Esprit review by Squier

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (31 votes)
Squier: Esprit

Price paid: $ 500

Purchased from: MF

Sound — 8
I play many styles of music and it suites them most. The Esprit can go from jazz to blues to rock very easily. It has a unique bell like tone when both pickups are selected. I use it with a Vox AD-30VT and it sounds great. The tone is full when both pickups are selected although you can thin it out using the tone control. I normally play rock and this suites that perfectly. It has no problem playing Santana, AC/DC, Cream, U2, Aerosmith and many other bands. It can be used for a huge variety of styles. It wouldn't suite heavy metal, death metal etc. because the pickups are not hot enough.

Overall Impression — 9
I play various different styles from jazz to blues to rock and this works for all of these styles. I have been playing for 5 years and this is my first electric. Coupled with my Vox my tone is unique and awesome. If it were lost I would get another one, If it were stolen I would find that bastard, cop off his balls and make him eat them, then make him pay for another one. I tried this against an Gibson Les Paul Double Cut, an ES-335 and an Fender american Strat. This was my favourite because it sounded unique and looks so f--king cool. The only thing I wish it had was a coil split.

Reliability & Durability — 10
The guitar will easily withstand Live playing and I don't think I would need a backup guitar. The hardware is lasting well, the bridge is starting to oxidize a little bit. The finish is lasting well, no wear whatsoever. The strap buttons keep your strap on and I have never had this guitar's strap come off.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The setup was a little low out of the box but you can change it yourself by adjusting the stopbar. The pickups however were perfect, there is no loss in volume when changing. The Walnut Satin finish is beautiful, like a Gibson Black Cherry finish. There were no flaws although after a year the hardware is starting to oxidise. It is a very loud guitar even when your amp isn't on. Basically I can't fault it, it was even pretty much in tune out of the box.

Features — 9
The Squier Master Series Esprit is made in Korea. Mine was made in 2006 and has a walnut satin finish. There are only a limited number made. It was only made for 1 year. It has 22 frets and a medium neck with a rosewood fretboard. It is a semi hollowbody guitar with a carved top. The top half of the body is a Les Paul Double Cut and the bottom half is a ES-335. It has a chrome Gibson style tune o matic bridge with stopbar. The pickups are active Seymour Duncan designed and made by Fender. They are 2 humbuckers with a volume and tone control for each and a 3 way selector. Tuners are Standard Fender tuners.

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    I just bought one. It's worth every penny. I didn't care for the pewter on the hardware so I replaced it with chrome. This is an excellently made guitar. It is in like new condition, no buckle marks or scratches. I'm just going to put SD pickups in it with a coil tap. It is just a class act guitar.
    [B]C [R]ich
    ive had this thing for about 7 months now and its a pretty good guitar only thing i did was change the bridge pickup to an emg and it gives me a great metal sound anything from your average metallica or megadeth all the way to lamb of god and kataklysm for a squier its definetaly in there top ones made
    The Collector2
    I have had one of these in my collection for about two years now and let's be clear it's not a bullet it's a very well made neck thru guitar . I have found the pickups to be a little bassy, but in this way it has it's own sound. Plays like butter. The hardware is very nice.I would rate this guitar about an 8 only because it is a little heavy which gives it lot's of sustain and the pickups could have a better tone range. Maybe a different size tone pot would correct that problem.
    this was my first electric guit. it is the sex and i would become an emo if i lost or broke it.
    It's been a while since anyone's posted about this guitar model. By now, those of you who dissed it have hopefully learned a thing or two—it's NOT your typical Squier; not even close. Regarding quality of build and playability, it could be compared to the Pro Tone series, but it's not like any other Squier or Fender—except the Robben Ford Esprit. It is a genuine player (along with its sibling, the Squier M-80 set neck).
    awesome guitar! i had it for my first guitar and i'm not gonna lie ' the quality worth the price... i had it for several years and i never get tired from playing on that guitar , and i have 3 of them is classic , the second is the squier master esprit and the third is gibson les paul studio
    RCalisto wrote: how can u rate a squier with 9.2? ive got a squier as my first guitar, and although ive never played a better guitar i can say it quite sucks.. id rate my squier with like 2 or something.. a 500 bucks squier would be like 5 max in my guessing..
    Im telling ya, when you play this thing you would see why it is 500 dollars and why it is rated so high. If this had a fender name slapped on it, it would easily be worth three times the price. It's beautiful, rare, and has great tone quality. I love this guitar
    I got this guitar about a year ago and it plays like a dream. The guys in my guitar class at my highschool looked at me wierd the first day when I walked in with a Squier, and in the class ranking im right up there with the "Razorback" and "Rhoads" players. By far, one of my favorite guitars.
    I know is the name who make the diference, and for this i see this guitar around a Year in the store. Never played, only looked for her. In the same store i buy a Fender and a Gibson. But now i was searching a cheap guitar only to play around, and testet Iban, Yamah, Peavey, Epi and so on. At the end i thinking let me see how id is. I tell me an ashole , then this guitar plays and sound bether then so many Named Guitars around. A Neck to dream and a sound to learn more. I know is a Squier, but this is only a name. But this is now one of my best guitars.
    [B]C [R]ich
    yeah ive had this guitar for about 7 months now and im not gunna lie its a pretty good guitar for what i paid for it i agree the pickups dont suit my metal style but i replaced the bridge with an emg and its perfect for it understanably squier isnt the greatest company but this is definetly up in there highest quality
    I made a mistake, the pickups arent active, thier passive. I didn't call Squier the top name in value cause its not, that was the UG guys. This is def one of the best squiers ever made
    this is a very good guitar. squire makes some very nice guitars but they also make some lemons. this is definitely a nice guitar though
    You people are ridiculous. It is not impossible for this to be a good guitar, you simply want to jump on the band wagon with all of the other kids saying "lol squier sucks". Why not try playing it?
    how can u rate a squier with 9.2? ive got a squier as my first guitar, and although ive never played a better guitar i can say it quite sucks.. id rate my squier with like 2 or something.. a 500 bucks squier would be like 5 max in my guessing..
    yeh deffo ive got a squier bullet strat its gd but my cousins real fender is sooooo much better
    i agree with zerodeck. he's got the general idea - never buy a squier for more than about 200. No idea what that is in other currencies. I guess around $350ish?
    squier isn't topnotch but it'll suit, though you could spend 500bucks better I think, save some more and go get a fender
    Frankie Sparks
    "Top name in value". Hahaha! That's actually pretty funny... They're alright, I got a squier for my first guitar, but they're DEFINATELY not the "Top name in value".
    Anyone know if the standard SD pups are easy to add a split coil function to? A diagram would be nice if anyone has one.