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manufacturer: Peavey date: 07/25/2013 category: Electric Guitars
Peavey: JF-1
There is only one other guitar that comes close to be a match in this price range and that would be Danelectro DC 59. Epiphone Dot is not even close to this guitar!
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9
 Features: 10
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overall: 9.8
JF-1 Reviewed by: tomas83, on july 25, 2013
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Features: My JF-1 is a China made instrument with a serial number on a clear sticker that pealed off as I was cleaning the guitar (which is no big deal, I'm keeping this guitar). It has a fantastic 24 3/4 inch scale hard rock-maple neck, 22 frets, 12" radius, very cool looking Bow-tie inlays. The neck is set and the width at nut is 1.69". The frets are made of nickel silver 2.7 mm wide x 1.1 mm tall. Fingerboard is rosewood. The top is multi-laminate (maple) with a figured maple cap. Back and the sides are laminated maple. Body style is a semi-hollow double cutaway strongly inspired by Gibson ES-335. The style is not identical, but it's very close. The cutaways are not as round and they seem to be smaller than 335. I think that this is a beautiful guitar. I really like the headstock, Mr. Hartley Peavey's signature fits very nice on there. Bridge is a tune-o-matic style and stop tailpiece, the electronics are passive, two ceramic 5 loaded humbucking pickups. Neck pickup 7.4 K DC, Bridge 12K DC, both fully potted. 2 volume and 2 tone controls. 3 way pickup selector is located on the upper cutaway as on Les Paul. The cable input jack is located on the side of the body as oppose to being on the top of body (like Les Paul). Neck and bridge pickup from Peavey. Die-cast machine heads with tulip buttons, guitar doesn't come with any case or gig bag. Nylon bag and a Lite case are available though. I have the Sunburst finish. The neck has dual torsion rod. // 10

Sound: I play blues, rock, metal and some contemporary Christian music and JF-1 delivered everywhere. I believe that semi-hollow and hollow guitars are suitable for any musical style and they helped define or redefine many musical styles. It suits me perfectly, only my last two guitars were semi-hollow bodied, before I played only full-bodied guitars and I can say now, that I was missing a lot. The overdrive sound is only as good as the natural sound of guitar. I plug my JF-1 to Peavey Classic VTX and I have to say that there is a magic happening when you play Peavey guitar through a Peavey amplifier. I'm using VTX's spring reverb and occasionally the phaser. In my signal chain I also have a Rogue tremolo and Delta Lab's DD-1. The sound is very rich, bright and full as you would expect from maple on maple combination. I believe you can play anything on this guitar and it's going to feel great on that amazing neck! The kind of sounds guitar makes is everything you would would hope from a 335 type guitar. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: When I got my JF-1 the action was either set up or I had the really good factory set up. Except for cleaning the guitar and removing the pick guard and changing the strings I didn't have to do anything. Also I want to say that the craftsmanship is on a very high level at that factory. The only flaw was a piece of clear coat over the torsion rod cover plate, the neck adjustment, bridge alignment perfect. Despite some folks complaining the tuning heads are working perfect, tuning pegs and all hardware are very tight. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The top is very thick I have all confidence in this guitar withstand live playing (get a hard case!) Hardware and strap buttons seem very sturdy and I'm pretty sure that my guitar was built few years ago. It's certainly dependable, it is my only guitar now so yes I'd use it without backup. The finish is on the thick side and it's durable not wearing out. Guitar is very sturdy and pretty heavy. It weighs a little over six pounds. Body, neck and the f-holes have cream binding and the hardware is gold-plated I think I forgot to mention that. // 10

Overall Impression: I play mainly my own music and JF-1 fits perfectly. I play guitar for 18 years and I played many different types of guitars. Right now this is my only guitar, but this is the best guitar I've had. There is only one other guitar that comes close to be a match in this price range and that would be Danelectro DC 59. Epiphone Dot is not even close to this guitar! I've tired few of them and the craftsmanship was absolutely horrible! I played a few of ES-335's and JF-1 beats them for the money. I personally like the neck on Peavey better and I like more the body shape. If my JF-1 would get lost or stolen I'd get another one in a heartbeat. The only things I wish we're different are: 1. Made in USA, like the other great Peavey USA models. 2. Peavey should offer a hard car for it. This is a fantastic guitar, that tilted perfect neck, advanced body style, tone, craftsmanship and the looks. All that for $350? Don't even think that there is a better 335 style guitar, because there isn't. Those 2 points I made earlier would make the JF-1 simply impossible to resist even against the ES-335 itself. // 10

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