Woodsoul review by PureSalem Guitars

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  • Features: 9
  • Sound: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (2 votes)
PureSalem Guitars: Woodsoul

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Features — 9
- Mahogany Body
- Mahogany Neck
- Construction: Bolt on Neck
- Rosewood Fingerboard
- Tune-o-Matic bridge and Stopbar tailpiece
- Block Inlays
- Medium jumbo frets
- Synthetic Bone Nut
- Kluson Vintage Style Tuners
- Kent Armstrong P90 Pickups
- 25 1/2" scale length
- 2-string space
- 40.6mm nut
- 12" radius C shape Neck
- Strings: D'Addario EXL110 (.010-.046)
- Finish: Polyester-Urethane

PureSalem Guitars is a new company out of Miami, Florida.

This is a Korean made guitar. I got the Kelley Green model in a left handed orientation. I have always wanted a Jazzmaster, and the market for one for a lefty is very slim. Once these guys came on the scene, I had to put this one in the running for my next electric. By the time I was ready to order something, it was between this and a Fender Mexican Telecaster. I went with this because I wanted something different. I never have had a guitar with P-90's in it, so it was a sound that I was ready to get into. This filled in all the holes I was looking for. The regular list price is $715, but through talking to the owner, I got a good discount.

Sound — 9
I play a little of everything, but mostly I stick to rock, jazz, and some jam band material (Phish, Ween, etc). The pickups offer great sounds, especially in the middle position. I never have been the kind of guy to play in the middle position on any guitar, but I do like the tone from this one. I play through a Vox AC15C1 with a slew of effects from Electro-Harmonix and MXR. The Woodsoul just sounds great with whatever I've thrown at it. I have gone full on fuzz with it, as well as played some southern rock/country licks, and the Woodsoul covers it all. It's the most versatile guitar in my lineup. The P-90's filled in the tone I was looking for; not full humbucker, but meatier than a single coil. The pickups paired with the Mahogany body just sounds right.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
This is where things get pretty rough. The first issue I ran into is the pots. They are good quality, but they were installed backwards in my pickguard (as to say that the knobs have to rotate the opposite way to adjust volume/tone). Also, there are some flaws in the finish. I have found some small imperfections at different places. But that doesn't derail me at all. I don't like the perfect looking guitars, as long as they feel right. And that I why I love this guitar. The neck is smooth and it feels just so right to play. When you order from this company, they will set up for you before shipping it out. The action they set it up with was just a tad bit low for me, it was causing a dead spot at the 15th fret. But once I reset it and put some new strings on it, it was great. The bound fingerboard looks great, and the tortoise pickguard gives it a unique offset look. The Pickups are nicely adjusted, they're bassy in the right ways. There are some quality control problems, but that isn't a deal breaker for me. This guitar isn't meant to be perfect.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This thing is a monster (and I don't mean that just by its finish!). It's taken all my live playing since November and the finish has not rubbed off at all. It lasts, both on the body and the neck. The strap buttons are very solid, and the tuners hold up very well. I never have a backup electric on me, and this guitar really puts me at a point where I don't want to have one. It's holding up very nicely. The hardware is very nice too, It hasn't really built up any grime yet. I look forward to breaking this one in even more.

Overall Impression — 9
PureSalem Guitars is a great company to look into if you really want something different for your next guitar. They have many cool guitars to choose from, all available in every finish, left or right handed. If you want a Jazzmaster style guitar without the rhythm circuit or the tremolo, then this is what you should look at. With the closest thing being made by Fender (American Special Jazzmaster) being close to a grand, this is a nicer option for the working man. I love this guitar, and though it has some quality control issues, I believe it is great and that most people could really get into owning one. Give this one a look next time you're out for a new guitar. The customer service is great, and if you have any questions, contact them on Facebook or on their website.

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    If the tone and volume knobs on a left handed guitar increase when turned counterclockwise then they're installed correctly. I have a left handed Woodsoul and they're correct (opposite from a right handed model). It also doesn't have the quality control issue you mentioned so perhaps the latest runs have adressed that issue. Thanks for your review, it is indeed a great guitar and a stellar value on today's market.
    I might have caused some confusion. They rotate clockwise to increase and counter-clockwise to decrease on my model. I suppose mine was a minor fluke.