Omen-6 review by Schecter

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  • Features: 8
  • Sound: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (270 votes)
Schecter: Omen-6

Price paid: $ 347

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features — 8
I got a 2002 Schecter Omen-6 in Walnut Satin. I'm gonna point out that I'm rating it on how it was when I got it, not as what it has become. It's got a basswood body, durable black stock tuners, thin recessed (not straight with the body like a strat) maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, jumbo frets, dot inlays, one volume, one tone, three way switch, tune-o-matic string thru body, two way truss rod, 24 frets, passive Schecter pickups. Jumbo frets are gonna feel great for anyone making a transition from a Squier.

Sound — 10
No joke, as far as sound goes, I found this an insanely diverse guitar. Never had a single issue through the 20 plus amps I've plugged it through. The pick ups are hot enough for metal, but tame enough for cleans and low gain as well. Never had issues live, never any issues in the studio. 13 years later and I've never had anything wrong with the pups. I'd say it leans more on the pleasantly warm sound. They are the best stock pickups I've ever played on an affordable guitar, at least as the diversity of styles and sounds go. wasn't till last year that I started buying new pickups. I even like the stock ones more than the Invader I got. Today I got a Full Shred on the bridge, and a 59 on the neck and I adore the sound. Finally found my sound.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
Action is medium. Which is my personal preference. I've had several luthiers bring it as low as possible with no success. Still, I like medium action so it's perfect, like feeling a bit of a tug when I play. But it does lose brownie points cause it limits many player's preference. don't expect action as low as a PRS. I have never had issues with the tuners. Would never replace them. Pickup height just fine. No dents or bangs when new. Input jack was not the best, replaced them for planet waves gold plated jack. The strap buttons where replaced within a month, one slipped right out. Had to seal the hole and put on straplocks, no issue since. This is an underrated problem for many guitar companies, for some people a drop could be the end of a guitar, or at least the neck. I do not like the neck finish, gets sticky when you sweat.

Reliability & Durability — 8
No joke this guitar can take a beating. Played over 300 shows with it as my only guitar, recorded two albums, and has withstood some pretty insane parties. It will bang up with ease. It's basswood, so it dents easy. But with the walnut satin finish, the bangs look good. I've dropped mine, landed on it while stumbling drunk, used it as a spear during a show, caught a bottle once when a show got wild and we were throwing random objects everywhere, and so on. Though it has every single dent, the playability has not been compromised. I don't like the basswood if you're gonna mod, screw holes strip with ease.

Overall Impression — 8
I play thrash, punk, hardcore, rock, classical, even some oldies. The diversity of its sound is a strong feature. This is a great guitar for beginners, or intermediate players who are developing a taste for modding. As I have it now, with the mods I'll list below, it literally has the exact sound I want.

Cuurrent mods:
1. Full Shred bridge, 59 neck
2. Scrubbed off neck finish with scotch-brite.
3. Rewired for two volume knobs.
4. Added a degree to the neck angle.
5. Gold plated input jack.
6. Straplocks
7. Treble bleed

Sounds like a beast now. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to buy an affordable guitar, have a diverse range of sounds, or mod a guitar to kingdom come. Sounds sick with a dimebucker as well. I absolutely adore this guitar. 13 years with me and I am not going to replace it anything soon.

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    @lincubus411 "First off all these positive reviews are from people who haven't been playing very long and haven't really experimented with other guitars and tonal options." oh, really? did you actually know all those people who wrote reviews here to allege that they're all beginners? actually you sounded like a beginner, because a good player woudn't say that a newbie player aren't allowed to review a guitar as there a whole Market for beginners and cheap guitars for this kind of public. then, it's totally fair that those beginners review a guitar which are targeted for them. you can't review a beginner guitar comparing to the more expensive ones because they're not meant to compete.