Electric Guitar System review by Robson

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  • Features: 3
  • Sound: 1
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 2
  • Reliability & Durability: 1
  • Overall Impression: 2
  • Reviewer's score: 1.8 Junky
  • Users' score: 5.8 (75 votes)
Robson: Electric Guitar System

Price paid: C$ 199

Purchased from: Future Shop (in 2005)

Features — 3
This was my first guitar I ever bought almost 10 years ago and I recently picked up another with a hard shell case for 50$. This time I took it apart as I'm very interested in guitar parts and so forth.

This has: 

  • 6 inline headstock - 10mm tuner holes - no name tuners
  • plastic nut
  • 25.5 scale - like most telecasters and the YJM strat
  • 22 frets - rosewood fretboard - acrylic dot inlays
  • maple neck - satin finish - C shaped neck
  • bolt on construction
  • the cheapest no name single coil pickups - copper on the back of them
  • 500k pots / mylar capacitors / the cheapest 5 way selector and all imaginable
  • the cheapest 6 bolt tremolo out there
  • strap holders were in good places
  • 1 ply pickguard / backplate
  • plywood body (I actually sanded one down)
This guitar struggles to stay in tune. The electronics were poorly soldered to the input jack. This is a cheap guitar to get your son to shut him up and show that he deserves a Squier or Mexican Fender. The finish was poorly done. You take the pickguard off and the part the eye doesn't see is full of swirl marks. No shielding inside the guitar just black spray paint.

Sound — 1
The guitar is feathers in weight compared to Mexican strats and so forth. There is hardly any tone to it, no sustain I wouldn't put new strings on these pieces of crap there's no point blaming the strings for the bad tone. The pickups sound weak. The beautiful buzz in isolated positions like 60 cycle hum offers in vintage styled pickups. Cheap hardware and wrongly used potentiometers (500k makes a difference) this guitar wasn't made by someone who was/is a serious player. Cheap hardware top to bottom.

Action, Fit & Finish — 2
They didn't care. Just box them and sell them. Intonation wasn't done, the trussrod probably has cobwebs and dust on it. The finish like I said earlier they didn't make the whole thing scratch free. It chips just by looking at it and the second one was full of waves in the finish so if that doesn't tell you the quality of Robson I don't know what else does. This is a good sign of we pay for what we get. I got a used LTD Explorer, a bunch of B.C. Rich, Jackson pro series on a good day on Craigslist for 200$. The only thing going for it for the 200$ is that I didn't need an amp or anything think they even gave me a pack of strings free.

However what stops it from a perfect 1 or 0? I took the tremolo off 2 or 3 times and the screws didn't get stripped. Had a gold and a black 6 bolt tremolo on this and it was fine. That was about it. I used to re-wire this guitar to learn more about mods and all.

Reliability & Durability — 1
you would have to be inebriated to play this on stage. The hardware is not built to last. The guitar won't stay in tune for an entire song, the over all sound won't get you signed and unless you're like Ritchie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen to Eric Clapton (I know I'm just mentioning the greats how boring) you won't get any girls after the shows over. You won't be able to depend on it. Even if you swapped the tuners, the bridge to a Schaller or something 6 bolt and changed everything on the guitar it wouldn't matter. This is the guitar your roadie passes to you while the drummer is going nuts and the bassist and everyone else is thanking the crowd for showing up and you smash to bits so they remember your epic set list of Metallica covers.

Overall Impression — 2
I've answered a lot of the overall impression questions I'm sure. It was a first guitar and I'm glad I never owned a Les Paul first as I'd be embarrassed to show my face. The overall impression is this is a cheap beginner guitar plain and simple if they are giving away all that junk with the guitar it's for a reason. They know their guitar alone isn't worth the 200$ as you can probably get a Squier Bullet series starter pack or something these days. The first guitar I'd buy I'd honestly buy a used one off of Craigslist and bring someone along who knows what to look for. I'm still on the fence if it's real rosewood for the fretboard too as I scalloped it (see this is why I mentioned YJM) and it didn't scrape or whatever away like rosewood tends to but to Robson's credit there is plenty of different kinds of rosewood. If it was stolen I'd feel sorry for the idiot who has it now and the pawn shop who will try to sell it. I hate everything about it. My favorite feature is the plywood body that my drill went through like butter on it... but to be fair the neck scale length is 25.5 so in restrospect this was a good thing in the sense that when I started playing B.C. Rich and other big name brands there was no converting from 24.75 to 25.5 necks as fret spacing is different on both neck lengths. 

I'd compare this guitar in quality and parts to: Gio to J craft Ibanez (I've played many Ibanez and hate them all); Silvertone, Academy, Lyra/Lyro, Nova.

why I chose this was because I was at the right place at the right time. I wish I went on Craigslist in retrospect but to be fair it wasn't my money I worked my "backside" off to purchase. If I went to a Long and McQuade (Canadian equivalent to Guitar Center) I would have got the first black Epiphone SG to fit my price range or a 200-ish dollar Dean or B.C. Rich in a heart beat.

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