Omen Extreme-6 review by Schecter

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.2 Good
  • Users' score: 7.9 (46 votes)
Schecter: Omen Extreme-6

Price paid: £ 330

Purchased from: GuitarGuitar

Sound — 7
I play a variety of genres, from Metal to Pop-Punk to Classical, and the guitar fit them quite well. With the Coil Tap, it is very versatile. I'm currently playing it with a Laney LX12 amp, but plan to get a Line 6 Spider Amp soon, the one I tried it out with in the shop, which helped to fall in love with it over guitars I decided I really wanted before going out to buy. It is a fairy noisy guitar however and whenever I use it, I turn down the volume on both the amp and the guitar so I can hear the music I'm playing to. Despite being able to switch to single coil pups, it still manages to sound warm instead of bright because of the mahogany body. Still, it has amazingly long sustain and seems to have a natural wah if you string some notes on long enough.

Overall Impression — 8
All in all, it's a fairly good guitar, and while it doesn't fit everything I play, it fits most and that's good enough for me. I've been playing for about 3 and a half years now, and this is my second guitar, along with a Strat copy, and my Laney amp. I wish I had tried a few more guitars when I bought it, like a Tele or a hollowbody like the ES-335. I probably would buy it again if it were stolen, though I might get another guitar instead. The thing I love the most about it is that all 24 frets on each string are easily acessable, but I hate that it's single coil mode sounds warm instead of bright. When buying it, I compared it to a B.C. Rich Bich, an Ibanez (not sure which) and an Epiphone LP Standard. The BC and Ibanez sounded too brittle and the Epi didn't feel right for me, so I got the Schecter. I would give it a 9, but the single coil not bring bright does knock it down for me.

Reliability & Durability — 7
I've had this guitar for a good 3 months now, and I've only played it outside of practice once. It stood up for that and I'm fairly sure it could stand well in live playing, but if it were dropped, I'm fairly sure the guitar would break, even dropping it on carpet could break it for all I'm concerned, so I wouldn't gig with it without a good backup. However the finish seems good enough not to wear thin easily.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
The guitar was in good shape when it was purchased, but I find the guitars finish can be easily damaged if you don't take care, and the guard on the back has been scratched like hell, and the push/pull pot is loud, much louder than the pickup selector, which itself came on the loud side too. Apart from this, the guitar was well made and not many flaws can be found in it from my perspective.

Features — 8
It was made in Indonisia, in 2011 I believe. It's has 24 Frets, Maple Neck with Cream Binding, Rosewood Fretboard, Jumbo Frets, 25.5" Scale. Mahogany Body with a Quilted Maple top with Cream Binding, finished in Satin-Black Cherry. Strat shape with a String Thru Bridge, which is what defines it from the other Omens. The electronics are Passive with a Volume Pot and a Push/Pull Tone Pot with Coil Tap. It has a 2 Humbucker layout, two Schecter Diamond Plus Series pups. The tuners are also Schecter, Non-Locking I think. The guitar didn't come with anything, but it's still good for the price.

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    and you dont even know the difference between locking and non-locking tuners, how are you writing a review on it?
    spyder52 wrote: looks like a metal guitar... ugly
    Lol, well there's a sale on Charlie Christian guitars that I'm sure would please you.
    Lol, i don't get why people hate Lin6 gear so much. Sure, it's not gonna match up to a tube amp, but it costs only a fraction of a tube amp aswell.. Fact is, Line6 make really good gear. Can't deny that.
    Also, I use the Omen Extreme 6 in cherry and my god it's a beast. I recommend this guitar over ANY (yeah that's right) in the same price range, it really is a tank, and it plays and sounds great.
    Not to bash line 6 but my spider 4 75w is in for repair for the 2nd time in 9 months .Sounds decent ...when its working.i will never buy line 6 agai,but i still like my Pod xt live.
    I have this guitar in cherry, and although there are better guitars, its one of the top for the price in my opinion, great if you're on a budget. Also, the best bit about this guitar is the neck, personally it has the fastest neck i've ever played, very smooth, great fret spacing.
    guys, Line 6 really aren't bad for what they are. They get a lot of hate because they're solid state and use amp modelling, but really they sound much better than many of the alternatives out there. I much prefer the tone of my Spider II 75w to that of my bandmate's marshall combo (think it's one of the shitty series, MG I believe), and mine was cheaper. JUST TO CLARIFY, I use a Bugera 6260 for gigging, and I do know that the line 6 doesn't match up to a tube sound, but it's not DESIGNED to. However, a local band I've played with use the line 6 half stacks and they actually sound pretty decent, the cabs are very nice. If it's one tone done really well, get a different amp, but if you want ease of use and a wider range of tones, grab a line 6. You WON'T regret it. However, my spider III along with my ex-bandmates have both had the input jacks done in. We actually devised a way of fixing it in under 2 minutes because it happened so often. It doesnt happen until about a year or two of owning, but once it's threaded it'll happen every so often. Just be prepared.