C-1 Hellraiser FR review by Schecter

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (374 votes)
Schecter: C-1 Hellraiser FR

Price paid: C$ 550

Purchased from: Craigslist

Sound — 9
This guitar is perfect in every way with my playing style, rock & metal. I've using this through a Boss Mega Distortion and a Traynor Reverb Mate 30. With the volume knobs all the way up the pickups pick up unwanted noises, but it's a great clean sound, very crisp and clear. Distortion tone is crazy! The bass is completely transformed compared to my Telecaster through the same equipment. Distortion sounds are perfect...Very rich and full tone. It has no coil-taps but for 550 it's a great deal. No coil-taps limits the variety but combined with the pedal you can get alot of great tones.

Overall Impression — 10
I play rock and metal like most that own this guitar, great match, but you could easily play bluesy and jazzy stuff, EMG's are insane clean for pickups design for high-gain. I've been playing 6 months, but I practice alot, I'm a student and I figured that I might as well buy a guitar I like to build up my skills over the summer, this guitar makes me want not play all of the other guitars. An Ibanez Acoustic and a Fender Telecaster American Deluxe. If it were stolen I'd buy another if I had the money. All the features are excellent, I don't particularly want the the coiltaps because they take away from the original EMG sound. I believe in Schecter and I'll be looking forward to buying more of their guitars. I wish the Floyd Rose didn't take so much time but the guitar is great. I really recommend it.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar is studio ready and stage-ready. I would just buy a noise gate because of the very high output of the pickups. The hardware is bolted on. Definately buitl to last. I would not use this at a gig without a backup because of the Floyd Rose. The strap buttons are secure. The finish is great. The original owner bought it from the factory, and barely played it, the second owner kept it for 2 months, it plays like new, looks like new. If this guitar was at the store you could sell it as Brand New. The finish has only a couple of scratches.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
I bought it used but the action is easy adjustable because of the Floyd Rose. The pickups are in the perfect position. Everything is in working order. The actual guitar is medium weight, lighter than a Telecaster but heavier than certain Ibanez. The finish is incredibly amazing, I can barely believe that I actually have such a beautiful guitar.

Features — 9
The guitar has amazing features. It's made in South Korea in 2007. Sadly, it has no coil-taps on the pick-ups. The guitar is xtra-jumbo 24 frets of pure shredding glory, very easy access to the upper fret board. The guitar is shreddible, but the neck is not very thin - just the right thickness for comfy playing. Mahogany body and rosewood fretboard. The finish is a hot looking quilted top, in black cherry. Floyd Rose which work great, active EMG 81 & 85's. Two volume knobs and one master tone. Locking grover tuners. I bought it privately so, just the guitar and maintenance tools.

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    Rico Rangel
    Daryis wrote: Anyone who wants to bash this guitar clearly hasn't played it. Overall dispite the look this guitar is the most versatile as far as tone is concerned guitar I have ever played. Now I'm not claiming myself a guitar expert. The active EMGs make this thing loud as snot just make sure your battery is new or charged cause if that gives out and you're playing you drop off the soundboard. Although whoever wants to bash this guitar should be shot. Who cares where it comes from just as long as its good quality and at a good price which this is. It's a solid piece of Mahogany which makes this thing a tank. Although I have recently noticed a bit about the tone quality while playing harder rock to metal type of music. On the treble pickup with the tone pot on 10 it seems a bit to bright and hollow definatly not a good sound for metal and on the bass pickup it sounds a bit to muddy. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem or if i'm just really picky about tone. But I found that just rolling back the tone a little to 7-8 for rythm playing and just a flick of my wrist to 10 for lead playing. Overall though for both styles either rythm or lead this guitar sounds great. I would recomend this guitar to any player because of the versatility of it and because of the quality. Two thumbs up!!
    Why didn't you just write a freaking review. Lol, and the only people that don't like this guitar are emo's cause its probably to heavy for them to carry. Stick with your Squier Strats.
    this guitar will blow you away, and it is very versatile, it can play it all if you know how to work it, i play metal, classic rock, blues, country, and blue grass and it can do it all, those who think this guitar sucks, your either in denial or you just retarded, this guitar combines a gibson LP and a Fender Strat in one and even makes it better, i've owned a gibson LP and wasn't as satisfied with it as i was with the hellraiser, it's a great guitar and as long as you know how to work it to get your personal tone, you'll be happy, so all you haters keep hating, your probably just mad cause you wasted that extra 1000 dollars to buy a les paul or fender strat when this guitar blows both of them away clean, so if your on a budget and want one of the best guitars out there, buy this guitar right here and enjoy the ride, or buy any of the awesome schecters, they are truly the new gen. guitars and are great at playing everything so i recommend this to anyone enjoy!!!
    ManInAClownSuit wrote: to butthouse 337: the parts are built in korea but they're assembled in america, by americans. this guitar is made of mahogany and maple (kinda like ur precious les paul). zakk wylde did not make the pickup combo famous as it was played by metallica and kerry king from slayer first. but ill agree about a7x, they suck . i love schecters because they sound good and they have good features for a good price.
    A7X does not suck... you just don't like screamo/metalcore... or their style of that genre... just cause you don't like them does not mean they suck.
    this guitar is awsome... i played it at a store and it screams metal... divebombs are insane
    played this at billy hyde the other day. i compared it to the syn custom and it was a much better guitar sounded twice as good
    I tried this in the store... It's got everything for a metal head, and it's well made I found. If I had the 1k to pay for it I'd own one. It looks great in white with the black outline. I think it's one of the best looking guitars out there. I already own a guitar with EMG 81/85's. EMGs rule for metal.
    i want to buy a black one but the question is there a black one without the mother pearl binding round the guitar ??? just black ?
    I tried a black one out in Guitar Center and it kicked me in the balls I love the FR tremolo on it. I'm currently in the process of buying a used, white one. And shut up about the A7X banter already. I don't like them that much, but that's just my opinion, I'm entitled to like or not like A7X, just like you. But to say that people only buy Schecters to be like/play A7X is just stupid. My band mainly covers music like Alice in Chains, Disturbed, Chevelle, and Deftones. And I'm using (or will be using) this guitar. And it's a really good guitar that suits anyone's needs, and can hold it's own.
    RICHO666 wrote: i want to buy a black one but the question is there a black one without the mother pearl binding round the guitar ??? just black ?
    Why wouldn't you want the binding? I think it looks better that way. Actually, there's a guy on the Houston Craigslist selling one that has no binding, prolly one of the earlier models though.
    I think this'll be my next axe. I found a nice green one over here in Japan, haven't seen that finish online. Hopefully its still in the store in a couple months.