C-1 Blackjack ATX FR Review

manufacturer: Schecter date: 11/05/2014 category: Electric Guitars
Schecter: C-1 Blackjack ATX FR
Schecter's new ATX guitars are armed with a pair of the new Seymour Duncan Active Black Out humbuckers, delivering precise sustain, output and sonic clarity.
 Sound: 9.6
 Overall Impression: 9.4
 Reliability & Durability: 9.4
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.9
 Features: 8.9
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overall: 10
C-1 Blackjack ATX FR Reviewed by: Hakael, on april 15, 2008
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Price paid: $ 800

Purchased from: Goodtimes Music

Features: This is the new, S. Korean made, Blackjack ATX FR for 2008. It's a solid body electric (done in the same shape as their other C-1 models) with 24 jumbo frets, 3-pc Mahogany set-neck and ebony fretboard. The 25.5" scale set-neck features their "Ultra Access" joint, giving it the feel of a neck-through. The mahogany body houses a set of two Seymour Duncan Active Blackout humbucker pickups, vol/vol/tone/3-way switch controls, and an original Floyd Rose tremolo. All the hardware, including Grover machine heads, are done in Schecter's signature black chrome. My particular model is a glossy, aged white color with an aged 3-ply binding. A single "Active" lightning bolt symbol adorns the fretboard at the 12th fret. The $800USD (list $1149) was for only the guitar. // 10

Sound: This guitar whispers hard rock, and screams metal. I've been playing this with a Peavey VK100 Head (Hartke 4X12 cab), a Epiphone Valve Standard combo, and a Roland Microcube for variety and to see how the pickups react to different amps. The pickups are definitely the star of this guitar. 9-volt active Blackouts, these humbuckers have less noise (moved around near lights, computers, and other electronics), and put out more highs, lows, and output than other active pickups I've tried. The have a more organic tone than other actives and the harmonics almost jump out and slap you in the face. In conjunction with the mahogany body, you can get a nice, deep, rich chug for your rythmic lines to very clear and well sustained solos. The OFR maintains it's tuning very well, able to perform dive bombs or ear piercing squeals while returning true. Although I still like the tone/sound of the EMGs in my Hellraiser, the temptation to swap the EMGs with another set of Blackouts is becomeing strong. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar hadn't been at the store for very long, so I was able to pretty much inspect it as it had come from the U.S. facility (all Schecters are sent to the U.S. for final quality check and setup). The guitar was setup near perfect with a neck that was almost too straight, causing a light buzzing on some of the strings. In what took no more than a couple minutes, I gave it just a hint of relief in the neck and buzzing disappeared. The action is the lowest of any guitar I've had, or even tried. The finish on the guitar was perfect, not a nick or scratch anywhere. The routing for the OFR was clean and even had this little patch of what looked like felt lining the routing. Very professional look and a nice finishing touch. The pickups were at the optimal height according to SD's specs, and the OFR was perfectly balanced and level with the body. All the controls operate smoothly without so much as a stutter in operation or sound. The Switch operates without so much as a pop, and moves fluidly, yet secure. When I got it, intonation was spot on, and other than giving the neck a hair of relief, there wasn't much else that needed to be done. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This is a solid, well built guitar that could easily hold it's own playing Live. I would have a backup, but only due to the fact that it has an OFR, so a string break could be showstopping without a backup (like any OFR could potentially be). The hardware is all top notch (Grovers, OFR) and none of it (strap buttons, tuning machines, controls) has a hint of wiggle or looseness. A can't comment on how well the finish can last as I haven't had it long enough to make that determination, but I would imagine that it would last quite some time, with proper care. // 10

Overall Impression: I like to play a variety of genres, encompassing anything from blues, hardrock, to heavy/symphonic metal. This guitar falls easily and heavily into the hardrock and metal zones. I had done quite a bit of research regarding this guitar and had been eagerly awaiting it's release this year, so there wasn't really much to question when I finally was able to get one in my hands. I love the antique white finish, with a simple yet very classy look, and the binding compliments it quite nicely. The single inlay, I'm sure will be a love or hate thing, but I think it looks fine, and I'm really liking the simplicity (I don't get lost because there are still side fret markers). I'm not sure if they meant to outdo their Hellraiser line with this model, but they sure did (as well as many other guitars that could easily sell for twice the price of this one). I'd almost wish they had made it under a whole new line instead of placing it under their "Blackjack" line. If it were lost or stolen, I would definitely seek to replace it. My only worry is the OFR, as this is my first OFR and therefore my experience with using and maintaining these is pretty lacking. Being an Original FR though helps alleviate some of my worries. The only thing I wish it had was an included case. Because of the locking nut, the guitar is a little longer than it's non-FR version, making finding a generic case that fits well somewhat of a chore (or one could simply spring for the Schecter made case). I've compared it (obviously) to my Hellraiser, and having already been comfortable with the way the Hellraiser played, there was no real difference, except with the OFR, making this a very easy guitar to just pickup and play. I've compared it to many other manufacturers similar in price (too many to name) as I've since wanted to get something with a floating tremolo, and given the features, price, and familiarity of feel/style, there was no competition. Definitely a great addition to Schecter's line. // 10

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overall: 9.4
C-1 Blackjack ATX FR Reviewed by: griffo89, on february 05, 2009
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Price paid: A$ 1200

Purchased from: Billy Hyde Bendigo

Features: This guitar was made in korea I believe but is set up and checked in the U.S.A it features a set neck with 24 frets and Ultra access design it has a string thru body with a tonepros bridge it's also got grover tuners and a set of semour duncan blackouts. Pickup selection is through a 3 way Switch and has 3 knobs (vol/vol/tone) the body and neck are both mahogany with an ebony fretboard it also features a tusq saddle which is meant to increase harmonic sustain by about %16 over a bone saddle. It's aged white finnish looks realy cool too! // 9

Sound: I play mostly metal and hardcore styles of music and this guitar was made for it, the active pickups realy make a difference when playing bone crushing chugs and breakdowns and even when doing solo work it's cuts through and you get an amazing tone even when in the bridge pickup position. I'm using a Marshall AVT 150h with a 4X12 cab(not sure on brand but it has celestions) I was using a Boss metalzone distortion pedal with my old guitar but haven't found the need yet with this one it has plenty of bite without it. the guitar itself can make all types of music come alive like punk rock sounds such as Blink 182 and New Found Glory. Clean this guitar is quite good, the neck pick pickup makes for a really fat tone. it's not realy noisy at all but it will feedback if you sit right infront of ur amp with gain and volume right up. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up well the action suited me fine not too low but low enough pickups were fine. the finish on this guitar was flawless even though it was made in korea it looks amazing and if it wasn't printed behind the headstock you would'nt pick it at all. I would have liked a slightly fatter set of strings but that's not the manufacturers fault at all it's just personal preference. // 10

Reliability & Durability: It would definetly stand up to a live show, it looks as if it will last for years of playing without flaws but like anything if well looked after it will last I would'nt play it without a backup unless I had to but I think it would be reliable enough. the strap buttons are solid but I'll change them for strap locks once again not a big deal just personal preference. // 9

Overall Impression: As I said I play mostly metal and whatnot but I branch out into other styles when I get bored but so far it's perfect for my prefered styles of playing. I've ben playing about 5 years now I also have an ltd viper 50 and this guitar destroys it in every way my favourite feature is definetly the pickups, for the price I paid you would'nt find a better guitar for the style of music I play. I compared this with a few other guitars like an Ibanez rg and ESP ltd h1000 deluxe but they just did'nt have the features this guitar had and were 2 or 3 hundred dollars more in the shops than this was. If someone stole it I would probably hunt down the people responsible and rip them a new one but failing that I would definetly buy another one of these no question. // 10

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overall: 9.4
C-1 Blackjack ATX FR Reviewed by: Cold Reader, on september 09, 2011
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Price paid: £ 849

Purchased from: Strings Music Store (Local)

Features: For some reason only the floyd rose version is on here, the one I bought didn't have a floyd rose. The Blackjack ATX is a mahogany-bodied rosewood-necked monster. The finish I chose was the Walnut Satin finish, although it also comes in aged white and black satin. This guitar comes with Seymour Duncan Active Pickups AHB-1 in the neck and bridge position. It has a string-thru body which is nice to look at, but a little awkward to re-string. Also this guitar comes with Schecter locking tuners, very nice seeing as I've not had that luxury before. The only slight problem that I found yesturday was that the bridge volume knob is quite close to the pickup, so it can accidently be turned down if you anchor by the pickup like me. // 8

Sound: The Blackouts capture a phenominal sound for cleans and distortion. The notes are so much fuller and really capture the character of the wood which you don't always get with actives. This guitar is aimed more towards hard rock and metal, but with enough tweaking, it can pull of some convincing funk tones. There is next to no noise that I have found. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up perfectly at the factory, it also arrived at the store in tune, which was nice. The finish was perfect, intonation was perfect, the tune-o-matic bridge was set nice and low... there really isn't anything wrong with it at all. The 3-way pickup selector is seemless and gives a great versitility to the sound. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is very solid, it hasn't recieved any bumps yet, but it seems like it could take a hammer. The black chrome hardware is amazing, the knobs are quite stiff compared to my old guitar so they'll stay where they are. The finish is great, foolishly I played with a studded belt, so it has recieved a few scratches on the back, but it's just made nice shiny lines on the back and not cut down to the wood. // 10

Overall Impression: To be fair, I was in love with this guitar before I had it, and I must say it's lived up to expectations. After playing a crappy Bronze Series B.C. Rich for over 4 years, this guitar is a breath of fresh air. And seeing as my playing style isn't as heavy as it was, it is a fitting image change. The only thing I hate about this guitar is that it makes me want a better amp so I can hear all the richness at home as well as on the Blackstar's at uni. I would HIGHLY reccomend this guitar to anyone playing alternate rock or heavier. // 9

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overall: 8.8
C-1 Blackjack ATX FR Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 12, 2009
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Price paid: $ 755

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: Tons of features: Mahogany body; 24 frets on a set neck with an ebony fretboard; active Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups that are truly awesome; original Floyd Rose trem. I think I like Ibanez's ZR trem system better than the original Floyd Rose, but I haven't owned one to be able speak to what it's like to Live with it. As for other stuff in the box, there's not much to speak of. There's no handbook with setup specs or anything like that. It comes with 4 allen keys, but I've only identified two different sizes of allen screws on the entire guitar so I'm not sure what the other two allen keys are for. It also comes with the lowest quality patch cable I've ever seen - I'm not sure why they even bothered including it. No case included, which sort of sucks, but given the price I can't blame them. // 10

Sound: Awesome sound. It squeals, it crunches, it sounds great clean. About the only thing it doesn't do well (at least in my opinion) is blues. I feel like there's too much sustain and a good blues note should die a little quicker. I might be crazy though and I'm used to my Strat. At any rate, it's not advertised as a blues guitar and sounds great at everything else. The Seymour Duncan Blackouts put EMGs to shame. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: I really like this guitar, so I hate to do this, but I have to ding it in this category. They really shouldn't put the big American flag sticker on the back bragging about how it's set up in the US if they're going to do such a half-assed job on it. I really don't think they even tried. The trem sat at the wrong angle (although I suspect it might have actually been level if tuned a half step down from Standard tuning) and the bridge pickup had it's height totally different on the bass and treble side. I've read other reviews for Schecter guitars where people complained about the action from the factory being too high. Mine was also clearly too high. As for overall quality, it's way better than the Ibanez guitars I've looked at, but not great. The routing for the back cavity is not very well done and the covers don't sit quite level. The flat black finish with light yellow edging is really cool, but when you look closely at the edge of where the flat black and yellow meet up, it's not perfect and you can actually see slight jaggedness from the edge of the tape used to mask it during painting. There's a dust spec imperfection in the paint in one place. Also, the sanding where the neck and body match up isn't quite as smooth on the top side as it is around the rest of the border. All that said, I'm still going to give it a 7 in this category because (despite some minor detail flaws) it still looks great and has TONS of features for the money. I paid $755 for this guitar and you'd be hard pressed to find a guitar for under $2, 000 that comes close on features. The setup issues are all things that one can fix in an afternoon of tinkering and you have to look really closely to see the flaws in the finish. Also, as mentioned above, I looked at a few Ibanez guitars recently and even the pricey Prestige series guitars had serious quality and fit and finish problems. // 7

Reliability & Durability: This is my first guitar with a Floyd Rose and I am curious to see how that holds up with time. I will say I have some doubts about that part (especially the string clamping surfaces). The flat black finish is also something I would be concerned about the longevity of. It'll probably show wear and scratches pretty easily. The rest of the hardware all seems good to last. // 8

Overall Impression: Again, for the money, this is a killer guitar with tons of range, a great look, and great features. Yes, there are a few rough edges from a fit and finish perspective, but that's somewhat to be expected in a Korean made guitar at this price point. None of the flaws on mine are anything serious to kill the overall rating. // 9

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overall: 8.8
C-1 Blackjack ATX FR Reviewed by: sc_stanger, on may 05, 2011
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Price paid: C$ 1100

Purchased from: B Sharp Music

Features: My C-1 is a brand new 2011 model. Made in S. Korea. - 24 XJ Frets (no markings. Just "active" symbol covering the 12th fret. - Grover Tuners - Original Floyd Rose - Ultra - Access cutaway - Seymour Duncan "Blackout" active pickups - Black chrome hardware When I bought this I definitely went with Schaller strap locks. So much better than Ernie Ball in my opinion. As well as had them set it up in Drop C tuning, with D'Addario EXL 145 strings. Unfortunately I didn't try this before I bought it. The neck is fatter than I was expecting, therefore it plays only slightly faster than my Epi Les Paul goth. I'm still extremely happy with each feature on this guitar. Great guitar, for a sweet price. // 8

Sound: This thing suits my style perfect. I play metal, plane and simple. I'm not gonna go on about sub genres. I run a Randall RG100G3 212 tube combo. For me, it sounds amazing. The blackouts really changed my mind about EMG. The Blackouts give me more of a deeper tone, better sustain, and overall I'm happier with how they sound when compared to the EMG 85/81 combo in my Epi. This is my first Floyd Rose guitar, so of course the first thing I did with it is do a dive! Having said that, active pickups all bring that extra noise with them. For me though, that is a very small issue, that's why guitars have toggle switches in my opinion. I don't run any pedals at all, so I just go for the straight up crushing tone because well, that's what I like. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: This guitar was set up specifically for me. I couldn't have asked for it do be done any better either! Perfect height for my playing preferences. I also, wouldn't know any different because it was ordered for me through the 2011 catalog. So, if there were any flaws they would have been fixed. There were a couple very tiny nicks along the neck. I'm not gonna complain about that because I forget exactly where they are. The gloss finishing is very nice on this guitar, I got it in Aged White. When I started my search for a new guitar, I specifically wanted one with a Ebony fretboard. I just love how it looks, it's a very nice touch to a guitar if you ask me. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This is a very solid guitar, I don't play gigs, I don't know if I ever will. The hardware is of very good quality. So I can say as of right now, this guitar will last me a very long time. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, this guitar is damn near perfect for me. I absolutely love everything about it, the Floyd Rose bridge, the active pickups, the fretboard and also the stings! I love D'Addario strings. I've been playing for almost 5 years now, and I bought this just to reward myself really. I love heavy music and this guitar personifies that perfectly. My only dislike about it is the neck. Before I decided on this one I was looking at the Schecter V-1, as well as the LTD Alexi - 600 Scythe. I thought about it more though, and decided against them. I love how a V looks, but they're just too uncomfortable for me to play while standing up. // 9

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overall: 9.4
C-1 Blackjack ATX FR Reviewed by: maowcat, on august 22, 2011
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Price paid: C$ 759

Purchased from: Ebay

Features: Not sure the year, probably 2010 since it was mint when I got it. 24x Jumbo Frets, Ebony Fretboard (converted, when I buy a Custom guitar I'm going ebony), satin finish, solid Mahogany body and I think neck. Strat shape, Tone-pros string through Bridge (could someone please make a review slot on here for the C-1 ATX and not the FR One, it has the EX and the old Blackjack but not the new non trem one). SD Blackouts, best pickup's I've ever heard. 2 Volume, 1 Tone, 3 way selector switch. Locking tuner's and came with 2 allen keys. I bought this guitar for many reason. Satin finish, ebony fretboard, mahogany body (this thing's a little heavy, wish it was lighter), 2 volume for killswitch purpose, string thru body (incredible sustain on this thing), locking tuner's. And most of all the blackout's. It has everything I'll ever need on a guitar. The only reason I have this thing a nine is because the neck is too Strat like, I love an Ibanez neck above anything else, and the weight, it's not irritating but I just like a light guitar. // 9

Sound: I play a lot of metal but I'm also picky about clean tones. The Blackout's Give anything from the cleanest of clean tones (you gotta turn the gain down quite a bit though), I'd describe it as a deep and clear sound, I find mids muddy up clean tones (personally) so I keep the mids at 4-5. For more classic rock tones if you keep the treble high it can get brittle but I get conservative with my treble when gain comes into the equation and it sounds pretty punchy and clear with the mids and presence turned up (I've played it on both a TSL and Dual Rec btw). When it comes to high gain this guitar screams, this could be anywhere from Metallica to Behemoth. It's all in how you EQ your amp. I have not had an unpleasant sound peep out of this thing on the dual rec yet, at everything at 12 o clock it sounds awesome. It's perfect for metalcore because the sound is very clear and punchy, but not to bassy. The Blackout's with the mahogany are perfect for everything I play, when I purchase a seven string the first thing that's going in are some blackout's. Oh and I should mention they are fairly quite pickup's, not the quietest but I never have a problem with noise. I should probably add, with D'Addario Heavy gauge strings I can go down to Drop A# from Drop C/D Standard no problem and it sounds tight. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Everything came in perfect condition, the only reason this get's a 9 is because it wasn't set up very well when I first got it, strings we're buzzing pretty bad. Pickup's we're set up perfectly though, besides the setup of the neck and Bridge it came in perfect condition. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This is one solid ass guitar, I've bumped it into walls and doors and they dent before it does, in fact there isn't an dents on it, scratches yes but those are from my belt. If I dropped this guitar from a couple feet I have the utmost confidence it would stay in one piece (unless you dropped it on the neck). I've played about 7-8 shows with it without a backup, never worried about it. The finish is hard to wear off, except I got a grease stain on it on the first week when I was eating pizza, so yeah maybe avoid greasy foods around it, the grease stain makes it look polished so it looks like my palm has worn the guitar haha. // 10

Overall Impression: For the styles of music I play (any type of metal/rock) this guitar can always get the job done, Different Eqing and gain structure is always necessary but as I said, it always get's the job done, and very well at that too. If it were stolen I would probably replace it with a Ibanez RG321, for the neck and lighter body which is the ONLY two things I don't like about this guitar. When I was searching for this guitar I narrowed it down to this or the Ltd EC-1000, glad I didn't buy that LTD, same specs besides the pickups and body but the build quality of the Schecter is beyond anything ltd makes imo. // 9

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overall: 8.8
C-1 Blackjack ATX FR Reviewed by: Crazy Redd, on november 05, 2014
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Price paid: € 700

Purchased from: MusicManiacs

Features: This guitar is made in South Korea (as the neck tells me). It has 24 Frets, 25.5" scale, Ebony fretboard, "thin C" Neck shape a Floyd Rose Tremolo system with locking nut. It has 2 active Seymour Duncan BlackOuts for both neck and bridge, It has 2 volume knobs, a tone knob and a 3 way switch. When switched in the middle, so both pickups, and you adjust the volume the volume will be adjusted for BOTH pickups no matter which of the two knobs you use. I bought it in a store in holland for half the price (original price was 1300 euros.

It has a Vampire Red satin finish (as Schecter calls it). It's kinda red'ish with a satin finish where you can see the wood grains through the finish. Mine came with a battery for the pickups, which fit very nicely in the body's battery compartment. // 8

Sound: I mostly play metal in a band, and this is my favorite style of music, but when I was looking for a guitar I didn't want to go for a guitar which would only be suitable for metal. I like to play other styles as well so I went for a guitar that suited al styles. I played on a LTD ESP MH-1000 as well and compared it to this guitar, but I liked this one MUCH more because of the richer sound it had compared to the LTD

I use this guitar at home with a Line 6 Spider II 75 w for practice reasons. It sounds awesome with a lot of presets and it picks it up very nicely. No tones are lost and it fits most of the styles ment by Line 6 and their presets. At the rehearsal and at gigs I use a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 head with a JCM900 Angled cabinet, mostly using the amps lead channel only. Here also it sounds very, very good. You can hear the guitar is made for the heavier kinds of music. The guitar isn't noisy at all, only just a lot of feedback when you stand closer to your amp, but that does not bother me at all since I use the volume knobs.

Clean: the guitar sounds very warm and you can hear that the wood in combination with the finish make a very good sound. I dont like guitars that are packed with paint. Both neck and bridge pickup sound very full.

Distortion: this guitar is made for metal, you can hear it immediately you plug is in. It has a lot of output and in combination with the Floyd you can make a lot of nice sounds. But also on lower gain it can sound very nice, like a very thick bluesy sound. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I picked the guitar up at a store in Holland so it has been played some times by other visitors of the shop. The action is a bit high for me, but this can be adjusted. The Floyd Rose stays straight on the body very well and the locking nut keeps the strings in tune very nicely aswell. This was one of the things that surprised me the most, that it stays in tune VERY good. There is no fretbuzz at all and the guitar sounded gig-ready right when I picked it up. Only the strings where a bit rusted, but that could be because the guitar strings where not changed at the shop. (I changed the strings right after I bought it)

The neck finish is the same as the rest of the body and plays very smooth because of the satin finish. Gloss paint tends to be a bit "sticky" especially when you sweat a lot in your hands. The satin finish makes it feel very smoothly. The shape of the neck is also very nice, not too thick but alsno not too thin. I have quite short fingers but I can reach all of the frets very easily. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I think this guitar is very long lasting and I will be playing on it for quite a few years. The hardware seems to be fitted very nicely. I would definitely use it as a guitar at a gig without a backup. (not recommended of course) The whole guitar feels very solid and you can feel that it is a guitar which you can compare with some of the better A-brands. The only thing I would recommend is some straplocks and a decent guitar strap because the guitar is quite heavy and you don't want to end up with a broken guitar because your strap couldn't hold it. // 9

Overall Impression: I bought this guitar because I wanted a good, reliable guitar with a Floyd Rose, but with a tight budget. Therefore I was very lucky to buy it when it was half price. I would recommend this guitar to anyone who is looking for a decent guitar for a decent price. The sound is very nice, for most styles, both clean and distorted and the Seymours sound awesome. I played an Aria Pro II Magna series before this one (this will be my backup now) and switching from the Aria to the Schecter feels like going from a Mercedes to a Roll Royce owned by the devil. It is very classy, made for most styles but will SCREAM when you play the style it was made for: metal. // 10

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