SE Mikael Akerfeldt review by Paul Reed Smith

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (42 votes)
Paul Reed Smith: SE Mikael Akerfeldt

Price paid: C$ 679.99

Purchased from: Long N McQuade

Sound — 7
I play many genres but this guitar I left for blues and metal (and of course Opeth). For the Opeth tracks this guitar stayed true to the Mikael's tone. That being said when I used it for anything other than Opeth's works I found the tone to be lacking. Particularly the SE Vintage bass pickup didn't do it for me. The tone seemed to be a cross between what you would expect from a PRS (somewhere between a LP and Strat) and a mock-up Vintage LP.

Overall Impression — 8
I've been playing electric guitar for only 7 years now and have been lucky to have many guitars. This was one of my favourites. The only other guitar along similar lines as this model which I prefer is my PRS 245 which was of a similar price point. If you are not an Opeth enthusiast then I would highly recommend the 245 over this model as it is superior in most other regards. The sound is great for Opeth but does feel lacking in something.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I never did a gig with this particular guitar but it is one of the few I leave lying around. It hasn't had any problems, even with the constant changes in temperature and humidity. The finish seemes very clean and well done so I never really worried about it. It wasn't too expensive either so for the price and quality of this guitar I was very impressed.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The action and finish were beautiful. The guitar is something nice to look at with its clean and mellow finish. The neck was just the right size for that classic rock and blues playability and had much of the finish worn down so that it felt very smooth. This guitar was excellent just out of the box.

Features — 10
Comes with the follwoing: - BODY: Maple with Flame Maple Veneer - Back: Mahogany - Extras:Opeth "O" Logo - NECK: 24 Jumbo Frets - Scale Length 25" - Neck Wood Maple - Fretboard Wood Ebony - Neck Shape Wide Fat - Fretboard Inlays Birds - HARDWARE/ELECTRONICS are all PRS designed - Treble Pickup - PRS Designed SE HFS Treble - Bass Pickup - PRS Designed SE Vintage Bass As for the quality of the features the truss rod on this guitar is amazing! It never lost tuning on me even on those crazy dive bombs.

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    " As for the quality of the features the truss rod on this guitar is amazing! It never lost tuning on me even on those crazy dive bombs" Oh dear...
    Ibeanez wrote: I tried one of these. It was so awesome when I did some dive bombs and the input jack and strap buttons stayed in place.
    I hear there's a problem with the volume knob popping off when you hit pinch harmonics though.
    IYanoplathizoI wrote: " As for the quality of the features the truss rod on this guitar is amazing! It never lost tuning on me even on those crazy dive bombs" Oh dear...
    Tuning problems when trying to drop tune for teh brootz? Better mess with mah trussrod!
    I tried one of these. It was so awesome when I did some dive bombs and the input jack and strap buttons stayed in place.
    As Akerfeldt is one of my my biggest influences, this guitar was a must have for me and I have to say, it is one of the best feeling guitars I've ever played. Sounds really good too. Highly recommend it to anyone. Also worth noting, this guitar is more brown in real life. Not sure why it always looks red in pictures.
    I love my prs se singlecut but with an unintonatable wrap around bridge and 22 frets i might just have to pick this up some day.
    Sure Mikael still uses his Custom 24's, but he used his SE model quite a bit during the two shows I saw on the Heritage tour.
    Great looking guitar, though the Opeth Logo is really what makes it so unique (best logo ever?) However, it is always a warning sign when I see the guitarist the guitar was made for or has their name on the guitar not actually use it. Too often I see Mikael use other PRS guitars and not this one (actually the only time I've seen a picture or media of someone using it it was the lead guitarist of Kittie in the we are the lamb music video). Not saying this makes it a bad guitar but if Mikael doesn't even use this as much as the other PRS and I'm going to spend all that money on a guitar I'd get the one he's using the most.
    I think it would have a bit greater appeal if they got rid of the big O of the body and maybe had it as the 12th fret marker or something or not at all.
    ticklemeemo wrote: Treble and Bass pickup? -_____-
    It's kind of the Les Paul setup,I've seen some LP copies that says rythm (bass) and treble in the pickup switch, the bass is the one near the neck and the treble is the other one. Strange thing as only few ppl name them like that.
    this is like the best deal you can make if you have 600-700$. perfect guitar. perfectly built, woods and finish are litterally impressive. infinite sustain. pickups are very good, not top level, but VERY good for being stock pickups. they'll do for any genre. the guitar sounds full and clear in every possible tone. well, definitely not made for stratty sounds, but really, sounds awesome always. extremely versatile. the guy up here that said that PRS have crappy tuners, knobs and nut.... welll..... he owns a copy of a prs and not a true one! tuners works perfectly, knobs are smooth and look very elegant and solid, and the nut is carbon made.
    It's pretty good. I find the bridge pickup is a little too trebley for metal stuff. Great sounding when you roll off the tone knob for smooth jazzy tones. The pickup selector on mine must be dirty or have a bad connection. The pickup will sometimes not produce sound, and I have to fiddle with the switch a bit, then it works again. EZ to fix I'm sure though. Also have to tune it often when using the bar.
    I have this guitar, absolutely not disappointed. Flawless finish, excellent action (I love the satin neck for smooth sliding of the hand), nice sound. A must-have for Opeth fans and others alike.
    Beautiful guitar.No picture makes justice to how beutiful this axe is.Sounds incredible.Very versatile.The tone is from other league only compared to the high end PRS models. Best PRS at this price range, no doubt.It´s playing is too addictive.
    Amazing sounding guitar.Feels perfect on my hands.The neck is slick and fast.Sustain for minutes.Been playing for years, this is one of the best PRS i ever tried.Even those 3 times more expensive.It´s a 10/10
    I haven't played this particular guitar. But I have 2 PRS SE guitars. They work good BUT! Crappy tunning machines, crappy nut, crappy pots and cheap bridge. I have spend money on my 2 SE changing this and after that they are AWSOME guitars.... But is you are not willing to do this ...just BE AWARE!