Deryck Whibley Telecaster review by Squier

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (120 votes)
Squier: Deryck Whibley Telecaster

Price paid: $ 418

Purchased from: Musos Corner, Newcastle NSW

Sound — 8
This suits my music style nicely, as I play punk/rock. I wouldn't use this guitar as a lead, mainly a rythm guitar. I use Marshall amps and I also use my little SX practice amp. Sounds great through both. Yeah the distortion is very loud, I myself also have to turn it down when using distortion. This guitar, like I said, should be used as a rythem guitar, but, can also be used as a lead, as it can produce nice high bright sounds on the frets closer to the body.

Overall Impression — 10
I play punk/rock, great match for that style, but could be used for basically any other style, depends what effects/amps you use I guess. I have been playing for 3 years, I have Fender 72' Telecaster (nearly the same as this), SX Strat and Mexican Fender Strat. If this was stolen, I would definetly order another one in. I love the colous and the distortion sound. I don't hate anything about this. My favourite feature would have to be the maple neck, I love the look of it. I compared it with an Epiphone SG-400, I liked this sound better so I chose it, but it was a close call. Uhh I wouldn't mind it having another humbucker in the neck postion, but life goes, I like it how it is.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I use this guitar Live when playing, have used it up to 15 times, still going good as gold, excellent. It seems like it will last, as it looks like it did when I opened it from the box. The strap buttons were not solid, my strap kept on coming off, so I added some strap locks to it, now it's cool. I've heard squires are really bad quality, as I only bought this due to deryck whibleys make, but after playing this, I'd rate squires right up there with the best.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
I had this guitar ordered in from Sydney, NSW, when I recieved it, where you plug your lead into, was broken, so I had to take it back and get it fixed. The pick-ups were fine. Everything else was excellent, other than the plug-in on the side. That was the only problem.

Features — 8
Designed in 2007 by Deryck Whibley and Fender/Squire, made in Indonesia I think. 21 frets on the ever so lovely maple neck. Only 2 controls are given, volume and Tone. The body is olympic white, with a black pickguard. With Duncan-Designed HB-120. Very basic design, but great quality for the price.

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    Frusciante30 wrote: FOR FUCK'S SAKE! These guys just make me sick. Avril Lavigne Telecaster, Pete Wentz P-bass, Mark Hoppus P-Bass... and now this. What the hell is going on?
    dude you need a brain transplant or something. if your not buying/using this or those other piece of equipment then shut up.... i own a fender mark hoppus sig. it sounds awesome, i own a fender jazz bass that sound just as awesome and i have a squier mb-4 bass "my first bass" that still is my go to bass when ever i am coming up with new shit. so don't knock the brand, hell why knock the person they are making the guitar for. they are sign'd bands they make mad $$$$$. so from me and maybe a few people on here.....SHUT THE F**K UP!
    do people just look through these forums for somethin to b**** about get over it.Just think about it as a guitar for 1 second and see it got a good review
    should i get this? i ve never touched a guitar be4(a real one) and im a big fan of sum 41. where can i get this i live soomewhere in sydney australia. i reall y want deryck whibley telecaster. email me:
    um dude,this isnt gonna sound anything like a tele deluxe,it sounds more like an epi sg,.bt putting a invader in it wud b pretty cool.
    does this guitar actually sound similar as fender tele deluxe 72? i am a beginner and want to play paramore songs. and what do you think if I change the guitar's pick up with seymour duncan sh-8 invader like Tom Delonge?
    How did you buy it for $418. the website says 600 can you please tell me how u got it so cheap
    I played a used one of these in Guitar Center today, and I liked the way it played and sounded better than the American Deluxe Tele I played. Get over it! If it plays right to you, get it. If it doesn't, then don't. It's not a very hard concept. Also, I give myself an e-cookie for being the only one to comment on this page with proper spelling. At least try the guitar before you bitch people.
    well i really like blink 182 and sum 41 and i luv deryck whibley's guitar no i have not played but i used to own a squire and i luved it.but pete wentz sucks @$$ i hate fall out boy. but squire makes pretty good guitars, plus frank bello from antrax has a sig squire bass. so i can't be all that bad
    Omg, Avril, Mark Hoppus, Deryck whibley and pete wentz with their signature guitars, they don't even deserve signature guitars when they can't play for shit. It's for the money!! Their sellouts!!! They just want the damned money.
    Old f*ucker here. I play a bottom o the barrel Squire Bullet Strat and it plays well and sounds ok. Only $99. I just bought an Avril L model tele. I can't wait to get it and check out that pickup arrangement (dual coil at the bridge, which is like having a choice of two single coils or a humbucker. Lots of potential, if the guitar and hardware are up to it. And from my experience with the strat, I'm thinking it should be fine.
    Deryck Does Play This Guitar Live...Theres A Live Session On Youtube Where Sum 41 Plays The Whole Underclass Hero Album And Hes Using His Olympic White Telecaster...I Can Tell Its The Squier Model Cause It Says Squier On The Headstock. But Anyways I think This Guitar Sounds Amazing (I Have It In White) And I Like The Idea Of Only The Bridge Pick Up...Kinda Like Tom Delonge's Signatures!!
    I'm maybe buying this guitar with 230 euros. Sum 41 is my favourite band. I dont care what anybody else say here or in reality life. To me Deryck is hero, to someone else that would be curt cobain or snoop dogg
    My Epiphone Les Paul Standard is the best damn Epiphone I've ever played. Better than a lot of Gibson's. Seriously though, you guys need to chill out, take the stick out of your ass, and just relax. So what if there are better musicians. So what if there's an Avril Lavigne guitar. Who would buy it? Little girls who either want to look cool, or potentially become musicians. Maybe it's there gateway guitar. Maybe some people don't start out with a Gibson. Not everyone is aspiring to be the next Satriani anyways.
    teokiatuan wrote: i wonder why squier or epiphone signatures exist.
    very good point, but i think it's just to give people who cant afford fender or gibson a chance to rock out like someone famous.
    teokiatuan wrote: i wonder why squier or epiphone signatures exist.
    epiphone make some good guitars, back in the 40s epiphones were as good as gibson.
    Shread_6009 wrote: maybe you should design custom instruments for musicians that have talent, like page and kirk hammett ( i no they already do) instead of the latest fad. if i want a guitar, im not buying one designed by a corporate pop-punk band, im buying from a guitar legend like van halen or dimebag darrell.
    i would buy a squier frankenstrat
    most people with squier signatures actually play fenders. mike dirnt and frank bello both have their own fender sigs too. most punks seem to play squier. maybe its so they look like they are deprived or something.
    If your a beginner to guitar, dont want to spend too much money, Like pop punk and arnt too fussed about others opinions then consider this guitar. my personal advice would be to try it out in a music shop first and make sure you like it
    and just so you know, don't knock signature guitars. the gibson les paul is a signature guitar of ( wait a minut, im sure you Know this one) JAZZ GREAT LES PAUL!!! make sure the signature is by someone with talent tho
    WHATS UP WITH THE CAPS but anyway it looks like an awesome guitar for anyone nott just for a girl or a "sexually confused boy"
    maybe you should design custom instruments for musicians that have talent, like page and kirk hammett ( i no they already do) instead of the latest fad. if i want a guitar, im not buying one designed by a corporate pop-punk band, im buying from a guitar legend like van halen or dimebag darrell.
    Some signature guitars just feel like a cash in, try the PRS tremonti or The Yamaha Troy van lueewen. They own.
    this guitar and deryck are getting alot of flack, so let me set it straight: He isn't trying to be the greatest guitarist in the world, it's just their lead, Dave Baksh, left, so now he has to come up with lead and rythm. Secondly, this guitar isn't that great because it's not a Fender, the one HE plays is a Fender, but they only make it for him. But I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    getts182 wrote: Slovak, unless I'm confused and mistaken, is the bassist for Mellincolin.
    you are confused and mistaken. he was the first guitarist for the chili peppers and he died of drug overdose.
    Wow, excuse my bad grammar. "Their" instead of "there". I hate people who can't make that distinction. Just in a rush to type.
    Yeah Jim Root Signatures is cool But their prices are increasing.. when they were first releashed white tele of him was around 600-650 euros 1-2 months later it became 750-800 and i think they are near 1000 euros im so sad that didnt buyed it when it was almost half price