Bullet Strat review by Squier

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.5 (465 votes)
Squier: Bullet Strat

Price paid: $ 100

Sound — 6
I usually play heavy metal like all shall perish or All That Remains and Killswitch Engage. The guitar has more of a clean sound on it and for that reason it's not really suited for my style of playing. I am looking for a humbucker for that reason but if your into old school clean music this is the guitar for you! I play it through a 60watt Roland Cube amp and a Zoom gx2 which almost makes the guitar sound like it has humbuckers. The only down side is the hum which can be deafening at times although you do come to love it after a few mounths.

Overall Impression — 7
This guitar doesn't realy suite the music I play and is intended for more of a clean sound, but for the price Who can complain? If been playing for 2 years and now own a Ibanez. I wish I had done some more research about single coils and the tipe of music a Fender is intend for. If it was stolen I would cry for a day and move on. The thing I love about my Fender is the smoothness of it's neck and obviously it's looks. I wish it had a 24 fret neck with descent bridge and wammy bar with tuning knuts that actually work. But hey, this guitar is cheap and if your a beginer this is the perfect guitar for you if you play punk or clean stuff.

Reliability & Durability — 8
If your a metal head, or just drunk most of the time while playing guitar this guitar is for you. It's really durable and the finish doesn't fade of chip easily at all. The strap buttons are absolutely rubbish and I have found myself wondering were my guitar had gone to many times after the strap had slipped off. I fixed that by wiring my strap onto the guitar. Would I use it in a gig? Well with a change in pickups and maybe better tuners yes. It fits right into the stage and can make quite a stand wen your playing amongst Jacksons and B.C. Richs with it's old school look.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
The guitar was set up nicely at the factory although the wammy bar is completely useless if you want to keep your guitar in tune. The tunes is also really sensitive wen tuning and as I change a lot from A# B C D and E tunings it can become a real pain. The pickups can be optimized a bit to get better sound out of it and the volume button is to close to the strings and you find yourself turning down the volume as you plam-mute. Although this is easily fixable by removing the volume knob and just turning the volume down with the little metal thingy that's left.

Features — 8
Arctic white bolt-on neck. The colour gives the guitar a nice old school feel that give the guitar a nice look to it, which is nice wen you want to be deferent. Standard 21 fret medium-jumbo frets. not quite shure what neck. although I think it's rosewood. 5-way switch single coil-single coil-single coil config. Volume tone and tone knobs, although I don't really see the use of the last nob, as it does nothing really. The lead plug in is a bit doggy as is unplugs quite easily. But I fixed that by buying a little more expensive 6" cable.

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    Two problems with these reviews the comments... A) Snobbery... I've been playing professionally for 35 years, teaching for 25 and been a recording engineer for 20. I have both owned & recorded "REAL" American Strats, Vintage models, Squire's, Bullets and cheap imitations. Many people will automatically dismiss anything with "Squire" on the headstock as useless simply because it's not a "real" Fender... not true... I used a carefully chosen and properly set-up Squier Tele as my main guitar on stage for 10 years!! ...which brings us to our 2nd problem... INCONSISTENCY... Essentially what we're seeing from the varied reviews is that some of these guitars were properly setup and well constructed, some were well constructed but never setup right, and some were poorly put together in the first place. THIS is the real key to the Squier... You have to pick and choose from several to find a good one, and have it set up properly by someone who knows what they're doing (not your buddy who says "hell, it looks easy enough... let ME do it") As for how you could rate a Bullet in the same range as an American Standard... I believe "bang-for-the-buck" is being taken into account! As for me, I've already chosen a new Bullet as the 99-dollar starting point for the "Franken-caster" I'm putting together. Among other things, I'm replacing the 3 stock Fender Single Coils with single-coil P-90 Soapbars (like you see in a Les Paul Gold-Top or Epiphone Casino like the Beatles all used), dressing the frets on the already-pretty-good neck, shielding the control/pickup cavity with foil tape to lessen the ever-present single-coil hum, and "vintage-ing" the finish with a sander. All of this will cost me around another hundred bucks... meaning for around 2-bills, I'll have a very unique, very playable, thick-sounding tone-beast that will be the envy of my friends and enemies! I've built this kind of custom guitar before and I always end up having to sell it because someone falls in love and offers me about 4 times what I paid to build it!!
    Electric Hex
    Krzychuzokecia wrote: My Squier Bullet Strat (made in 2007) were made in... China! Who know why Bullet from 2006 is Indonesian?
    Just about EVERYTHING is now made in China mate Lol. I'm stuck between a squier bullet and a behringer V tone
    I want to begin to learn guitar. I am stuck between the Squier Bullet, Dean EVO XM, and Dean Vendetta XM. Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated
    i got mine for 99.99 and its awesome its really nice for the price and hooked in to a 65wt crate its pretty sweet
    by 90% I'm getting this one on September. Can anyone tell me if the guitar includes the wire which connects to the amp and some other tools for adjusting the bridge etc?
    it doesn't come with a lead, wild rose. it does come with two allen/hex keys for adjustment.
    Hey, sorry. Mine is from 2006 but it's the same like Bullet from 9/2007. I've bought it in 06/2007, serial number is CY06065577 name on the headstock is Squier (by Fender) Bullet Strat (like those from 09/2007) and it has tremolo bridge. Someone on this page wrote that Bullet from 2006 was built in Indonesia and had bridge without tremolo. And the name on the headstock was Squier (by Fender) Bullet (without Strat). So why mine Bullet is from 2006 and it is identical like those from 2007?