Black Hawk review by Schecter

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (102 votes)
Schecter: Black Hawk

Price paid: £ 140

Purchased from: Professional Music Technology

Sound — 10
I play metal mostly but I am capable of softer tones and it suits me perfectly, I love it soooo much that when ever I bend notes the hairs on my neck stand on end like I'm listening to a Slash solo. I play through a Line 6 Spider III 30 watt amp with only the on board effects because I'm a cheapskate and can't be bothered to buy pedals, there is no hum what so ever obv but even when I'm cranking the amp to the limit and whatever settings you have you always have a rich sounding tone with tonnes of sustain and I mean TONNES. the guitar can pull off from death metal otep distorted tones to sparkly clean george benson tones so it sounds absolutly awesome

Overall Impression — 10
I've been playing for a little over 3 years (don't let the short amount of time fool you about my playing ability) and I think for my it's a perfect match for me and the only thing I regret about buying it is I really don't want to ruin it and scratch it because it's beautiful. I love the sound it makes because it just makes me feel alive and makes my hair stand on end, the only thing I hate about is the fact I don't want to mess it up nothing to do with the guitars features. in the shop I compared it with an Ibanez GRG270B with the edge III bridge and even though the Ibanez had more features, the sound of the Schecter just blew me away and further blew me away when I tried it on a Peavey jsx halfstack.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I haven't had the guitar long so I wouldn't know how fragile the paint is but I reckon it could withstand Live playing and everything seems like it would last with care, I would depend on this guitar without a backup at a gig because everything on it was solid and doesnt't seem like it's going to move any time soon, I would give this guitar a 10 but I haven't gigged with it and I have not had it long to be definite with my information

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
When I bought the guitar the action was kinda high but ntohing ridiculous but the intonation was perfect the pickup didn't need adjusting either infact everything apart from the action was perfect there was absolutly nothing wrong with it, it was awesome and less work for me.

Features — 8
this is a sweet guitar but not Diamond series, 24 frets maple or basswood neck with rosewood fretboard, basswood body, stock humbuckers x2, 3 way pickp selector, glass black finish, 1 volume 1 tone pots, bridge is a tune-o-matic string thru with stock Schecter tuners I'm not sure where it was made or what year, I'm only giving this an 8 because it doesnt't have a Floyd Rose

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    VORTEX3333 wrote: i've got a blackhawk and its fricking awesome, i don't have the volume knob problem, got it for 140. i tried it against an ibanez, kicked its ass so hard that i discarded the fact that the ibanez had a floyd rose.
    Because they both suck!
    deathchord19 wrote: Reminds me of my Damien 6 mainly the paintjob
    Body looks exactly like our Damien 6's, but the passive pickups, obviously. But I mean it's like it's the same body stock.
    i actually have something similar.. mine is Ladyluk, mine's red, and there's a sexy lady inlay on the 12th fret. It's my first guitar, but i just know i had to buy one when i first see it
    if you say black hawk real quick it sounds like block c0ck HehEhEE
    AU josh
    i like schecter i think they make some hot guitars with good sound. they ROCK HARD Peace out\/ =/
    AU josh
    aldopunkyou wrote: you guys are gna seriously hate me but i bought my schecter diamond series black hawk for a sweet $31 OH YEAH i got lucky the guy didnt know what he had he had it with one string dirty nd said there were some probs with the volume crackling which i guess im not alone because of the review i just read ALL IN ALL: its freakin sweet guitar for the price defenitley a must have guitar its sturdy too i've gone pretty crazy with it. lol i gave it a 10 just cause i like it so much.
    nah i can believe $31, my friend bought a vintage les paul copy (the set neck version) for 7 at an auction house.
    I swapped my Schecter Demon Fr6 for an Ibanez RG321MH and the guy chucked in 2 off these blackhawks for free, thought they were like cheap argos guitars. w00t!