John 5 Telecaster review by Squier

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (18 votes)
Squier: John 5 Telecaster

Price paid: € 362

Purchased from: Music Store Professional

Sound — 9
First of all, I've read a lot of reviews before buying this guitar, and they all said it's a very versatile guitar. This is completely true. I LOVE THIS GUITAR! I play mostly blues, rock and metal, from time to time in a R.A.T.M. Tribute band, but I like everything from Deep Purple, S.R.V. To SlipKnot and PanterA (the greatest band ever). I only recently bought it so I only had a chance to play it with my R.A.T.M. Tribute band (this guitar is perfect for that), but I tried all of this mentioned bands and this guitar really does it all. I play on a Fender Frontman212 and I have Boss ME70. Bridge pick-up is suited for riffs, it can sound pretty sharp and heavy, not as much as Les Paul though, but then again if you like Les Paul sound best, this ain't a guitar for you after all... I gotta say I had a Les Paul before this one (I'm still a Les Paul fan), but John5 Tele really changed my mind, because humbuckers on John5 are awesome! Middle position is a classic Tele sound when played clean, and when distorted, it's good for blues-like style. Neck pick-up is great for solo and I use it for clean playing also, because it's richer and more full than the middle position, although middle is also pretty nice:) Once again, I really like Les Pauls, but they can sound a bit fuzzy and not to bright. On the other hand, I always liked Fender's sound, because it's more clear and bright, but it never could deliver that punch as a Les Paul when distorted. That's why this Tele is perfect - it has humbuckers which give him more kick sort of say, but it's really bright and full at the same time. Just GREAT, very versatile guitar!

Overall Impression — 9
For the hundredth time - Squier Telecaster John5 is a very versatile guitar. I've been playing for 8 years now, I have had a Squier Strat, Epiphone Les Paul and Ibanez RG370 and John5 is the best one, in my taste, so far! If it were stolen, I'd be sad until I gathered enough money to buy a new one. It's like this: I like fat and powerful distortion and bright and warm clean sounds. This guitar can produce all of that! I am not a great guitarist and analyst, but John5 is the best solution for me in this price range, it really is. Once again - you can't get that REALLY heavy distorted sounds, but you don't need it, this guitar has much more to offer. At least try it out, you will hardly be disappointed! P.S. I've read comments where some of you dissed a guy who said he didn't know who John5 was until buying this guitar. I don't get what's the problem. I didn't know him either, now I know and I like him pretty much. This guitar has NO SIGNATURE on it, and even if it did, what difference would it make?! This guitar is awesome and you can certainly play different styles that John5 plays with it, so... In order to make a good point, you need to make sense.

Reliability & Durability — 9
As I said, I have only recently bought it, but it's heavy as a SOB, it looks like Squier made a really high quality product right here. It really looks reliable and tough! Strap buttons are OK, but I put strap locks on, because this guitar is so beautiful I'm not gonna take any risks and also I play in a R.A.T.M. Tribute band, so there's a lot of jumping around:P I don't have a back-up and I don't think it's necessary. Finish looks really good, this guitar seems all-round nothing like a Squier, I think finish will last. The only thing about it is that any fingerprint will stay on, but that's just a bit more cleaning job, nothing worth worrying.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
My first guitar was a Squier Strat and I bought this guitar over the internet, so it was a double skepticism in my case. Also it's made in China, which is actually my ONLY objection when it comes to this guitar. I expected some malfunction, but I was kinda wrong. It was decently set-up. Action was about the average which is perfect for me. Intonation was almost perfect, needed a little adjustment. I've read a review where someone said this guitar is ugly. Hm... I also gotta admit I wasn't a big Tele fan when it comes to looks, but John5 once again changed my mind. When I took it out of the box I spent first 5 minutes just looking at it, I swear. This guitar is more beautiful live than on any of the pictures you Google, that's a promise! It's shinny just about the right amount, I mean not too fancy, and it has that sharp and shiny look to it, just great, can't get enough of looking at it! If it wasn't made in China (but it's inevitable, as it's a Squier it'd be a 9 on my rating.

Features — 9
Made in China 22 medium jumbo frets, modern C neck shape, 648mm scale length double-bound alder body, maple neck/rosewood fingerboard (305mm) gloss black polyester finish, a polished stainless steel pickguard and chrome hardware tele body style a string through body 2 volume controls, 3-way pick-up selector on the upper bout 2 humbuckers - Custom Alnico II humbucking (neck), Custom ceramic magnet humbucking (bridge) Die-Cast tuners (hold really well)

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