John 5 Telecaster Review

manufacturer: Squier date: 06/20/2011 category: Electric Guitars
Squier: John 5 Telecaster
This is an extremely versatile guitar, I had no idea who John 5 was before I got this but now I know that he is just as versatile as this guitar, even if he doesn't play it all that much.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 8.8
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7.8
 Features: 8.8
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overall: 7.8
John 5 Telecaster Reviewed by: imperialfury, on march 02, 2010
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Price paid: £ 259

Purchased from: GAK

Features: Not sure when it was made but i know it was put together in china, has a maple, 22 fret "modern-C" neck and an alder body. It only comes in black with double binding and a cool chrome stainless steel pickguard which looks hot but shows up any finger prints. The bridge is a 6-saddle tele bridge for a humbucker and has a string through body, the neck pickup is an alcino and the bridge a ceramic. For the price a guitar with all this is good value, plus the tone knob has been replaced with another volume (which are in reverse order so the bridge knob is closer) and the selector is in a new position. // 9

Sound: Gotta say that this guitar sounds brilliant, the bridge pickup is great for high gain metal and hard rock and the neck pickup is smooth for solos and softer stuff. I play a lot of styles but my big ones are metal(iron maiden, arch enemy, pantera), Vai/Satch stuff and blues (Buddy guy-esque in particular) and this does them all very good and when you look at the price its top notch. A cool feature is the additional volume knob which lets you do some cool killswitch tricks for Morello type stuff. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: This guitar was from the internet and was set up very well straight out of the box, I had to do some adjusting to the bridge when I went down to C# standard but in E and drop D it was great. The only problems with the guitar was the loose pickup selector and output jack, whilst it was easy to fix it was a little disappointing, all the other hardware was solid. // 6

Reliability & Durability: Apart from the loose hardware this guitar I very reliable, after I'd fixed the selector and jack output it was good to go, so far there hasn't been a single scratch on despite my best efforts with nearby walls and bassists. The strap buttons are good but I plan on putting straploks on it just in case, similarly I wouldn't take it gigging without a backup but I doubt I would need it. // 7

Overall Impression: This is an extremely versatile guitar, I had no idea who John 5 was before I got this but now I know that he is just as versatile as this guitar, even if he doesn't play it all that much. I've been playing for 3 and a half years and this had become my favourite guitar between my first guitar and an LTD Alexi-200, even with my pathetic MG it sounds good and on my friends Valveking its a beast. If it were stolen I would definitely buy another without a doubt, its pretty cheap and when I get enough for a few upgrades it'll be a premium guitar. If your looking for a guitar that is VERY good value, VERY playable and VERY good sounding look no further. Also It's shiny, why wouldn't you want a shiny guitar. // 9

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overall: 8
John 5 Telecaster Reviewed by: JakkyLeMatt, on may 12, 2010
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Price paid: A$ 750

Purchased from: Custom Music

Features: My first review, so be nice 2008 Made in China 21 tele Standard frets on Rosewood fretboard Deluxe black paintjob with white binding (60's custom shop style) Chrome pickguard Standard 6 saddle bridge 2 custom J5 humbuckers Neck- Alnico 5 Bridge-Ceramic magnet (real hot) 2 volume reversed no tone and toggle Switch has been moved to upper bout Standard tuners Black painted headstock with silver scrawl Really hurt by its lacking of features. // 7

Sound: Firstly i play punk rock and ska mostly. I slightly dabble in thrash and hardcore but rarely move past punk or blues kinda music. This guitar is perfect for my tastes. I can get an excellent Tim Armstrong tone out of the bridge humbucker. Its wound like a bastard and hot as all hell nothing like a youd expect from a tele or Fender for that matter. I mostly use the warmer neck humbucker though, you can get some great Pistols, necromantix and Clash sounds out of it. Real classic rock sounding too, reminds me of a 72 reissue neck pickup. The lack of a tone knob is a fair giveaway I'm more than happy with the tonal variety and killswitch effect I get. I'm running through a Peavey Vypyr 15 watt modelling amp or a Fender 15 watt amp thats about 20 years old. I also play through Marshall and Krank amps with my teacher a lot. I'm also a tightass and run though a Line 6 pod most the time. Straight to the amp it sounds great. The heavier distortion was a bitch though cause of the didgy Squier nut was ringing, but thats an easy fix. Sounds excellent on clean and tweed setting on the neck humbucker.I'd use this guitar to play punk, blues, country, classic rock,glam or thrash. It can be used for blues or jazz but a tone pot would be more appreciated for those areas. Youd never guess the price based on sound. Definetly the best aspect f the guitar. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Action was OK from the store. I could of had it a little lower, but it is a tele after all so your never going to get Ibanez low levels. The shitty Squier nut really pissed me off. As soon as I put this baby through some ball tearing distortion it squealed like a pig. With a Fender nut and string guide its much better, I think the majoruty of Squiers have a dodgy nut. Pickup height was fine. Though I don't know if I'd know any better in all honest. Fairly low. Brige is fine and tuners keep real well. When I first saw the guitar the first thing I noticed was how goddamn ugly it is. Then I got to learn how hard it is to keep the glossy black finish from scraching (I swear anything could scratch this finish- even my goddamn cloth somehow scratched it). If that's bad the chrome pickguard is much worse. I have to clean it before and after I play it. It really gets dirty looking that fast. In all apart from the ridiculous levels of igliness the guitars action and finish are about the standard. // 7

Reliability & Durability: Will this guitar withstand live playing? It'll survive the apocalypse. The obesely body weighs more than a Gibson Les Paul Custom. And that's no mean feat. you'd really have to try to damage this guitar nice and well. I don't know about the hardwar. I've had this guitar for about 4 months now. I've experienced Squier hardware decaying over a couple of years. I'm paranoid about my over use of the toggle as a killswitch. But I'm hoping John 5 wouldn't put his name on any of that crap. I'd never gig without strap buttons. I love it too much to risk iton Squiers strap buttons. I'd gig without a backup. This is one sturdy bastard. That said I usually play 2 guitars in different tunings. The finish should last I mean that's one thick layer of paint and binding. This would have scored perfectly if I werent paranoid about Squiers dodginess. // 9

Overall Impression: I play punk couldnt ask for anything better for under $1200. I've been playing for just over a year. I'm still by no means great and I'm still just learning, but I can play some of my favourite punk song and this baby definitely does them. I love the playability of the guitar. 2 great pickups and a new control scheme means this isnt just another Squier guitar and its unlike anything else (maybe except for the Fender JOhn 5 sig)Fender has ever made. Even its shear ugliness has a kind of rough charm to it. As I said before this doesnt't sound like a Squier and no other Feneres. Even the 72 doesnt't match the variety of 2 extremely different pickups on offer. The only thing I don't like about the guitar is the fact Squier didn't use the 3+3 headstock like on JOhn 5's Fender guitars, or that there's no markings at all that this is a J5 guitar, though some would probably prefer that. This is something anyone can pick up and play whether they know JOhn 5s music or not. I; d never heard any of his stuff before I bought this guitar. Now he's my favourite guitarist, even if the guitar doesnt't scream JOhn 5 tone. I've dabbled with the idea of changing the pickups to better suit jamming with my mates (along the lines of Tone Zones or Blackouts)but ultimately decided I was happy about the noise it can make. I'm still thinking about swapping the bridge for a Bigsby, cause there's nothing special about the bridge, and I think mines chipped here and there. Maybe some locking tuners if I'm still using it in the future but for now its all good. If this was stolen or lost I'd kick some shit and probably cry myself to sleep until I could afford a shiny new one. // 8

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overall: 8.8
John 5 Telecaster Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 04, 2011
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Price paid: € 362

Purchased from: Music Store Professional

Features: Made in China 22 medium jumbo frets, modern C neck shape, 648mm scale length double-bound alder body, maple neck/rosewood fingerboard (305mm) gloss black polyester finish, a polished stainless steel pickguard and chrome hardware tele body style a string through body 2 volume controls, 3-way pick-up selector on the upper bout 2 humbuckers - Custom Alnico II humbucking (neck), Custom ceramic magnet humbucking (bridge) Die-Cast tuners (hold really well) // 9

Sound: First of all, I've read a lot of reviews before buying this guitar, and they all said it's a very versatile guitar. This is completely true. I LOVE THIS GUITAR! I play mostly blues, rock and metal, from time to time in a R.A.T.M. Tribute band, but I like everything from Deep Purple, S.R.V. To SlipKnot and PanterA (the greatest band ever). I only recently bought it so I only had a chance to play it with my R.A.T.M. Tribute band (this guitar is perfect for that), but I tried all of this mentioned bands and this guitar really does it all. I play on a Fender Frontman212 and I have Boss ME70. Bridge pick-up is suited for riffs, it can sound pretty sharp and heavy, not as much as Les Paul though, but then again if you like Les Paul sound best, this ain't a guitar for you after all... I gotta say I had a Les Paul before this one (I'm still a Les Paul fan), but John5 Tele really changed my mind, because humbuckers on John5 are awesome! Middle position is a classic Tele sound when played clean, and when distorted, it's good for blues-like style. Neck pick-up is great for solo and I use it for clean playing also, because it's richer and more full than the middle position, although middle is also pretty nice:) Once again, I really like Les Pauls, but they can sound a bit fuzzy and not to bright. On the other hand, I always liked Fender's sound, because it's more clear and bright, but it never could deliver that punch as a Les Paul when distorted. That's why this Tele is perfect - it has humbuckers which give him more kick sort of say, but it's really bright and full at the same time. Just GREAT, very versatile guitar! // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: My first guitar was a Squier Strat and I bought this guitar over the internet, so it was a double skepticism in my case. Also it's made in China, which is actually my ONLY objection when it comes to this guitar. I expected some malfunction, but I was kinda wrong. It was decently set-up. Action was about the average which is perfect for me. Intonation was almost perfect, needed a little adjustment. I've read a review where someone said this guitar is ugly. Hm... I also gotta admit I wasn't a big Tele fan when it comes to looks, but John5 once again changed my mind. When I took it out of the box I spent first 5 minutes just looking at it, I swear. This guitar is more beautiful live than on any of the pictures you Google, that's a promise! It's shinny just about the right amount, I mean not too fancy, and it has that sharp and shiny look to it, just great, can't get enough of looking at it! If it wasn't made in China (but it's inevitable, as it's a Squier it'd be a 9 on my rating. // 8

Reliability & Durability: As I said, I have only recently bought it, but it's heavy as a SOB, it looks like Squier made a really high quality product right here. It really looks reliable and tough! Strap buttons are OK, but I put strap locks on, because this guitar is so beautiful I'm not gonna take any risks and also I play in a R.A.T.M. Tribute band, so there's a lot of jumping around:P I don't have a back-up and I don't think it's necessary. Finish looks really good, this guitar seems all-round nothing like a Squier, I think finish will last. The only thing about it is that any fingerprint will stay on, but that's just a bit more cleaning job, nothing worth worrying. // 9

Overall Impression: For the hundredth time - Squier Telecaster John5 is a very versatile guitar. I've been playing for 8 years now, I have had a Squier Strat, Epiphone Les Paul and Ibanez RG370 and John5 is the best one, in my taste, so far! If it were stolen, I'd be sad until I gathered enough money to buy a new one. It's like this: I like fat and powerful distortion and bright and warm clean sounds. This guitar can produce all of that! I am not a great guitarist and analyst, but John5 is the best solution for me in this price range, it really is. Once again - you can't get that REALLY heavy distorted sounds, but you don't need it, this guitar has much more to offer. At least try it out, you will hardly be disappointed! P.S. I've read comments where some of you dissed a guy who said he didn't know who John5 was until buying this guitar. I don't get what's the problem. I didn't know him either, now I know and I like him pretty much. This guitar has NO SIGNATURE on it, and even if it did, what difference would it make?! This guitar is awesome and you can certainly play different styles that John5 plays with it, so... In order to make a good point, you need to make sense. // 9

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overall: 10
John 5 Telecaster Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 20, 2011
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Price paid: £ 325

Purchased from: Ebay

Features: Made in China. Medium weight Alder body finished in gleaming black bound front & back with white binding. Nice C shaped neck, not huge or skinny, just right really, a rosewood fretboard with 12" raduis and 22 well finished medium jumbo frets and pearliod dots. Standard type die-cast tuner what work very weel. Headstock face is gleaming black too with a flashy silver decal and logo. Strings through the body with pre '66 recessed string ferruls. 6 saddle adjustable Bridge plate for humbucker, chrome pickguard with humbucker cut out. Passive electrics, 3 way Gibson type Switch on upper bout and 2 Alpha volume pots in usual posisition on control plate but no tone pot. Neck p/u is Alnico 5 magnets whilst Bridge p/u is Ceramic magnets. // 10

Sound: I'm a rock 'n' roller really, I love Chuck Berry and all those rockers, but I play in a general covers band so I need a guitar that's fairly flexible. My main guitars is a heavily modified Fender Prodigy. I use a Laney VC50 usually with no effects. I bought this guitar off Ebay mainly becasue I just liked the look of the thing, I wasn't expecting it to sound great and could always stick some Seymours in if needed. However they are not, both humbuckers punch way above their weight, the mix sound is particuarly good and I haven't even miised the tone control. I'm my band the other guitarist uses a Les Paul, believe it or not the J5 stands up to it easily. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: I bought this second hand but I bet its the factory set up and its fine. The frets are polished, no sharp edges, no rattles or buzzes. Pickups the right hight, intonation spot on. The build quality on this guitars is equal to a Fender Japan Custom Telecaster that I once owned. The hardware looks up to the job, pickups sound great, full sized Alpha posts, cavities look to be screen painted there's really is nothing to complain about at all. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Not had it long enough to talk about durability but my first impressions is that it will have no problems in that department at all. I've started gigging it right away and sofar so good, just get a nice soft polishing cloth, cos' with all that chrome and black finish it shows up every finger mark. // 10

Overall Impression: Being old enough to own a '77 Telecaster that I bought new! And having owned Fenders/Squires from pre CBS, JV, etc to modern and from every country of manufacture, I have to say that the my Squier J5 is a most remarkable guitar, Its not replaced my '91 Modified Prodigy as my favourite guitar but its pushed aside a '77 Tele, '87 Strat, '81 Fender Lead I and a Tokai in to second place. Plus WHAT A BARGAIN!!! // 10

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