Damien Elite-6 FR Review

manufacturer: Schecter date: 06/17/2013 category: Electric Guitars
Schecter: Damien Elite-6 FR
This guitar delivers way beyond my expectations! Schecter really has stepped up and delivered a product with such high quality at such a low price, its almost unbelievable.
 Sound: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 8.7
 Reliability & Durability: 8
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7.7
 Features: 8
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overall: 9.2
Damien Elite-6 FR Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 19, 2012
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Price paid: $ 830

Features: I recently bought the Schecter Damien Elite FR guitar, and I must say it delivers way beyond my expectations! The guitar I got was made in South Korea, as it says on the back, as most of the Schecters meant for outside US are made there. It has 24 extra jumbo frets, so it gives a really good definition to the notes when played. It has a Rosewood fretboard, which is a standard, and its really smooth too! The body is made of Mahogany. The neck is a bolt on Maple neck, real smooth. To top that there's a beautiful Quilted Maple Top, that will just make sure you stand out, sheer beauty to behold. No problems reaching the 24th fret there either! It comes with a Floyd Rose Special Tremolo system (not to be confused with Floyd Rose Licensed. FR produces these Special trems themselves so all quality is guaranteed there). Even after some brutal whammying and divebombs, it stays very well in tune! Get your local guitar shop/luthier to set it up right. To top the beauty of the guitar it includes the classic Active EMG 81 in the bridge, and EMG 85 in the neck. Along with it comes a 3-way pickup selector for bridge/middle(both pickups simultaneously)/neck pickups. Other controls include a volume and a tone pot for you pickups. To top it all, Schecter has installed Grover Rotomatics Tuners with an 18:1 tuning ratio for further tuning stability. Accessories include 4 Allen Wrenches for setting up the guitar, and a tremolo arm that comes stock with the Floyd Rose Special Tremolo system. It comes in 4 different colours - Metallic Black, Dark Metallic Blue, See Thru Black and Crimson Red. // 9

Sound: I play mostly metal, death metal stuff, but also I venture into hard rock, and much melodic bluesy stuff, so I needed a guitar that can give me a wide range of sounds all in one. And I must say this Guitar does not disappoint! I use this in combination with a Korg AX3000G Multi Fx, and a fairly cheap guitar amp I had locally assembled since all my tones come from the multi-fx pedal and not the amp till the time I have enough money to buy an actual tube amp. And I must say it sounds beautiful! It plays like a dream! The Mahogany wood gives it a nice fat tone, with surprisingly great sustain. And the lows are very well pronounced. Its a big step up from all the basswood I've been so used to playing on my own cheap Ibanez and my bandmate's ESP LTD KH-202. But the Mahogany in combination with Active EMG's just screams out loud. From crunching rhythms, to squealing solos to dark melodic cleans, this guitar can handle it all. Just find the right pickup position for the right type of sound. The Floyd Rose Special bridge does not disappoint either! I can do some serious brutal whammy effects and it still pretty much stays in tune. The only one thing is that the tremolo arm comes loose but that's a problem with almost all the FR trem arms and there's always a work around for it. Even the most brutal Dimebag-like divebombs won't let this baby go out of tune. Plus with the amazing Grover tuners you can be sure it will definitely hold it's tuning. All in all after playing this Guitar I feel I can throw my old cheap Ibanez GRG out. This Guitar just feels "alive" when you plug it in. And its really heavy, so the feel is as good as the sound. It has to be one of the best guitars I've ever played. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: I bought this Guitar from a local Guitar store, so I had the people over there to help set it up, and he did a fine job. One thing he kept commenting was how beautiful Schecter necks are, no matter what string you use, it stays straight. Now that may not be the general rule, but it is very well crafted. It came with D'Addario strings, and they were a bit old and rusted having spent so much time on the wall of the shop, so I had them put Ernie Balls. Even a gauge as heavy as 0.12's could not move the neck. I play at drop C tuning so it suits me. The pickups are fairly well adjusted, all the setup is really clean, only the EMG 81 was a bit lower than the 85 so I had to pull it up a little bit since when playing clean I could notice a drop in volume when I switched the pickups. Although if you're playing exclusively high gain stuff, this might be better as the 81 can give you nice crunchy rhythm attack without an overpowering muddiness. There was no fret buzz whatsoever, the frets are very well aligned. All in all I can say this Guitar speaks miles about the quality control of Schecter Guitars. I was pretty skeptic about buying Schecters for a long time and wanted to stick to more "popular" brands that have proved themselves well like ESP, but as soon as I plugged it in, I could hear for myself that Schecter is no joke. Only thing the action might need adjusting a little, but that's all based on the player's preference. If you're going for a guitar in this price range and with this setup, you ought to know your stuff. Also the fretboard seemed a tiny bit rough, but I assume that's only because the guitar had spent so much time on the walls of the guitar shop, so I am planning to apply some Planet Waves polish to neaten it up. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This Guitar is built to last. If you're not in the habit of leaving your guitar out to dust and heat and not taking good care of it, not cleaning regularly etc, this Guitar can last forever. The hardware is pretty solid. The tuners themselves feel so solid in your hands. The guitar itself with the heavy weight thanks to the Mahogany makes you feel you're really holding a nice professional level Guitar. I can use it exclusively as my main Axe for live use without a backup, although I carry my Ibanez just in case a string breaks and FR's can be a pain in a** to restring. Even the plug in jack feels nice and tight. You plug in a cable and it goes in tight, you feel such satisfaction that your guitar is safe. But all in all I can really depend on it. I mean you can't ask for a better guitar for under 1000 bucks! // 9

Overall Impression: I play mostly Metal, covering a lot of genres like Thrash Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal, and even some hard rock. It's a perfect match. I feel the guitar really fits me well. One can see the fascination of Metallica with EMG's since they just sound so alive! Haters are gonna hate, but if this is the first time you're playing really good branded pickups, you're gonna love every bit of it. Even so, every pickup responds differently to different guitar bodies, and EMGs fit perfectly into this Guitar. I don't have any complaints from this Guitar. Schecter really has stepped up and delivered a product with such high quality at such a low price, its almost unbelievable. If I lost it I would definitely buy another one! I absolutely love the Mahogany wood in it! It gives me an insanely long sustain even at low night-jam volumes! The Floyd Rose isn't as bad as people crib about it say it is. If setup right, it won't disappoint you. The Grover tuners on top are just an icing on the cake! I compared it with a lot of other guitars, like some Dean guitar (don't remember the model), a Hagstrom Guitar, even an LTD, but I liked this the best. There's nothing I hate about this guitar. Absolutely bang for buck. For all those skeptic about Schecter Guitars, go give it a try! You never know you might like it! Its an absolute beauty to behold. The quilt Maple top just stands out, and every time you look at it you WANT to play! // 10

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overall: 9.4
Damien Elite-6 FR Reviewed by: destroyer009, on april 24, 2013
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Price paid: $ 600

Purchased from: Local Store

Features: Indonesian made 2013 model, 24 frets 25.5 scale extra jumbo frets, I don't like the x-jumbo that much, I prefer medium jumbo or jumbo better but it's just my liking so it's no big deal, rosewood fingerboard that looks beautiful, actually the neck is not thin at all but this doesn't mean its uncomfortable at all, actually it plays beautifully and also lets you play pretty fast, mahogany body with flame maple top in crimson red finish, actually quite heavy but looks beautiful and feels pretty solid, Floyd Rose Special bridge, if it's set up right the it won't go out of tune never!, EMG's 81 and 85, classic EMG's sound and finally grover tuners, preety sweet actually, all in all a great deal for the money. I'm not giving a 10 just because I don't like the x-jumbo that much. // 9

Sound: I usually play metal with my band and also some covers and this guitars with all it's characteristics fits perfectly in that style, in the practice room I use a Line 6 Spider Valve and at home just use it through a Line 6 UX1 using AmpliTube, with the active pickups I don't have any noise at all and like I said before the guitar is perfect for metal, I have tried playing some softer stuff and with the 85 I have no problems, the 81 pushes a bit too much gain for my linking in that styles and it's kinda weird sounding but the 85 makes this guitar very versatile and awesome sounding, the two pickups combination makes this guitar play from jazz and blues to the most extreme metal, pretty happy with it. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar came perfectly set up from the factory, maybe a little out of tune because of the delivery to my country (I live in Peru) but with a small turn on the tuners on the Floyd it was perfect, everything was perfect when I took the guitar out of the box, perfect finish, perfect set up and perfect sound, the only thing that I made to it was retuning because I play at drop B and setting up the bridge for that, after doing so the guitar played beautifully and after a lot of abuse of the Floyd it seems that everything is perfect, no need to retune or set uo again after that day. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I have it just for two months now so I haven't played it live yet but I will in a couple of weeks, it seems that I wont have any problems with it but I will take a backup with me just in case because you never know with a Floyd equipped guitar, the hardware seems solid and durable, I don't have any doubts at this, it seems build to last a lifetime there, the finish looks amazing and not thin at all, this doesn't mean I can just drop the guitar and expect the finish not to wear but with normal playing and care it will last forever. Not giving 10 because the Floyd gives some space to not rely just in one guitar, like all Floyd equipped guitars. // 9

Overall Impression: Like I said before I play mostly metal and this guitar fits perfectly that style but also is versatile enough to play other styles like jazz blues punk and other styles of rock, I've been playing for 11 years and this one it's my first real electric guitar, my other guitar is a Chinese made strato-like guitar that in an attempt to make it sound better I put a DiMarzio D Sonic on the bridge, the only thing I would have changed on the guitar are the x-jumbo frets for smaller ones and maybe put a brass block on the Floyd, if it were stolen or lost I will kill myself, try to reborn, and kill myself again because I took almost 2 years to save money for it and I'm really happy with it, but if I was able to buy it again I would prefer saving a little more and buy a Blackjack ATX because I like the pickups better, in it's price range this guitar can not be beat, if you are looking forward to buy this guitar don't be ashamed you wont regret it at all. // 9

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overall: 6.4
Damien Elite-6 FR Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 17, 2013
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Features: 24 frets, Floyd Rose Special, EMG 85 on neck and 81 on bridge, Rosewood freboard, maple neck, solid flamed top, 1 volume knob, 1 tone knob, 3 way select between pickups, no coil tap, locking tuners, grove tuners. Seems like a good guitar? Hell no. The pickups are great, sure, they sound good, the neck feels decent, the tone knob WORKS, sadly there's only one, does what it does. But the guitar goes out of tune in seconds. SECONDS, I tuned this thing 3 times, and the strings also snapped, the Floyd Rose system is less than decent, made me sad when I got it. // 6

Sound: The sound is amazing, from scream-like wails, to smooth fat sound, the pickups are fairly versatile, using it with a Hughes And Kettner TriAmp, the sound is definitely at professional level. If you use strings lower than the actual gauge you might have some buzz, adjusting the Floyd Rose height can fix that, it didn't for me, low or high bridge height, nothing. However the sound makes up for this, of sorts. It sounds what you'd expect from EMG pickups, very metal-like on high-gain, very rock-like on lower gain settings, it depends on how you want it to be used. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: I asked the staff at AxeMusic to set it up for me, was pretty cool, they should have told me the Floyd Rose system was screwed up, it cut my strings, several times, also, re stringing a Floyd Rose is a pain. Restringing a Floyd Rose that keeps cutting your strings? No. The pickup selector was fairly noisy. The bridge pickup was too high, my pick touched it when I strummed, not cool. I'm still not over the fact that AxeMusic staff didn't tell me anything, did they even set it up? Who knows. The action was good, however when using lower gauges, you have to raise the Floyd Rose height. // 5

Reliability & Durability: If you're gonna dive bomb, this thing isn't for you, why is there even a Floyd Rose on it. It goes out of tune within seconds. The Hardware seems like it will last for around 3-6+ years, not a problem at all. The strap buttons are probably the best part of this guitar, no issues, I wonder who buys a guitar for the strap buttons, maybe they put too much focus on the buttons instead of the actual guitar. I wouldn't depend on it, I'd probably remove the trem arm, wait a second, I wouldn't use the Floyd Rose at all, what a piece of junk. The Finish is really cool, seems like it would last for a long time, I don't know anyone who plays and somehow wears off their finish, not on a shecter anyway. // 6

Overall Impression: I play Blues/Rock/Metal, this is a pretty good match tone wise. I've been playing for nearly 5 years, I own a Fender Strat (with no Floyd Rose system installed). I wish I had asked to buy another guitar, I was too hasty. If it was stolen, I'd only be mad because it took me a while to gather up the money, however, I would never get it again. Maybe the model without the Floyd Rose in it. I love the knobs, they feel great, the tuners are good, the tone and sustain is really good. I hate the Floyd Rose installed on it, ugh (as if I hadn't said that enough). My favorite features were the finish and the inlays, pretty cool. The switch is pretty cool too. I compared it with an LTD 350FR I believe, which was complete garbage. Same issues, frets were strange to play on, not going to review that one at all. I wish it didn't have a Floyd Rose system. I wish that it had 2 tone knobs, and 2 volume knobs. // 7

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