Affinity Strat review by Squier

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.2 Neat
  • Users' score: 7 (429 votes)
Squier: Affinity Strat

Sound — 6
I play lots of metal(Metallica, BFMV, Megadeth, Children Of Bodom, Trivium) and some rock and punk(Sum 41, Nickelback, Foo Fighters, Green Day), the Strat is pretty good for punk and rock but not so great for metal, I have two pedals a DD-7 and a CE-2 I don't use them much in my music I only use them when I'm mucking around so I don't take much notice of the sounds of them. I play through a Roland Cube 15X. I think the guitar would be pretty good for jazz and blues, not that I've tried it though.

Overall Impression — 6
if this guitar were stolen I wouldn't buy one of the same, I'd want it back because it's my first guitar, but if I couldnt get it back I would certainly buy a more expensive and better quiality guitar, one with a thinner neck and 24 frets. this isnt a good match for metal but fine for punk and rock.

Reliability & Durability — 6
I'm not up to playing Live yet, but I think when I am up to that I will buy another guitar because I don't like the thickness of the neck to play the things I like. the strap buttons aren't to slid as they can somethimes wriggle about. I think this guitar could snap reaqlly easily because I've dropped it a few times and it's been close to braking. I still think it's good for the price I paid.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
For the price, the finish is pretty good, I think the necks to fat to play really fast which is one big problem I'm have with it, it comes in a brown sunburst sort of colour(I don't really no what's it's called).

Features — 6
21 Frets, Rosewood, three single coil pickups and Standard tremolo, 5 way pick up selector, came with Fender gig bag, Strat, Fender Frontman 15G(which I blew up), Fender strings, lead, some crap songbook, the guitar aint stay in tune for to long but I think it aint bad for a cheap guitar.

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    The guitar's a cheapo starter. Take it for what it is and it's a good beginner guitar. I particularly liked the one reveiwer that compared this to a PRS. HA.
    I bought a blue one with a humbucker and 2 single coils instead of 3 single coils..i put ernie ball super slinkys and i use a marshall amp mg series 30dfx and i get a pretty decent sound out of it,and my guitar screams pretty good, i mostly play bluesy,classic and heavy rock, it stays in tune well, i would recommend this guitar to anyone for a first guitar or even just a project guitar
    ive got a affinity strat which was given to me by my uncles guitarist in his band , it his pickups from his american deluxe strat and it sounds amazing! he put it the tremolo yesterday and i am beating the crap out of it and it stays in tune! its a 20th anniversary model and so its 6 years old but the guy who gave it to me has gigged it ! its a right handed guitar but im left handed so the hendrix setup is on it too. to me its just amazing ! and im a les paul person...
    ironmaiden_98 wrote: i bought this for around 200 and this is almost as good as the $2000 fenders . it is really comfortable and sounds great. it also stays in tune quite well.
    Bought one for $125 new at Guitar Center in 2007 to take to the Desert (didn't want to subject the American Standard (MIA) to a 125-degree, dusty dorm room). Had lots of buzzing with it until I spent about $90 on setup by a good tech (which I had to have done on the MIA Strat, too). Out of the box the Squier's high e was totally dead on the first fret, they fixed that at Guitar Center, but it took a pro to shim the neck and to fix all the issues--the MIA's factory setup wasn't that bad, but wasn't good enough either. Straps wouldn't stay on either guitar with the stock strap buttons, so I installed Schaller strap locks on both and haven't had problems with either, since. I did have to shim the screw in the Squier, though because the thread stripped out when I removed the old button--the screw must have been glued in. As for tuning, they both need tuning every day, and neither last more than one song if you use the tremolo. The Fender tuning screws are much more consistent than the Squier's. The Squier tremolo only works in one direction--maybe that's how a couple of people snapped theirs? Both guitars hum with the pup selectors set for single coils (1,3,5), and both are quiet in the "humbucking positions" (2,4), although those positions are no substitute for a real humbucker for really hot distortion. The Squier neck is just as smooth as the MIAs and better than any MIM Strat I've played. The most obvious difference is the single-ply pick guard on the Squier looks really cheap, but at least it hasn't warped, like I've seen on many Strat knock-offs, like Yamahas. Anyway for a few bucks more, Squier does make a few Affinity models with triple-ply pick guards. The MIA Strat is more pleasant to play than the Squier, but most of the time I end up grabbing the Squier and leave the MIA in drop C. My Squier is one of the better ones I've seen, so open the box before you buy and be ready to pay the guitar tech for some major work if you have any expectations. Then take the money you saved and buy a few pedals and a 30w tube amp!
    Spade_SanosukeX wrote: All Squiers suck royally. There is not one good Squier out there.
    I highly disagree. I have a 50th anniversary Squier (1996), and have been beating the sh*t out of it for 12 years. I fixed the strap problem by moving the button to the back of the horn. My strap hasn't fallen off since. The only other mod is a Dimarzio hotrails humbucker in the bridge position. This guitar is great, I would give up my jackson before I gave up my squier. I sh*t you not.
    Randy Bobandy
    People who are saying not to trash these Squires, or that they are decent starter guitars, please wake up from dreamland. These Squire Affinity strats are the biggest piece of shits out on the market.I had one way back when i first started it was th f*cking worst lump of shit drift wood i've ever layed hands on. Pickups sounded like shit, didn't stay in tune for more then 10 minutes, neck was garbage, also it was noisey as hell. This guitar is the result of someone takeing dumps on an production line and haveing them shaped as guitar parts, and then assembling the shits in a manner to resemble an electric guitar. That is what these Squires are, fecal matter shaped to look like a guitar. I used mine for firwood at a beach party. It did served that roll much better then playing music on it. Thank Christ i eventually got a real Stratocaster.
    new bridge and pups and this thing can sound great, regardless of what other say, it's a great guitar for the price and easily modified
    i bought this for around 200 and this is almost as good as the $2000 fenders. it is really comfortable and sounds great. it also stays in tune quite well.
    i have this and its just as good as any strat. ive had it for over a year. i use my wammy bar all the time and somehow it stays in tune. ide like to put a locking nut on it but i havent gotten to that. the sound is awsome and it plays everything, metal to blues.
    get a fender... that's what i can say.. i've played both.. squier and an usa standard fender strat... the difference is this I-----I big
    To unregistered; once I read your comment that "Stratocasters arent know for tone"I wnt people to know not to listn 2 u, wherever you got that info, dont go back 2 it, anyone who plays an Am. Strat does for its ringing singing tone, go back to school noob.
    justinb904 wrote: new bridge and pups and this thing can sound great, regardless of what other say, it's a great guitar for the price and easily modified
    the only problem is you'd be spending as much money modifying as you spent buying the damn thing