Hellraiser C-8 review by Schecter

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  • Sound: 3
  • Overall Impression: 2
  • Reliability & Durability: 4
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 3
  • Features: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 3.2 Poor
  • Users' score: 7.7 (24 votes)
Schecter: Hellraiser C-8

Price paid: $ 549

Purchased from: american music supply

Sound — 3
Very muddy. I'm having a hard time finding an amp that can deal with this guitar. Clean is too bright with these EMG's. Low strings are muddy. Sound is even thorugh big and small strings.. I'm going to change strings and go from low B to high A. Better than low F#. Lots and lots of feedback.

Overall Impression — 2
I am not going to return the guitar... Because of the trouble of doing that. I think the low price I got it for makes it sensible to keep it. Support sucks. Its fast and they give accurate information. I will give you that. But the response came with attitude. Check it out: "You are officially the first person that thinks our volume knob Switch over sucks. We have been receiving nothing but praise for making the bold yet extrmely common sense move. It is stated in our FAQ on our website by the way. If you want to Switch it you don't need to bring it to anyone. It's really quite simple and you can do it yourself. Simply remove the knobs, remove the back cavity plate, unscrew the pots from the front, and then just Switch the holes the pots are in. Nothing diificult about it." See his answer was sufficient but I didn't need the attitude. Support is helpful accurate but their d-cks.

Reliability & Durability — 4
I think its build well and don't expect a problem here. Except for thin paint job. Nice neck and weigth and ballance seems ok. Has EMG's so that's nice. Althought there very cold sounding and don't feel as HOT as normal EMGs' God I am tired of typing, but this review required me to type a certain number of characters.

Action, Fit & Finish — 3
Nut was not centered properly. Issues with paint job. Volume knobs came backwards (they say that's on purpose) some might like that. I don't. Paint job is very thin, obviously made in Korea. Case is very cheap. Cheapest $100 case I have ever seen. Guitar looks great from a distance. Don't like binding.

Features — 4
Volume knobs came backwards. I don't like that. I fixed that problem. Support guy was an a-s and tried to make me feel stupid and suggested I lacked common sense that everyone else had who liked it that way. Nice pickups. Got see throuhg black. Decent paint job, but with some issues. Tunning machines suck! The F# string can hardly be tuned. You have to make very small moves... Needs much higher gear. I'm going ot replace it.

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    engineno9 wrote: PDXluthier wrote: 7-8 strings are for those that cant create past their own abilities. More strings arent the answer, read some books people! I agree with this guy. Pull out your 1 string guitars folks, more strings means you suck.
    I don't like 8 string guitars but you don't suck if you play one. Some music may need 8 string (and that's better than playing a 6 string guitar on some drop a tuning.) 7 string is OK though. But six strings is THE guitar!
    Schecter continue to amaze me. After the support guy was a A-hole to me for first support call on build quality, they now refuse to respond to my emails. I will not buy another schecter EVER. I have the C-8 hellraiser. I just switched the battery in it first time and the nine volts sits in compartment loose. I had to fold paper and wedge it to give solid nine volt contact. do your self the favor and spring for the ibanez. 8228
    Anyone that makes ignorant comments about having more strings makes you suck are sad. I had a 7 string friend of mine that was admitant about how 7 was better than 6. I told him we have the same notes as a 7 string guitar. I dont believe either 6 7 or 8 is better. they are just different. I love my 8. When Im at home playing alone. the 8 string gived me way more possibliities and i can walk bass lines and thump top strings as i play melodies below. You can DEFinetly do more with an 8 or 7 string.. FACT. Do you need it no. I find when I jam with my bass player, i dont realy hit the low b or low F#. I let the bass and his bass amp which do a better job at low frequency's have that range. Spend your time learnign to play better, not taking shots at other guitar players. dont worry about how many strings others have, just play and enjoy yourself.
    BTW - if you want to tune your 8 like Abasi with a low E, make sure you have the longer scale ibanez 8228. The schecter and ESP scale lengths dont handle the low E that well. my opinion
    Then john petrucci must suck because he plays seven strings. And he is a ****ing god... (And wouldn't it be harder to play a guitar with more strings because of more notes?)
    Alright guys, stop arguing. This guitar seems like it's geared for metal, hell the whole "Hellraiser" line seems to be. I know they're versatile, just don't expect an ES-335 sound from a guitar with the name "Hellraiser" that has more than 6 strings and has EMGs. I don't know about a high A, but I'd rather play it in standard, half a step down or maybe even a little lower to experiment. I, personally really like the (as carl943 said) "seismic tone". If you want an example of an 8-string dropped low, listen to anything by Elena Siegman (Kevin Sherwood is the guitarist), they write the songs for Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty games. Songs like Abracadavre and 115 showcase it nicely. It's all about your style, it's not about being better than the other, it's having more strings because you like a low sound and don't like buying .13+ gauge strings to prevent your strings from feeling like noodles in lower tunings. I'm not against thicker strings, I'm just saying, if someone wants an 8-string, they obviously aren't playing Chuck Berry's stuff, they're playing really heavy riffs. And I do know that people use more than 6 strings for all kinds of other styles, but it seems to me that, as I've said before, this guitar is geared more towards the metal genres. Just my opinion, cheers mates!