PXD Void III review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 6.6 (11 votes)
Peavey: PXD Void III

Price paid: C$ 899.99

Purchased from: Maestro Music Academy

Sound — 10
Well I'll begin by saying that I'm a lead guitarist and I'm in to pretty much everything, but overall I like minor mode shred by the likes of Steve Vai, Satch. Its a fast guitar, what can I say? Line 6 Vetta II with PODXT. Not noisy at all very hush hush considering the EMG's. It can make the super mario coin sounds... Does that count lol.

Overall Impression — 10
I have played alot of guitars in the time I have been playing and not one; except this one, has stood up to the constant abuse I put them through. As soon as I picked this guitar up I knew this would be the one that I stuck with. First I'll say it is gorgeous with a very playable yet slender feel to it. The bridge (Kahler) is probably the nicest I've worked with; no more 1 hour restringing and tuning sessions. It will tune to drop D or anything I want with out throwing the other strings out too much, if youve ever worked with an Edge, Floyd Rose etc. you get what I'm talking about. Neck is super fast, I was playing a JEM 555 before this and actually boosted my playing speed by almost double, and I feel comfortable doing it. Aluminum inlay on the 12th fret just adds to its already bad-ass look. All the hardware is pretty much as beefed up as possible with Grover tuners, EMG 81 and 60. Afterburner is just sick. Obviously if your the guy or girl into country, blues or jazz this wouldn't fit the look for you. But for any other playing style from Rock to 80's Thrash, Nu-Metal to Neo-Classical this guitar suits everything you will ever need in a stage companion. It suits a beginner sitting down to learn a song like Iron Man or the advanced player ripping peoples faces off with licks from Opus 5. I recommend this to anyone (except country folk lol)

Reliability & Durability — 10
Definatly good for live shows. Hardwares the best out there ofcourse it will last. I have lock straps for my strap buttons but if I used the factory one I'm sure they'd work but I couldnt live with myself if I dropped it. With a Satin finish you can never be sure if it will last. I'm sure in a year or so it will be glossy where my picking hand rests.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Perfectly set up, but I would still take it in to get it intonated. Perfect Pickup adjustment. Bridge set perfectly. Perfectly routed and carved. This is the best set up guitar from the factory I can think of. Everything on this guitar was perfect low action fretwire perfectly shaved.

Features — 10
* Made in August 2009 I believe and Made in China * 24 Frets with 24.75" Scale, Jumbo Frets (Rosewood) * Solid Top * Body and neck are both made from mahogany * Satin Black finish with aged aluminum pick guard * Body style is something of a cross between an Explorer and Mockingbird * Bridge is a Kahler Tremelo * Active electronics. * Three nobs.. Two of which control the pickups volume and a tone nob which also activates the "Afterburner" circuit that adds up to an extra 20db of gain. A three way selector controls the pickups. * Active EMG's for pickups (81 in the Bridge and a 60 in the neck) with a built in battery component on the back of the body. * Tuners are Grovers with a lock nut, very very precise. * Specially designed Coffine Case with the "PXD" logo is a bonus aswell as all hardware (tools) and four extra batteries.

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    There really aren't a lot 10's not even 9.9's but I would say something along the lines of a custom made PRS or Framus comes pretty close, wouldn't you agree?
    Straight 10's, way to go. These guitars are garbage, the metal pick guards are weird as hell and generate some very strange twang-ish sounds. This guitar in no way deserves a single 10.
    [Ritters is like the next Antonio Stradivari.(he made violins, and GOOD ones at that).quote][/quote] hellz yeah!!!!....other then that....no guitar this ugly deserves a 10....but ill admit i do enjoy playing it...
    SeanX3187 wrote: sounds like another wannabe shred god. so i'll take what he says with a grain of salt.
    It's take it with a pinch of salt.
    Peavey are wayyy better at making amps than guitar, this monster doesnt deserve to live
    PS> and yes they can not only walk on water, raise the dead, and go back in time to fight moon lizards, but they can fight Chuck Norris and make him break a sweat. Now that's a 10 if i've ever heard of one.
    i'm a bass player, not a guitar player. but i would like to say that peavey is a nice company to work with, they make some decent quality stuff(sometimes mildly over-priced mind you). hand in hand with cirrus they make some decent bass guitars, but i've never heard of a 10 that's made by peavey. the only bass's that could possibly be 10's are the Flora Aurum and the Flora Sappirus by Ritters Design. if Ritters ever crafted a 6string, that would be the only 10 ever. Ritters is like the next Antonio Stradivari.(he made violins, and GOOD ones at that).
    never had much experience with framus, but i've never been huge on PRS (only like the cheap SE customs) but i think a custom made anything would deserve all 10s if it's truly customized to your liking. then it would be all 10s to you because everything you like is there, everything you don't is not there.
    sounds like another wannabe shred god. so i'll take what he says with a grain of salt. "Perfectly set up, but I would still take it in to get it intonated." I believe that means it's not perfect, and also no deserving of a 10. and all that money for a Chinese-made guitar? I'm not trying to be an ass hole, but you way over payed, and this guitar is surely not as good as this review says. UG should start reading these more. they even state no all 10 reviews!
    I have to say although I'm not fond of the shape (it does grow on you though) these are surprisingly well built guitars with some very nice features. Maybe not a 10, but definitely not garbage as someone else said. Capable of very low action and built like a rock. Better than the majority of Deans I've seen for sure.
    He can't spell "Definatly", so: 10/10 privileges are now revoked.
    Another 10 'eh? Again I say that nothing deserves a 10 unless it can walk on water.