Torino TR1 review by Samick

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.4 (49 votes)
Samick: Torino TR1

Price paid: $ 175

Purchased from: Local Pawn Shop

Sound — 10
I like have a variety of guitars to suit my playing styles. I play R&R, Blues, Country and my own compositions. This guitar is like a Swiss Army Knife... It will do everything. Primarily I use a cheap Kustom 10 for practice and a modified Stereo Fender Princeton solid-state amp in mono. I use very little effects- the amp has am on-board Chorus and Gain. I use a Boss 0s-2 Overdrive/ Distortion Pedal-rarely. I also have a Ampeg 12" Combo tube, and a Marshall Mini-stack. I don't need it with this guitar. The TR-1 produces a full-range of sounds. You can play Jazz or full-on AC/DC hard rock. This thing will scream. Very comprable to the G####n SG except much les money. Very comparable in every way. If you were doing the blind-folded-test, you would most like pick this one. Stunning in every way. Reliability & Durability are on par with the big named brands.

Overall Impression — 10
I play my own compositions, Rock n' Roll, Blues, Hard-rock and Country. This little TR-1 plays like butter. I have been playing on and off since the 3rd grade. I am no retired and am really polishing up my skills daily. I would say I am an Intermediate player for the most part. I love the SG style and sound and if it were to come-up missing, I would acquire another TR-1. I love this guitar. Even though this is the entry level model in the series, it's a beauty. What I like the most is the overall quality and attention to detail. I would buy this one over the famous named brand. I hope to acquire a TR-4 someday soon. Reliability & Durability are on par with the big named brands. Samick/Gregg Bennett Guitars are probably the best kept secret in guitars- seriously... Play one and you'll see for your self. Amazing, beautiful in every way.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I wouldn't be afraid to gig with this guitar. The hardware is on par with Epi, or better- no probs. I would say the hardware will last forever. The finish will wear like Iron. I have played it almost every day. Love it. Reliability & Durability are on par with the big named brands.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
When I took possession of the guitar, it was set-up perfectly. I am the second owner, as I acquired it from a pawn shop. The pick-ups are perfect. There were no flaws what so ever on this beauty. The only criticism I have is the body could have been glued and planed with a little more Precision. You can see an oversight in the planning of the wood- other than that -perfect! Reliability & Durability are on par with the big named brands.

Features — 10
I am not sure of the exact year of manufacture... I am guessing 2008-2009. I am not sure what country this is mad... Possibly Indonesia or China. It has a 22 fret neck with med-jumbo fret wire- on a Rosewood Fingerboard. It's a 3-piece solid Mahogany wood body. The finish is a transparent red-ish gloss, very similar to the SG. The body is a typical double-cut SG style, accept a little different- sculpted with very pleasing contours. It has a G####n style adjustable bridge and stop-tailpiece. The electronics are passive typical G####n pot/ knob configuration in association with the 3-way toggle switch. There are two chrome HH Duncan Designed Pick-ups. The tuners are silky-smooth chromed die-cast Grover/G####r-style. I purchased a professional-quality soft nylon gig-bag,

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    THE Jessy
    uhg, I hav'nt been playing for to tarebly long now, and this is my second guitar, that I just got today. my first one, was just a cheep "Yamaha", and it came with a small cheap amp. well when you push the distortion butten on my cheap amp, with the Yamaha plugged in, it makes the normal distortion nois. but when I tryed pushing the distort butten, with my TR-1 Torino, it doesent make a distortion nois in the least. =P i tried adjusting all the knobs and stuf, and that didnt make much of a diference. i'm not the first owner, so the people who had it before me might have adjusted the pickups, and so maby thats why its sounding like crap? if so, i dont exactly know how to adjust the pickups. if someone could help me, I would be verry greatfull.