C-1 Hellraiser FR review by Schecter

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (374 votes)
Schecter: C-1 Hellraiser FR

Price paid: $ 799

Purchased from: Brickhouse Music

Sound — 10
My music style is fairly all around, from Chris Isaak, to Eric Clapton, to Metallica, although my band is fond of Metallica. People don't think you can get good cleans out of EMG's, but if you turn down the volume a little bit they sound great, listen to a live version of nothing else matter by Metallica, that is a great example of EMG Cleans. I use a Vox AD50VT with a Target brand Wah and a Boss DS-1 Distortion and the sound I get is beautiful! If you have the volume way up on the guitar then you get a little noise but who cares when your playing. It has a very warn rich tone due to the mahogany body. This guitar no matter how metal-esque it may look, can be used as a guitar in any band. I would recommend it to anyone except emos cause I don't want em' playing something this nice.

Overall Impression — 10
Perfect match for me! I play blues, all forms of rock, wee bit of puckish stuff, metal, grunge, you name it. I have been playing for almost a year and I decided to ge this with my won money and keep it forever. I also own an Ibanez GRX20 which is a piece of crap. I would buy more of them if I had the money! My favorite feature is the original floyd rose so I can divebomb so far you can move the strings with no tension. I compared it to some Epi Les Pauls, Jackson Dinkys, and another Schecter (Hellraiser plain).

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar is a brick house, but I would play with a backup just because it has a floyd rose and breaking a string is a biotch. The strap buttons are top notch, but for a guitar thats so beautiful, I will probably buy strap locks soon. The finish is tough as the guitar, just perfection thats all I have to say. But I will give it a 10 even thought string breaks are a hassle, cause I knew when I bought this what I was expecting for the floyd rose.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The guitar was setup perfect at the custom shop, the action was right in the middle which was great. The pickups were in the expected positions. Everything was done properly. No flaws! I never thought of buying a Schecter until I ordered my Jackson DKMG and they said it would be 12 weeks before I got it so I started to look aaround and I found this.

Features — 9
Made in 2006 in Schecters South Korean Factory, set up in their California Custom Shop. 24 frets, 25.5" scale, rosewood fretboard, solid mahogany body and neck. Glossy black type finish, Strat style body, Gibson style neck (thick and finished), original floyd rose tremolo, all active electronics, EMG 81 - bridge, EMG 85 - neck, controls are vol/vol/tone, non-locking Grover tuners, original floyd rose locking nut. Includes hardshell case, allen wrenches, and lifetime Schecter warranty. I would prefer a Strat neck, but I'm actually growing onto the Schecter's neck style.

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    sockboy wrote: I have a Schecter c1 plus with EMG's which is exactly the same and i dont like it at all. The tone isnt great and it doesnt feel meaty enough compared to a les paul or ESP.
    maybe to you becuz you can't play guitar, Also, the C1 Plus isn't anything like the Hellraiser's From Schecter i have owned seven Schecter's All at the same time, including this and the original C1 FR, I absolutely love this guitar to death, and no its not Zachy Vengeance from Avenged Sevenfold, Its Synyster Gates from The same band... Schecter is such an underdog company but by far puts Gibson out of the line up! They make such a better product than Gibson, and Gibson even knows it, ever wonder why the Gibson prices recently started to drop, If you want a great guitar before prices go higher, I recomend Schecter, I love all mine to death, and anyone who trash talks them will burn.....
    fcuk wrote: my cousin zacky vengeance has one
    lmao youre pretty stupid arent you..synyster is the one that plays with a hellraiser this guitar looks pretrty awesome and ive heard some realy good reviews about it, how much could i get one for, im lookin for a new guitar
    lol i love the part how he syas he doenst want emos to be playing somethign this nice. to stay on topic: magnificent guitar
    i had installed the same pickup combination as this guitar in a Schecter S1 and it sounds AMAZING. Only difference is a load of feedback but defentley worth buying this one.
    never before have i ever gazed my eyes to such a great looking guitar.....im sure it sounds good just by looking at it....sure wish i bust out a wicked solo with dat equisite instrument...along with the wah wah efx.....f*ck WHEREZ THE MONEY WHEN I NEED IT!!!
    I have the Jerry Horton Diamond series which is a great guitar for what I play, is this one a good investment because or should I get a 7 string because I like to play alot of LP and some Korn. How low can I go with this guitar?
    ive gone as low as C standard with my hardtail.. it should be the same as the floyd as long as you get it set up for it
    Yeah the Lowest I've tried to go was C flat and It got there fine, I wrote this review so I can prove that I've done it. (I use power slinkys though)
    schecter is no doubt a very competitive company with impressive guitars but i wouldnt say it beats gibson and im not saying that just because gibson's one of, if not the biggest brand name in guitars
    God-damnit. I don't mean to burst anyones bubble but I'm a huge fan of A7X's work and Synyster Gates doesn't play EMGs (If you can find him ever using them I'd be rather surprised)... He uses Seymour Duncan Invaders. Yeah, you know, the cool thing about the Avenger / C-1 FR is that they are similar to something Synyster Gates would play, but your not ripping him off by doing so because there are indeed quite a few differences. Other than the EMGs I've also never seen him play anything with abolone or a quilt top this beautiful. But yeah, fu*kin' awesome guitar. I can't make up my mind if i wanna get this one or the Avenger (and probably throw a FR on myself).
    yes he does use this guitar as a backup, search on youtube for live performances and he in a couple live performances he uses the the black hellraiser C1 FR WITH EMGS IN IT
    I want to get the hellraiser avenger so bad it looks so effing sweet does anyone know how much it costs
    The New Threat
    Dude that guitar is amazing! I want it so bad. If only I had the cash, ha! I was debating on whether to get a Hellraiser FR or the S1 Elite and I believe we have the winner right here because with the S1 Elite I had intentions of putting a Dimebucker in the bridge and a '59 in the neck. (Just like my guitar idol "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. R.I.P.) With this guitar I wouldn't have to have that done because it's already set up and ready to go. Looking at the picture makes me want it more and more. It sucks being broke! :p
    i have been following this guitar and i dont know which one to get for a mix between the music of a7x and lamb of god should i get this guitar, a hellrasier avenger or a framus diablo custom
    I own the hardtail version of the hellraiser and its the best guitar i've ever played. It beats all the gibsons, PRS's and ESP's i've played. It kicks ass!
    I was absolutely devestated because i ordered my hardtail and then a month later Schecter released the FR version.
    awesome guitar. i have the avenger hellraiser and its amazing. i would not trade it for anything else. too bad they don't have it on the site so i cant do a review
    I have a Schecter c1 plus with EMG's which is exactly the same and i dont like it at all. The tone isnt great and it doesnt feel meaty enough compared to a les paul or ESP.
    As i stated earlier i have the Avenger Hellraiser which is the same thing as this just with a different body and no floyd rose. and if you try to tell me it doesnt sound good i would have to smack you. schecter guitars are just as good if not better than gibson and they cost so much less. the emg's have an amazing distorted tone and the clean tone is still extremely good. if you are lookin for a metal guitar, actually no, a guitar for any style, get any of the guitars out of schecters hellraiser series, you won't find anything better, whether its in the price range or not.
    I posted the price but for some reason it didn't come up...the price was $799.99 USD
    Dude watevear ur name iz fcuk or whatever ur cousi iz not Zacky Vengeance because he is in AVENGED SEVENFOLD, my freakin favorite band and he does not have a cousin that iz u. And the guitar is freakin crazy man i want one soo bad!
    Please don't buy this guitar just because the guys from Avenged Sevenfold play one. I've been saving up for this and should have it within a month or so. There is nothing else this good in that price range. Even ESP's that cost about $1000 more than this still don't have these features. Also, the link that InfamousGuz posted is NOT the same guitar, that sit he Hellraiser without the Floyd Rose. You can buy it at these sites: http://www.instrumentpro.com/P-SCHHELLC1... http://www.instrumentpro.com/P-SCHHELLC1... -02--brand-239.html