Custom 24 review by Paul Reed Smith

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (199 votes)
Paul Reed Smith: Custom 24

Price paid: $ 3800

Purchased from: Musicians Friend (Online)

Sound — 10
I play everything except for metal. Classic rock, blues, jazz, country. I am currently using this guitar through a Traynor 50w tube head, and a Traynor 4 speaker cab. I have not used any external effects/pedals with this guitar outside of what is onboard with the Amp. This guitar suit's everything I play... I was surprised by the tonal variety, much more than I expected.

Overall Impression — 10
As previously stated, I play everything except for metal. I have been playing for close to 30 years, and in that time have owned/traded most major brands of guitars and amps. I currently have the two PRS (Custom 24, and 513) electric guitars, a Martin D42 Acoustic, Traynor tube head and cab, Goodsell 33 Mk. II all tube (hand wired) amp, and a Traynor Acoustic PA for vocals and and Acoustic guitar. I have owned many top of the line guitars, and they were all good for what they did, but this one seems to do it all. I would replace this immediately if lost or stolen. The only thing I am having issues with (and it's just a comfort thing) is the five position knob. I think a selector switch would have been faster/better (like on the Custom 22). However; I know I will get used to this, so it's not an issue. Go buy this guitar, it will not dissapoint, and gives you much more bang for the buck than a custom shop Fender or Gibson.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This is a dependable guitar, and it has withstood live playing. Everything seems solid, and I am not worried about technical or mechanical failures. The strap locks work great, and with the ease of string changing (PRS locking tuners), I can change strings in seconds... So; no need for a stage back-up.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I have not changed the factory set up. Something has to be said for PRS. Their quality control surpasses even Gibson and Fender. I have had issues with 'new' Gibson/Fenders (poor workmanship, finish, etc.,.). I have owned two PRS guitars, this one and a 513. They have both been flawless, and play perfectly right out of the box. These are truly beautiful guitars to look at.

Features — 10
2009 '10' Top, Violin Amber Sunburst, Strap locks, Hard-Shell case, typical case candy. Locking tuners, two pups, with 3 knobs: Volume, Tone, and 5 way selector to move between pup combinations. The finish on any PRS is usually stunning, but; the '10' tops just take it to another level. The finish is stunning... Truly beautiful. This guitar looks better to me than the Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop (Wine Red) that I owned previously.

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    Nightfyre wrote: bluespunkmetal wrote: Dude, someone up there plugged a PRS into an MG Stack ?? Are you nuts, what a waster of money ?? An awesomely frickin cool PRS won't even show half of its tonal fineese when your playin it through an MG !!! Sell your PRS, buy a good Ibanez, and a Mesa Dual/Single Recto, you won't regret it !!! Or, buy a tube amp today !!! yes, sell it! sell it! sell it to me! i would love to take this crappy guitar off your hands, you don't even wanna know what my current piece of crap guitar is... oh wait, its an ibanez. lol. its a crappy cheap ibanez though, so yeah, i know, they make better ones. stupid first guitar...
    Hey! I'm with you, buddy. Ibanez GAX 70. My guitar. It's not bad, but man! After playing this PRS, it's like nothing else is even a guitar anymore!! ugh, i need moneys. and what's this i read about "soulless?" have you ever actually played one of these? this thing practically connects souls with you to make amazing sounds come from four fingertips with no effort! it's like you become one in a state of guitar nirvana, and all you can do is scream amazing music! "soulless" you say? this guitar has enough soul to be a person.
    sweep wrote: man, these guitars are just overpriced :/
    I'd say they're the only high class guitars worth the money. Best guitars in the world.
    I'd love a PRS, but I'd be so worried about chipping or damaging it I'd be shitting myself every time i remove it from the case.... I've got an ibanez, they're great guitars and you don't have to worry about ****ing the paint job up!
    Za wrote: bluespunkmetal wrote: Sell your PRS, buy a good Ibanez, and a Mesa Dual/Single Recto, you won't regret it !!! Or, buy a tube amp today !!! :| are u mad? prs >>>>> ibanez
    Ibanez + Mesa > anything through an MG
    Teh Skisgaars
    i got this guitar this week, beforehand i had a ibanez destroyer. ibanez was good but this is literally a masterpiece. i got it in gray black so as to match mikael akerfeldt of Opeth's guitar honestly the best guitar ive ever held in my hands
    The custom 24 is a master piece. a big band that uses it is Skillet. Now they have SOUND
    f0x_guitarist wrote: so what's the difference between a PRS CE 24 and a Custom 24?
    i may be wrong but i think its just the cosmetics of it
    Im eager as hell to buy one, but for $5000 new zealand its a pretty risky investment, anyone know what the width of the wide thin neck is at the nut and 12th fret?
    HELLSHREDD wrote: My Jackson or Gibson would kik da fuk out of this wanker axe.lmao