C-1 Standard review by Schecter

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  • Features: 9
  • Sound: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (34 votes)
Schecter: C-1 Standard

Purchased from: SamAsh store used

Features — 9
USED Schecter C-1 Standard from S. Korea with 2 coil split Duncan Designed humbuckers, real Grovers, physically a new guitar. Gloss all over in transparent red and a 'dry' feel ()no stickiness) and glued-in neck (not bolted). Standard bridge is well chromed and smooth and precise. Standard tuners are well chromed Grovers with big buttons... no more to say. Body outline is like a Strat and no tremolo... like a Les Paul bridge/tailpiece. 3 knobs to have V V T and pull the T to get coil split. 3 way switch is already lightly angled vs. up/down. This one has snap type guitar fittings at 2 points and a DiMarzio strap snaps in... not standard strap buttons. Rated '9' since it is not USA Duncans, but these from Korea earlier models were GOOD 'Duncan Designed' with well chromed covers.

Sound — 8
Rated an '8' since the pickups are 'good enough', but not USA Duncans or DiMarzio or Fralin, etc. The guitar pickups that are factory coil split (pull the tone knob) are good and clear and versatile. I go direct into a '74 Princeton Reverb with excellent Celestion speaker, so I get the real guitar's tone. It is clear and strong with the middle position somewhat 'pretty'. With a stomp box, the bridge alone (split or both coils) can play country... add overdrive and some 'edge' to make it snarl. To me, who plays classical guitar, country, pop hits back to the 1950s, my own songs, and some hard-edged blues/rock... this guitar can do it all.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
I cannot give a 'standard' guitar a '10, but a '9' is easy ! The workmanship, weight, neck configuration and finish and body layout (arched top, glued-in neck, etc.) make this suitable for any player. Neck is not skinny or narrow nor fat like an old LP. Schecter is known for what players want at modest prices and the Korean examples really demonstrate it ! Flamed maple top cap and mahogany body with well-shot gloss transparent subdued red is nice. The binding and fretboard dots are matched and a creamy white-yellow... not that ordinary phony abalone or pearloid. A nice relief ! I see maybe 3 very small dents hardly visible on a perfect cosmetic picture for stupid cheap! Hell; it's a physically new and unplayed Korea Schecter from back in the day (before China) for modest money, with strap, factory coil split, real Grovers and a good chrome job on everything. VALUE, dude.

Reliability & Durability — 10
'10' in my view since nothing is delicate or prone to break. As solid as any electric with adequate or better handling. I cannot imagine the simple electronics will fail and a squirt of cleaner in the pots and the switch is about it ! Sealed Grovers... A+ quality there. The finish is handsome and the yellowed binding and fretboard dots are matched and really make it look a bit elegant and aged. But it's all brand new looking and all MINE for STOOPID CHEAP!

A LP style bridge assembly is simple and if well chromed and made to stay stable on the posts will maintain intonation. Consider the plumbers thread tape on the screw threads in a single barely overlapped thickness. It makes the threaded post screw in snugly and stay rattle-free and motion-free... STABLE!

Overall Impression — 9
'9' is conservative... nothing to object to. Components are nearly top notch (pickups could be real Duncans, but be realistic!). These stock Korea ones were nice and if you locate one... get it. You can always sell it to get your $ out. Weight is nice and substantial and well-balanced and looks and feel VERY nice. This one reeks of quality inside and out. I took a chance on it in Reverb and they delivered a physically pristine Schecter from Korea outfitted just right for 90% of players (no Floyd and no neck bolts). My vote is... Get One if you can... $300 for a like-new guitar of real quality and features is hard to find.

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    I took it to a career setup/repair guy in Richmond and he got the 12th fret string gap below 1/16". This guitar has very smooth and positive tuners and feels unusually 'soft' and easy playing. Everything is comfortable from the bridge to the tuner posts to the nut edges... I am considering having 2 humbuckers put in with coil split  (It has V V T knobs only) as a mini-toggle control. There is NOTHING 2nd rate about this one ! At $300 like new or any less than that... be on the lookout and GET one !