Rotor EXP review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (36 votes)
Peavey: Rotor EXP

Price paid: $ 405

Purchased from: Freehold Music Center

Sound — 10
This guitar can fit any rock, metal, or shred guitarist! The look, the feel, and more importantly, the sound. I can do anytrhing with this guitar, I like to make wierd sounds using my pick and bending the strings down and up, closer and further from the pickups, it keeps the sound clean as it can be, and doesn't go out of tune! I play Live a lot, so I have to rely on my guitars to be in tune, and stay that way. This one, I don't even have to think about! In no way is this guitar noisy, I can't hear any feed back from it, and it's no problem to get it when I need to either XD If you ever get the chance to try this baby out, put it through a Screamin' Demon Wah pedal. You'll wanna buy both XD. Oh man, I don't know what pick-ups these are, but they are hot.

Overall Impression — 10
I play mostly Metal, like Gwar, I love Gwar, they are geniouses, anyway, this guitar looks great against black, or white backgrounds, and since I'm into gwar, I'll have black backgrounds behind me and red will accent the black aswell. I have been playing for about 3 years and I own an ESP Viper FM-100, Ibanez IC-400, a Simon Strat signed by AC/DC, a Marshall MC-100 Head/Cab, a Roland Mini Cube, and I've never, in all the guitars I've tried out, heard this sound at this price. I wish this guitar had something for me to stick my, I wish it had 2 tone and 2 volume controls, then it'd be perfect. It wouldn't be stolen, this is never left alone, trust me, I take it everywhere. I love everything about this guitar except the top strap button, which I hate. My favorite feature is it vibrates, the entire body, that make amazing sound! But I ruin pants that way. I wish I asked for new pants before buying it. I compaired this to a Les Paul Standard, the Les Paul won, but this came very close, so I bought it, you would've too.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I always play live, like I sai before, even when I record, I edit minimally from the original take, and this guitar is perfect for me. The sound is professional and I payed far less than a professional guitar. The hardware seems like it'll last a lifetime, none of it is plastic, except for the pickup barriers and the bridge, and the prodominant menal guitars last the longest! The strap buttons are big, use cloth straps, Leatherones will kill you putting them on.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I was very lucky, and this guitar had no problems with it's physical self, other than the strap holder's location, but it's Action is right-on, and the dots are on the right frets on the side of the neck. The finish was a very solid black, and that oil slick thing is very flattering to it, it also boasts a Cream binding all around the guitar. The high end frets are a little diffacult to reach if your hands are smaller, but long bony fingers, or fat long ones like mine will have no problem.

Features — 8
It has cool Grover pickups with holes in them, it's pretty cool, and the headstock fits the design well. The top strap holder isn't where I wanted it to be. I prefer them on the back of the body, the strap stays on much better, but it's really no biggie. The string presance and sustain is in no way what they advertise, it's far superior. It sounds very good accoustic, so I can practice unplugged! I love that. The body is an EX, with some nice cut-outs that give it an edgy look. It's got a string-through style stringing, but a tune-o-matic bridge look-alike, and the dual-compression headstock keeps this baby in tune forever! The only inlay on mine is on the 12th Fret, it reads, "Limited Edition." It's got 2 volume and 1 tone controls, which alternate sometimes depending on which of the 3 selections you are using. It can give you the "Sweet Child O' Mine" sound, no problem! It sounds mind blowing through a pwavey amp, but it's orgasmic through a Marshall! I use it whenever I can, this guitar I can rely on for anything! I can play rhythm, lead, slow, fast, bad, good, it doesn't matter! My only problems are that it came with no case, no strap, but I got 2 sets of strings of my choice with it XD. So I'll give it an 8.

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    Kain_Doom01 wrote: I have that guitar, and oh my god, it is so damn awesome XD It's sound is very VERY good through my Marshall, and I love it to death, the sustain is pro quality, and i bought it for 440$!!!
    405***** crap, i was thinkin' of the V I want XD
    My Rotor Limited made in Korea bought in Bosnia for about 1100 USD (now, than les than 1000) is great guitar for metalheads. Great hi gain tone, little to blur when plays clean but with some stomp boxes U can make it sing. It brakes when used with proper amp in my case vith Randall V2 head and Randall RS 125 CX box. All bottom end trequencies goes out of it and you can control them with eq. control on amp not to make to much noise. This guitar is also good for show of, a mean realy, it looks so nice, beautifull guitar. I have bunch of girls and groopies who wants to make photos with my Rotor with or withou me. I am not important at all. Rotor is real choise for all metal guitarists. Cheers guyz... regards from bosnia. Antidope band
    I live in Australia, I cant find these in any online stores or even ebay (well actually I found a white one but I'm looking for a black one) and the stores over here are all hopeless and very expensive. Is there anyway I can special order one of these from Peavey directly?
    im getting one tomorrow for which i've payed 75 second hand but otherwise in good condition im feeling pretty lucky
    Just bought one of these Rotors in black and I love it. This guitar is very well thought out and I love the details like the string through bridge, the hollow tuners, and the angled jack. The abalone binding is stunning too, and adds just enough flash to dress the guitar up without detracting from the menace of its shape.
    Molotow wrote: Hmmm... as I know, EXP has no tremolo and is neck through body guitar and has way better finish and details than EX....
    You're right there, dude. But it's also about 250 more expensive.
    Hmmm... as I know, EXP has no tremolo and is neck through body guitar and has way better finish and details than EX....
    How do I tell between Rotor EXP and EX. I ordered EX for $250 online, the guitar I got has EXP on the headstock. It has floyd rose tremelo, did I get lucky and get EXP guitar for EX (1/3) the price?
    JD Blue Venom
    Ive had this for 2 months now, its better than i expected, the pickups are rather impressive soundwise,very edged and hardcore... it looks a beauty and is heavy but still is comfortable, the floyd is smooth as ever its not at all flimsy, its a good break away from all those guitars that everyoone else has
    I'm getting that guitar early next year, I've had my eye on it for ages now
    if you go on the peavey website, youll see the EXP is 1000$ CDN (which is now worth more than US), while the EX is 400 something, i got teh EXP for teh 400 dollars but i proudly say it cost a grand, im not sure there is much difference, i got mine with teh floyd and it just rocks so hard, it's in competion with my bud Ibanez S
    Invader Jim
    Why does nobody ever get the cherry burst and quilted maple top? That's my fave paint job....
    is anyone in a position to compare the rotor exp to the (far cheaper and as far as i can tell identical) rotor ex? cheers
    I got one, without the floyd rose. Its a good guitar plays nice look good. But I have to got used to playing on explorer types. Cauze the play a bit diffrent. Good guitar. greetz Tias
    i really want this guitar for my christmas and need a new amp has anyone seen any good deals on this and can anyone suggest a 100 amp that is quite decent
    I just bought the EXP Ltd Edition (Pearl White) & I have also had the EX (in Red w/Floyd). Both have EXP on the headstock. They are both good in their own right but I just love the Ltd Edition I just bought (no Floyd). I'm a player of 30 years (my band = Concrete Sox). If you see one of these = BUY IT!