Torino TR1 Review

manufacturer: Samick date: 05/09/2005 category: Electric Guitars
Samick: Torino TR1
Sculpted nato body. Set neck. Duncan Designed HH. Die cast tuners. Dot inlays. 2 vol. 2 tone, 3-way toggle.
 Sound: 7.1
 Overall Impression: 7.6
 Reliability & Durability: 8
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.3
 Features: 8.4
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overall: 3.6
Torino TR1 Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 09, 2005
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Price paid: $ 220

Purchased from: Harry's Guitar

Features: I'm going to try to be fair. The feature are pretty good for a 220 dollar guitar. Mahogany neck and body, not laminated crap that sucks. The bridge and tailpiece are alright, and it had 2 duncan designed humbuckers. Ok, on with the suckiness. // 6

Sound: I'll play anything I'm able to and this guitar sucks at all of it. I play through an Ibanez Halfstack (no Mesa Boogie, but not any Crate either). That's it. No effects to screw the sound up. This guitar sounds like pure s--t. Not a good sound to be heard. I was pressured into buying it, and in the shop, all the other noise made it hard to hear the flaws (this is my fault). As soon as I got home, I realized how big a mistake I had made. The sound is pretty much just muddy. pure muddy poop. There's also something else I cant put my finger on. It might just be badness. I figured the intonation had to be off but it wasn't. It was perfect. The pickups are very quiet, I'll give it that. But I wish they'd stay that way, even when you played it so I wouldn't have to hear it. I tried every all three pickup combinations with a million different amp settings, and it was all mudy crap. Which is pretty amazing, considering my amp leans on the bright side. // 2

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was ok, not great though. Lots of fret buzz around the nut, but the nut wasnt cut wrong. The pickups were adjusted badly but after I set them right it still sucked. Hard. Finish was a little on the half assed side but it wasnt that bad. Damn comfortable neck, it's a shame it was wasted. The neck really was great. Unfortunately, the guitar honks poop and they set it too shallow, it'll probably break off after not too long. Great fret job! The frets are perfect. they're beautifully polished and the fret buzz was not their fault. I don't know how it managed to buzz. // 4

Reliability & Durability: Everything would last except the neck/body joint. It's got like, an inch and half of wood and some glue holding it on. Snap. Strap buttons suck. If you gig with this piece of s--t, you must be a member of Creed. Yes, it sucks that bad. The finish will last I think. They finally managed to polish a turd. // 4

Overall Impression: Like I said, I'll play anything I can, and this is good for nothing. I've been playing a year I guess, not long at all, but I have a pretty good ear, and I can dial in someones tone pretty fast on a decent guitar and amp if I feel like being a jerk-off copycat. This sounds terrible. Just terrible. Look, if you're short on cash and want a pretty decent guitar, get an Ibanez Jetking. That was my first and most reliable guitar. No problems with that, ever. The pickups aren't that great, but alot better than this one. I took it back and got a '50s reissue Strat. I am now broke as hell. Gibson and Fender charge too much for their guitars, but they sure do sound good. more than I can say for this. // 2

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overall: 10
Torino TR1 Reviewed by: Nathanisking, on january 22, 2004
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Price paid: $ 316

Purchased from: Music Depot

Features: 2003 Samick Torino TR 1 22 fret 24 3/4 scale Sculpted nato body, set neck, Duncan Designed HH, die cast tuners, dot inlays, 2 vol. 2 tone, 3 way toggle (Rythm,Regular and Treble). // 10

Sound: For the price that I paid the sound is excellent. 2 Duncan Designed Humbuckers are great, it's very close to a Gibson SG. I play lots of hard rock so the sound is very powerful. I am not using any effects but I do use a small 20 watt Peavy Rage 108 and even in this small amp its strong! Full powerful sound many different sounds with different amps like Marshalls but its full nice sound to it, well to the style. I like it alot sounds awesome. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The Samick Torino comes in 3 colors, I have the TR 1 witch is a nice clean red color with a nice finish. The guitar is very light, lighter than a Strat. It's very thin and easy to play (with experience its even better). The neck isn't too thick its about medium and the fretboard is nice and smooth and solid. The Pickups, bridge and everything else have not been adjusted because it doesn't need to be. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This Torino is excellent for live gigs or just at home playing because it's so light you wont even know its there. I've had it for about a month now and it's the best guitar I've owned. Everything on the guitar is perfect, it's smooth but solid and not to hard to play with not hard on the hands. Very dependiable and plays like a dream. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall an excellent guitar, good for those long gigs and those who want that powerful hard rocking sound. This is the closest thing to an Gibson SG, it has very nice sound worth buying. // 10

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overall: 9.6
Torino TR1 Reviewed by: Torino1, on september 20, 2006
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Features: This is an awesome guitar overall. It's a 22 fret solid red guitar and looks almost just like the Gibson SG 61' Reissue. It's got 2 tone and 2 volume controls with a 3 way selector. It's got Duncan Design pickups. I got mine with a soft gig bag. Samick is mostly known for it's awesome acoustics, but this 2003 guitar is definitly my favorite. I've got a Strat, a Ibanez artcore, and a Washburn acoustic (gotta have variety), but this is my favorite. // 9

Sound: I'm in a hard rock/metal band and this is what we use for 70 percent of the songs. I couldn't ask for a better guitar! Maybe a Les Paul. It can get really loud but doesn't get on your nerves at all. It has a flat sorta sound, but still sound great. Perfect for power chords and picking, which is pretty much all ya do in rock, other than soloing and occasional normal chord. I've got Super Chorus and Super Distortion effects that I use very often, and it sounds unbelievable. I can play any System Of A Down song ever on a CD, and I play lots of Slayer and Papa Roach, too, and this guitar fits right in. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Samick never makes a bad guitar, and usually has just flat out good ones that don't get too much publicity. Pickups weren't really adjusted a lot because nobody cares. Just like us to the government, right? It's perfectly setup and level. If you want an example, look at the Gibson SG. No visible or verbal (whatever that means) flaws that I can discriminate (ditto). // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar would be killed if it was alive. I've got four small dogs and I trip over them every, like, 2 seconds. But this guitar has almost no visible marks on it. I've played at the House of Blues, which is actually a rock place, and done it 2 times. The hardware will definitly last for a long, long time. The strap buttons are great. it's only slipped about once in the year that I've had it and that was at a band practice. I always use a backup, even if the other is still perfect. I don't know if the finish is permanant or what but it ain't comin' off! // 10

Overall Impression: I think this guitar is best suited for System Of A Down, Papa Roach, Fall Out Boy, and Halestorm songs. It looks fantastic. I've been playing for about 3 years and have already mentioned what I own. I wish I had asked if I could have another one for free before I bought it. I would prob'ly get a Ibanez RG, which is what I'm getting next. I love the sound and look of it (duh-tastic). Nothing to hate, I say. I like the neck. It's smooth and super easy to move up and down on. I compare it to the SG because they look exactly the same. I do wish it had a wammy bar, though. // 10

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overall: 4.6
Torino TR1 Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 23, 2008
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Features: The features make it seem like a reasonably good guitar. IT has a pair of HH duncan pickups, 22 frets with decent frets, 3 way selector etc etc. I think it was Asian made, it has a crap SG rip off body which I really didn't like.I got no extras because it was already on sale as it was. It actually seems pretty good. // 7

Sound: Until you plug it in. It is a buzzy muddy piece of absolute crud. My stepdad bought it for me and he knows nothing about guitars. all he knew is that it was on special. so hey whatever i got it for free but it seriously sounds like garbage!!!. I play a lot of heavy metal. and this guitar just doesnt cut it. // 2

Action, Fit & Finish: The only sus thing about the construction of the torino is the neck. it seems a bit flimsy and dodgy. it was reasonably well put together the pickups were adjusted well, the finish was ok. Nothing was really cut poorly either. The action was not bad and i think it was well done at the factory and everything. // 7

Reliability & Durability: Im not sure that this guitar will do for Live playing. First, the neck looks like it would not be too hard to break at all. Secondly it looks and sounds like s**t and you would get laughed off stageThe strap buttons are pretty dodgy and i would definitely use a backup for this. // 5

Overall Impression: This guitar really doesnt suit my style.....or any style. I have been playing a year and a half and i now own an Ibanez RG170 instead and it is ssooooo much better. if you want a cheap guitar. get an Ibanez they crap all over this thing. // 2

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overall: 9.8
Torino TR1 Reviewed by: the_lonely_one, on june 01, 2009
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Features: I have no idea what year it was made but I was told it's 2006. And it was made in Indonesia. 22 frets, and I think the size is ok for me. The colour of mine is Wine Red with black pickguard and in my opinion it's much better looking than the black one. I don't remember what kind wood it's made of, but it's one solid piece> I bought this guitar last august and it's doing great so far. It's both comfortable and amazingly sounding, at least for me, even when I play it without my amp. This guitar has tune-o-matic bridge and I've never complained about it. There are two Duncan Designed passive humbuckers, 3-way selector and 4 knobs: volume and tone for each pickup that let me make my tone really nice. I don't know the brand of tuners. It's not top class but it's good enough for me. // 10

Sound: I play something between 80's rock and metal, ballads and it's doing great. There are only 2 humbuckers, but I don't regret not having a single coil. The sound is of course different but it's still great for both clean and distortion. I play it through Boss DS-1, Artec SE-VCH and Kustom Arrow 16 DFX and the sound is amazing. It's great for playing lead guitar and rhythm one too. There's some noise when I turn distortion and tone all the way to the right, but I can get great sound out of it with other settings, so I don't care that much. My teacher sometimes plays my guitar during lessons and so I know how much variety of sounds it can make. 9/10 points here because of noise. Not much, but it's still a noise. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Everything's perfect here. No flaws, really professional work. In fact there was a problem with bridge pickup's tone knob - it was improperly adjusted, but I've had it fixed in no time. It's good-looking and comfortable. The fingerboard is perfect for articulation. As I wrote, everything's perfect. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I'd really love to play a concert with this guitar, I have no place for practise with my friends though. I'm not going to throw it, so it will last really, really long. The strap buttons are solid and reliable. I'd certainly use it without a backup on a gig, maybe when I can afford another guitar I'll tune it to Drop C. So once again: no need for a backup. // 10

Overall Impression: First of all I don't have to copy other guitarists' style and tone. I'd rather have my own. The guitar is perfect for me. Nice shape, many layers of paint, great sound and durability. When I play it I can focus on playing. Really comfortable one. It's my only guitar. I don't regret buying it. If it was stolen I would probably get another one, but I'm not going to let anyone steal it. I only wish it had completely noiseless pickups. Duncan Designed are ok, it's still Duncan's, right? For the price I paid I can't imagine getting anything better than this one. // 10

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overall: 9.8
Torino TR1 Reviewed by: Phatz Menasha, on february 19, 2010
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Price paid: $ 175

Purchased from: Local Pawn Shop

Features: I am not sure of the exact year of manufacture... I am guessing 2008-2009. I am not sure what country this is mad... Possibly Indonesia or China. It has a 22 fret neck with med-jumbo fret wire- on a Rosewood Fingerboard. It's a 3-piece solid Mahogany wood body. The finish is a transparent red-ish gloss, very similar to the SG. The body is a typical double-cut SG style, accept a little different- sculpted with very pleasing contours. It has a G####n style adjustable bridge and stop-tailpiece. The electronics are passive typical G####n pot/ knob configuration in association with the 3-way toggle switch. There are two chrome HH Duncan Designed Pick-ups. The tuners are silky-smooth chromed die-cast Grover/G####r-style. I purchased a professional-quality soft nylon gig-bag, // 10

Sound: I like have a variety of guitars to suit my playing styles. I play R&R, Blues, Country and my own compositions. This guitar is like a Swiss Army Knife... It will do everything. Primarily I use a cheap Kustom 10 for practice and a modified Stereo Fender Princeton solid-state amp in mono. I use very little effects- the amp has am on-board Chorus and Gain. I use a Boss 0s-2 Overdrive/ Distortion Pedal-rarely. I also have a Ampeg 12" Combo tube, and a Marshall Mini-stack. I don't need it with this guitar. The TR-1 produces a full-range of sounds. You can play Jazz or full-on AC/DC hard rock. This thing will scream. Very comprable to the G####n SG except much les money. Very comparable in every way. If you were doing the blind-folded-test, you would most like pick this one. Stunning in every way. Reliability & Durability are on par with the big named brands. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: When I took possession of the guitar, it was set-up perfectly. I am the second owner, as I acquired it from a pawn shop. The pick-ups are perfect. There were no flaws what so ever on this beauty. The only criticism I have is the body could have been glued and planed with a little more Precision. You can see an oversight in the planning of the wood- other than that -perfect! Reliability & Durability are on par with the big named brands. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I wouldn't be afraid to gig with this guitar. The hardware is on par with Epi, or better- no probs. I would say the hardware will last forever. The finish will wear like Iron. I have played it almost every day. Love it. Reliability & Durability are on par with the big named brands. // 10

Overall Impression: I play my own compositions, Rock n' Roll, Blues, Hard-rock and Country. This little TR-1 plays like butter. I have been playing on and off since the 3rd grade. I am no retired and am really polishing up my skills daily. I would say I am an Intermediate player for the most part. I love the SG style and sound and if it were to come-up missing, I would acquire another TR-1. I love this guitar. Even though this is the entry level model in the series, it's a beauty. What I like the most is the overall quality and attention to detail. I would buy this one over the famous named brand. I hope to acquire a TR-4 someday soon. Reliability & Durability are on par with the big named brands. Samick/Gregg Bennett Guitars are probably the best kept secret in guitars- seriously... Play one and you'll see for your self. Amazing, beautiful in every way. // 10

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overall: 7.8
Torino TR1 Reviewed by: gi_1963, on november 26, 2010
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Price paid: $ 299

Purchased from: Local music store

Features: My G.B. TR-1 was made in Indonesia, manufacture date of 2008 and I got new in May of that year so it was pretty fresh. It has rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets, but that 22nd fret is kinda hard to get to because of the mahogany set in neck piece. It has a Red mahogany body with a SG knock-off style body (a lot like the Epiphone G-400). Tune-O-Matic bridge with passive Seymour Duncan HB-103's with chrome covers in a HH configuration and 3-way toggle, two volume and 2 tone knobs. Die cast tuners and truss rod (trust me if you have a guitar without one, it sucks.) I got a free choice of a gig bag and strap, but that might be because the owner is a good friend of mine. // 7

Sound: I play classic rock, but I had to start playing metal since my age group is 17. So I got this and made it an in-between by switching that amazing HB-103 bridge pickup and put in another one of my guitars (unnamed Les Paul looking thing) and put a Seymour Duncan Blackout AHB-1 and then coil tapped the original neck pickup to sound like a Tele. Before I did that it sounded like a big-mid's crunch with a Angus young type sound. I use a Peavey Vypyr 30W and a DigiTech RP 500 in-front for fuzz, wah, whammy, and modulators. I tend to use the tapped neck pickup to much, but when I use the Blackout it compliments my mid's even when I scoop then out for metal. The only time it has been noisy is when I am right next to my laptop other than that dead quiet. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Loved the guitar right out of the box, since I wasn't expecting much on $300 dollar price. My only dislike out of the box was the .09 strings because I prefer .10's for that extra definition, but that is just a minor detail. There weren't any abrasions on it or any problems with the finish, but the wax that was on the in the head of the screws on the pickups made me go OCD until I took a toothpick to it to scrape it out. The nut on the input jack gets loose every now and then but you can just tighten it with your hand about every month or so. I tried to tighten it with two wrenches but I get the same effect. // 8

Reliability & Durability: almost 3 years (x10 for being completely accident prone) of dropping it, hitting it (stupid mic stands), and dropping things on it, there is a chip here and there but nothing serious enough to go to the store for repair (It did break my toe once though.) I'm not too sure if the pickup selector will last since my friends started me on RATM and Audioslave (stupid Tom Morello) but it seems to me like everything else might hold up well. // 7

Overall Impression: My guitars consist of a unnamed weird Les Paul thing, a Ibanez RG7321, 12 string Fender acoustic, and a Gretsch mini bass. Amps and other stuff include a 30w Peavey VYPYR, DigiTech RP-500, DigiTech Synth Wah, and a Heil Talk Box. I use the last two on on occasion. I like '70 classic rock and '80 pop and metal, but my friends that I play guitar with like every late '90 early '00 type of metal (NU, Thrash, Grunge, Death, and Core) they got me hooked RATM though (Tom (guitarist) sound kinda like Van Halen meets jimmy page blues.) For the price it this guitar is amazing is amazing, I can play from smooth jazz (because of coil tapping the neck) to metal on this guitar and that Blackout I put in it had a bit of space in the pot and Switch cavity for the 9-volt battery. I have been playing for about 4 years now and I might not repurchase this guitar because I want to shoot a bit higher on price and since I have that awesome sounding bridge pickup from it in another guitar =P. It would be nice to have a the neck strap button somewhere else. Sadly the reason I chose this guitar is the tiger stripe looking wood with the transparent coat, but I didn't know it would sound awesome. // 9

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