Omen-6 review by Schecter

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8 (270 votes)
Schecter: Omen-6

Sound — 10
I'm using this with a Crate GLX65, the distorition is amazing for only stock guitar and amp settings. It's above and beyond Nirvana, tho not quite sumthing of the likes of cannible corpse or slayer or KSE etc. I will still be needing a footswitch for my style of music. The guitar easily handles from Dream Theater to Nirvana to about any mainstream rock and Metallica and grunge and Led Zepplin. All that I've thrown its way thus far. When I played this at the store (Dave Phillips Music and Sound, Allentown PA, kudos to the store, great place) in comparison to an Ibanez Schecter ripoff and even a Fender Showmaster (real Dunlop dual humbucker pickups may I add) the humbuckers on this soudned crunchier, and clearer. It's sound was better then all of these, amazing for the cost. Please note it was nearly half the cost of the Fender Showmaster.

Overall Impression — 10
okay, I've only started playing for real about 2 months now, this is my first electric, and a major step up from the Harmony (yea thats right, thats the name of the guitar) Junior acoustic "Stella" guitar lmao. However, I wisely made this purchase, and feel quite justified in it. My budge was large but I didnt wanna spend all I had unless it was a must. In comparison to guitars over double its price this guitar held its own against them all and exceeded all of them in some way. The sound is amazing for the price. My only compalint is the lack of a whammy bar, but o well, I can manage without that quite alright. I love the fact thats its electric (cheap acoustics r no fun at all). it simply blows away the Fender Showmaster and Ibanez counterpart/copy that were both more expensive (note, the Showmsater had a whammy, Ibanez didn't, lower sound worse playibility higher price and a whammy for the Fender = 220$ more. I'll take the Omen 6.) If this was stolen id be screwed because I spent all of my money and its back to school so I only get a pitiful 60$ a week, thus meaning I'd have to go to prison for what I would do to the one who stole it, and would have no guitar don't steal my Omen 6 or you die n my life sucks. So lets just all get along eh? Yes I'm new(er) at playing but I know my way around a fretboard and looked into this buy well nad I feel this is the best guitar fromt he 300-550$ range, I played on about 8 guitar, and most were nothing to this and the Fender n the Ibanez, and this was the cheapest it just owns. so now that I'm rambling I think I'll end this now, any feedback or questions feel free to email

Features — 10
I would use this on a gig without a backup simply cuz I don't have a backup, although common sense would say to always have one cuz you just never do know, but I would feel comfortable using it at a gig irregardless. I use a straplock system so I doubt it will be falling off anytime soon, just an occasional tightening of the strap buttons. As far as I can tell the finish is fine. I would trust this quite alright for any use.

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