickup I have ever used and although it is still smooth it needs to have a noise gate, at least with my H&K. EXZILERATE