FA1 Formula By Greg Bennett review by Samick

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.3 (13 votes)
Samick: FA1 Formula By Greg Bennett

Price paid: $ 100

Purchased from: Arnold's Music Store

Sound — 10
The guitar sounds well when playing various rock-style music. This includes country-style rock as well. I have used it on a Fender amp at the local music store coupled with some effect pedals for overdrive, distortion and chorus. The instrument performs well out of the box with very little setup needed. The stock pickups perform well and flawlessly. Playing styles that require pull-offs, hammer-ons and bends are a breeze with this instrument and I'm a beginner!

Overall Impression — 9
Considering I play a large range of music, this instrument when coupled with a proper amp and pedals can fit the bill. I have only been playing electric guitar for a few months now with my first guitar being a heavily used Lyon by Washburn. This guitar by Samick actually makes me want to learn more. It's that hard to put down. If it was ever lost or stolen I would be looking for another one. It was compared with a Strat by Squier... As you can see I brought home what sounded best to me. I haven't found anything I hate about this guitar... It is a remarkable likeness to a Tele without the high price.

Reliability & Durability — 10
The lightweight construction will allow for hours of live playing without wearing down the player. The hardware is solid, tuning pegs are tight yet easy to adjust. Slightest tuning will bring any key out of tune easily. Once new strings are added and broke in the instrument will stay in tune. The strap buttons work well as I have not had a strap slip off yet. For practice, performing gigs or just for fun, this guitar will last a long time if properly maintained and cared for.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The action is very smooth but some lowering of the strings slightly from the stock setup would allow for easier action. The pickups at stock height work well and pick up every string sound the instrument makes. The tuning keys hold very well and after a months worth of use, 4 hours a day for 30 days straight, is still in tune. I didn't notice any design or finish flaws. The guitar is absolutely beautiful with the candy apple red finish and chrome hardware. Controls work well but I did have an issue with one of the pickup wires having a short in it.

Features — 10
This Greg Bennett Signature Formula electric guitar by Samick was made on July 2005. Place of origin is not marked on the guitar anywhere. The price paid was for a new guitar with some shipping and manufacturer defects. However, no scratches are on this instrument. It's a 22-fret rosewood c-shaped neck coupled with a candy-apple red solid body in the shape of Fender's American Telecaster. The headstock is the only difference and is angled back for added sustain. The instrument has the same style dual pickups found on a real Telecaster with the same chrome hardware. The controls include a volume, tone and a 3-way switch. The Switch selects between either of the two pickups or both giving a range of sound options. The 1/4" jack is located on the edge of the body and is out of the way of any interference. The tuners are tight and small while giving a characteristic appeal to the entire look of the instrument. The strings are installed through the body. No accessories came with instrument but then again why keep a beautiful instrument like this in a bag?

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    GuitarPlayer716 wrote: Have you ever played a guitar that cost more than $100? Let alone something like an American Tele or Gibson Les Paul? Your 9.4 rating would quickly turn into a -2.
    Dean ML's go for under $200 and are great guitars. I personally like them better than Les Pauls and Telecasters. Price is a big deal, but doesn't always mean the overall quality of the guitar. So I partially agree with you. There's a Joe Satriani custom that got terrible reviews but goes for over like... over $1400?
    Greg Bennett FA2 (Telecaster styled) Duncan Designed SSH pickups maple neck & fingerboard.Body is heavy & has binding like Tele Custom.This guitar has a bright ringing tone.Sounds like a Telecaster,but also has Humbucker in bridge,for a thicker tones.Good for blues,rock & funk sounds.Played clean through a Vox Pathfinder,& VT30 i had a wide variety of tones on tap,with the 3 pickups.
    No accessories came with instrument but then again why keep a beautiful instrument like this in a bag?
    Uhh...to prevent damage?
    So, somebody tells you they are new to playing gives a review of what they think of an instrument, and then all you rock stars feel the need to rip somebody for volunteering their knowledge/experience with an instrument previously unreviewed. Give yourselves a pat on the back for being so cool. Now you can go back to GC and drone on while playing some metal riff over and over and over and over to show us you are the shit. The FA2 is a nice well made guitar with great tone and playability, period.
    For those who know nothing about Samick, these are the guitars are first made by samick and are labeled as fender and gibson. so keep some respect for a decent guitar. I have had samick lespaul with me since last 10 years i guess. i got gibson lespaul too bought together. I bought both guitars together, but samick has always been my favourite as M not scared to scratch my "Expensive Guitar" and get the same sound out of it, live or studio. Samick is the biggest guitar producing company in the world. they produce guitars for almost all the brands in exist.
    Not gonna lie. Pretty awful review. Learn the names of the parts of the guitar please. You obviously don't know what you are talking about and have not been playing guitar long enough to give a decent review of how this guitar compares to high end models.
    You've been playing it for 4 hours a day for a month and it's STILL in tune? Teach me, please...
    Have you ever played a guitar that cost more than $100? Let alone something like an American Tele or Gibson Les Paul? Your 9.4 rating would quickly turn into a -2.
    The Switch selects between either of the two pickups or both giving a range of sound options
    How quaint.
    this guitar fits to any body who wants to rock the ****ing world..u can get this one for only $100-$150..duncan design pick ups..sounds good..
    i have this guitar, except mine has a sunburst finish. when i got it, no accesories came with it. no factory defects. action was fine-ish. i had to adjust the action and intonation. nut height was ok. pups are good too. tuners kept my guitar in tune for weeks. only thing that annoys me is that the pots and the jack come loose from time to time. awesome guitar if you're starting out but to those who want a budget guitar, look elsewhere