360/6 review by Rickenbacker

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (50 votes)
Rickenbacker: 360/6

Sound — 10
If you are interested in the Ric, I would suggest listening to The Byrds, R.E.M., The Smiths and bands along those lines. Has a bright and jingle jangle sound to it which is great if you are into arpeggios (like the bands mentioned above). Like said before, don't use it for metal. If you want to hear a distorted Ric, listen to the album Monster by R.E.M. They add alot of overdrive and distortion to it in songs like What's The Frequency Kenneth, Bang And Blame, Circus Envy, and Crush With Eyeliner. But if you are looking for the classic jangle sound, listen to early R.E.M. (Radio Free Europe, Pretty Persuasion, So. Central Rain, Wolves Lower, ect...) I right now use it with my church band. The other guitarist uses a ESP, and even though both are very different, a Ric can work with alot of styles. Just practice many different styles and listen to the music and the Ric can fit in (EXCEPT METAL!) There is even a second input made for the very unique RIC-O Sound. The only way to use the Ric-o Sound is to buy a split cable so the bass goes one way, and the treble goes through the other chord. Very useful with a Tube Amp

Overall Impression — 10
I play every style (Classical, Jazz, 80's. 70's, 90's, Grunge, Jangle Pop, Rock, Alternative, Metal, Indie) Just don't use it for Classical (it's not a classical guitar) and don't use it with metal. Otherwise, it works for every style I have mentioned above, probably even more than those as well. I have been playing for quite a few years and have tested many guitars. The Ric blows them all away, no contest. However, I wish I had known before hand what amp to use, so I am now stuck with a crappy Fender amp. If this guitar ever was stolen, after crying like a fool for many weeks, I would buy another one. They are worth it. High prices, mine was a actually higher than most since it was used by a few famous artist, but worth every penny. The sound and shape just make it so unique. I love not sounding like everyone else. To many people play Gibsons and Fenders and I think they sound boring. Buy one of those if you want, but I will never trade my Ric for even the most high end Gibson. EVER. The greatest feature is that even when the Ric-O Sound is not engaged, you still get a bright jangle sound. I shopped for over two years before deciding on the Rickenbacker 360. I went through every brand I could get my hands on. But that day I first played the Ric I knew it was the one for me. Before you buy it, PLEASE TRY IT OUT, NOT EVRYONE IS FIT TO THE GUITAR. The guitar is perfect the way it is. I would never change it.

Reliability & Durability — 7
Ok, every amazing guitar has its flaws. The Ric has flaws even though it is the best guitar I ever bought. The guitar will withstand long periods of playing. However, if you want to keep the finish in good condition, clean it off after every use with the cleaning rag Rickenbacker gives you. The hardware will last you for awhile, so no worries there. I hate that one question is "Would you use it on a gig without a backup?" ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP! If you do not have a choice though, the Ric is extremely dependable. On several occasions, I could only bring one guitar, and every time I have chosen the Ric. Dependable all the way through, even though it is kinda fragile. As for the finish, look... just take good care of this guitar and it will stay fine.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The guitar I bought was used, however I have played a new one and I loved the action and feel. The pickups are set extremely well, and will give you the sound you expect from the Ric. Everything is set perfectly. No flaws what so ever. Thats all there is to say.

Features — 10
The Rickenbacker 360/6 is a beautiful guitar made in America. Love it to pieces. However, a warning. The Ric is NOT for everyone, you really should try it out and be 100% sure you will like it. anyway... it has 24 frets, a beautiful body shape that is semi-hallow. The bridge is floating, so kinda annoying to string. The pickups used are Vintage Toaster Humbuckers, which give the famous jangle sound to the guitar (to get the full sound use a tube amp or a Peavey) which is great clean, and does decent on distortion. Don't use it for metal, I tried it and it did not work. The tuners are non locking and work quite well. Best part, the RIC-O SOUND. It will be explained in the next paragraph below this one.

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    Marley Tokunaga
    rem857 wrote: Ummm. the guitar is not just for beginners and women. If you want to play Hendrix, buy a Strat. The Ric is not for everyone. And people who play them (from what I have seen) solo just fine, and don't want to sound like evryone else. Personally, Hendrix was terrible and just a drugged up loser who could move his fingers kinda fast. The Ric is not made for pop music really. Pop music brands like Gibson and Fender. Those brands are for beginners who don't know nothing about different sound and just want to sound like amateurs.
    You could say that The Beatles or Pink Floyd or Creedence or even The Beach Boys were also drugged up losers too. They all used Ric's at one point in their career. Plus, IMO, Hendrix was amazing, Clapton admired him, (I actually read that he did), and he sparked many people to pick up a guitar, (along with a handful of other bands too) I love Rickenbackers, but give credit to brands like Gibson and Fender too, these guitars started the musical revolution. Sure, everyone owns them, but a good amount of the people that play them don't sound like amateurs.
    Tom Petty's band and REM routinely use Ricks, showing that they are not only 60's and 70's sounding, but 80's and 90's. They stand the test of time, are made by the same family, produced at better quality than Fender Custom, and hence are highly sought after. Their sound is bright, and lends to chordal play in that you can hear each not they are so trebbly. With today's numerous amp modelers and pedals, one can make this sound work. BTW, of note, the R tailpiece on the Lefties is still a righty R Tailpiece, making them all look upside down for the lefties! That said, Lefties turn into Righties with no problem other than a change in the Nut.
    These really are great guitars, but as they have stated here, not for everyone. There are a lot of good untapped combinations with these things. I used to just play jangly stuff through my old Twin (that and an AC30 are what these were made for), but one day I tried it with my old JCM 800, and couldn't believe how good it sounded. Amazing rhythm tone, really cuts through the mix when recording. And you can play lead on them, but a light touch and overdrive pedal would help. The other thing I would say is that I find that they need to be setup more than a Gibson or Fender style guitar. I think its the sponge that the pickups sit on and the two truss rods that cause this. Overall i'd rate them a 7 because they are not the most versatile instrument, but a year after I sold my first one, I had to go out and buy another one because I missed it so much. They are also about the nicest looking guitars out there. I definitely wouldn't want this to be my only guitar though
    The band The Church uses these guitars most of the time. I really liked the sound on their songs Under The Milky Way and Ripple. These Guitars ROCK!
    I have a RIC-360/6 which came from the ACT. Although I have Tele's, Strat"s and LP"s the RIC is the most challenging and disarming guitar I have. I don't have thin fingers so I found the upper fretboard a challenge. I don't use the RIC-O-SOUND, but I have the equipment. I'm more interested in challenging myself to extract different sonic possibilities from the guitar. As it's fully imported the cost in Oz is nearly double what it is in the US. so you have to take a brave approach to check out the sound before you buy... Then make it work for you. I enjoy the fact of the legacy of RIC's comes from the frying pan guitars and there is a unique quirkiness to the tonal and volume controls. That aside once you get the bridge to work for your comfortable height and you get used to the unique fingerings on the neck, the lower positions are easy to manage. I have explored alternate turnings on the RIC, as well as different amps to great advantage. It won't suit everyone but if you seek tonal challenges, explore the RIC's opportunities. As the only opinion that matters is your own! :-R
    I'm Not a Rickenbacker Fan..have tryed out several different models over the years..none impressed me! The Ric-o-sound option is useless..sounds like a Cat in a Can! There Not a very Versitile Guitar..doing 60s tribute band stuff works ok but not much else. For the money they asking..is NUTS. You can get a Custom Shop Model of other brands or a custom built to Your Tastes for much less! Thats my opinion..You don't like it..Too Damn Bad.