Damien-FR review by Schecter

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (205 votes)
Schecter: Damien-FR

Price paid: $ 479

Purchased from: Creative Entertainment

Sound — 10
It suits any type of music style, it plays really good with rock/metal and anything in between. It can play alternative rock as well as emo style rock (you know the acoustic sounding stuff). It sounds best, however; when you play rock. I'm using a pretty crappy amp but I use a DigiTech Hot Head rock distortion pedal. It really makes it sound a lot better. My next investment is a good amp. I did play on a friends amp and it sounds amazing he had a Line 6 (I'm not sure of the model sorry). It has very full sounds and a very bright sound if you get the settings correct on it. As I said earlier the guitars sound is great. Probly some of the best you will hear.

Overall Impression — 10
My overall impression of this guitar is "bad-ass". It has played any type of music that I have wanted to play and it has always sounded great. I've been playing for about 6 years now and this is by far the best guitar I have ever owned. If I ever had this guitar stolen I would definitely go out and get another without even looking at any of the new guitars out there. My favorite thing about it is how great it sounds. My favorite feature is probly the bat inlays. They are pretty sweet. There is really nothing I hate about it. I love it all and you should definitely go out and get this guitar, especially if you like playing rock.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar definitely withstands live playing and all of the knobs/pickups and all of the hardware is lasting. Its lasted through several gigs and it hasn't faultered yet. The strap buttons are very solid so you never get the feeling(or even have it happen) where the guitar slips off the strap. I can depend on this guitar anytime. I never bring a back up except for one of my 7 strings that I play a couple songs with.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
This guitar was set up great in the factory. The pickups are perfectly aligned and adjusted. The bridge is properly routed and the top is properly bookmatched. The guitar contained 0 flaws. the finish was perfect, no rust, no loose tuning pegs, no loose controls, and the quality of the wood is great!

Features — 10
This guitar is made in the USA so if you ever have problems with it you will get quick service (not like you're going to have any). It came with a lifetime warranty. It's a 24 fret. The neck is maple. And the body is basswood. The controls that are given are 3-way selector, volume nob and tone nob. the pickups are EMGhz FH4/H4. The guitar came with a case, a cord, several picks, and 50 dollars store credit. The guitar has very cool bat inlays, they are kind of a charcoal/pearl color.

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    Why does it matter if it wasn't made in the US...? It still works the same.
    Well when I got the guitar the neck had a crack. Which really sucks. So watch out a little, besides that everything is great.
    farty party
    it even says right on all of their guitars... "crafted in south korea" on my hellraiser and s-1
    i love this guitar...i have it and its definately the best investment i've ever made, this one is going to last me awhile, and will be my main workhorse for years to come...great review! even better guitar
    Everybody who thinks that that guitar is made in the USA do you self a favour and just stop talking. All schecters are crafted in Korea.
    Weybl Himself
    Heh, this review is funny, he thinks EMG H-series pickups can do anything, thinks it was made in the USA, thinks nobody could possible live outside the USA and come to this site (ok I extrapolated a bit there) and for some unknown reason, his first modification didn't appear to be getting straplocks, which should be move #1 for any serious live guitarist.
    i have owned this guitar for a year now and it has been my pride and joy...it is very versitile, it has both crisp and a deep warm tone and goes well with blues and acoustic styles of music...it plays rock and metal very well...very nice hardware and is put together great for its price...but nothing compares to my 60th anniversary fender strat
    The emg hzs are nice for a passive pickup, I myself own this guitar but am in the process of replaceing them with the active kerry king pack which are an 81 and 85 with a gain boost button. For the price this guitar is amazing, and the bat inlays are awesome. I didn't pay list or even internet price for it. but I think its worth 400 bucks though, its a liscensed floy rose bridge which is a bit less durrable then a true one but for what your spending you essentialy are getting a floyd rose bridge, emg pickups and a cool design, and its crafted from a decent sounding and durrable wood. You really can't ask for more for the price you pay. I hate boomers I hate ghs strings, I put black daimonds on it, and had it set up, it doesn't come set up to shred and the tension was pretty tight, and the action a bit higher.
    This guitar is made in the USA so if you ever have problems with it you will get quick service
    Yeah, cos the USA is the whole world isn't it? What a stupid comment to make.
    orangeacid wrote: This guitar is made in the USA so if you ever have problems with it you will get quick service Yeah, cos the USA is the whole world isn't it? What a stupid comment to make.
    I'm sigging this...lol, Awesome AWESOME....justawesome....
    This guitar isn't half bad, but if you're a newbie, you're f***** three ways from Thursday if you break a string because unless you know how to work a Floyd Rose Tremolo (the one on this guitar isn't really good, my 150 dollar Ibanez stays in tune better after a dive bomb) you're gonna have to have a guitar shop set it up again. But besides that, the guitar has an awesome neck, and sounds killer.
    farty party
    yea this isnt made in the u.s, the only ones made in the u.s arnt the diamond series.... in other words the only ones made in the u.s are custom order schecters, it is made in korea but put togeather in the u.s DDDDEEEEERRRRR
    they are made in korea, and SET UP in the united states, read the faw on the schecter website.....noobs
    It suits any type of music?! Your telling me that thing would play jazz... =/
    screw the "MADE IN THE U.S." attitude, but yea, this guitar is pretty darm good. one of my guitarists has is paired with a line 6 amp. GREAT COMBO (and i'm not just jacking that from this guy's review) he had it on the "insane" amp model, so that answers your question.
    My friend has the Hellraiser FR, the 81's bass is pretty tight so you may not like the cleans, but the 85's cleans are almost nylon string like, very loose bottom end. but the middle pickup selection is where they shine.
    I played this guitar a couple days ago...it was so awesome...I wouldn't say it was durable thouggh...I dunno...kinda expensive...For 400 it's a really nice guitar. cool inlays too.
    the only guitars made in the u.s. that i like better than the versions not made in the u.s. are jacksons
    Schecter makes a good guitar, i have a c-1 classic schecter that screams, it's a great metal guitar especially for those who want to get away from a floyd-rose, I still have a hard on for my old Jackson, but i play my schecter more often, it did come with a sticker that said "made in korea" though, which sucks
    ^ the line6 on insane can make ANY guitar sound good, even a cheap little starter kit guitar
    ESPguy981 wrote: ^ the line6 on insane can make ANY guitar sound good, even a cheap little starter kit guitar
    so true. the bat inlays are highly unattractive. they look immature, like a 3 year old with a fascination for bats decided he wanted to 'kick it up a knotch'.
    mikeman wrote: This is obviously this guy's first guitar...
    he said in the review that he has a seven string. Don't think it is his first guitar
    mikeman wrote:My first guitar?? haha if you read it said i had a 7 string and no this is my third guitar my first was a johnson..im not gonna spend this much on a first guitar This is obviously this guy's first guitar...
    HOw about you find that out for sure before you say this isnt made in the US. Because i guarantee you this model is
    N_I_N-621 wrote: It's not made in the US...
    I have the non FR one . Damien-6 It's pretty good.And It isn't made in the US but It's made in Korea but you can still get it serviced in the US. It's a pretty good guitar, But I like my Dean Vendetta 3.0 10 X better lmao