OBEY Graphic Telecaster HS Propaganda review by Squier

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 6.8 (24 votes)
Squier: OBEY Graphic Telecaster HS Propaganda

Price paid: £ 220

Purchased from: Kendall's

Sound — 7
I tend to play rock and punk music and it suits these styles perfectly. The neck pickup is perfect for Acoustic parts and has real warmth to it. The bridge pickup gets a bit muddy at high volumes when distorted however replacing it with something a bit higher up the market may help this. I've been playing it through a Fender Frontman 25R with a Zoom G1 effects pedal and while it's not the best for high gain metal it's versatile through numerous effects.

Overall Impression — 8
As I said before I mainly play rock and punk and this guitar fits perfectly. I've been playing for around 3 years now and out of my other guitars this is definitely number one. If this were stolen I would hunt down whoever stole it and beat them with my bright pink Hello Kitty Strat just to embarass them more. But, being seious now, I would definitely replace it. I'm already trying to get hold of the collage version of this! I love the classic Telecaster body and the graphics are beautiful. Pictures on the net don't do it justice at all. I can honestly say I am yet to find anything I dislike other than the previously mentioned bridge pickup. Even then it's a brilliant piece of equipment for the price. I did compare it with a J5 Telecaster but the artwork on this got me hook, line and sinker. So far the only thing I wish it had is a different pickup at the bridge, but even then it does it's job really well! Maybe the name Fender instead of Squier because I know there are plenty of nay-sayers out there who look purely at brand names. Three words for you people: Try Squier out!

Reliability & Durability — 8
I haven't gigged this guitar but after six months constant use I can honestly say that I would gig it no problem. Hardware is fine, no screws etc. loose and the strap buttons are more solid than a friends MiJ Stratocaster. I would always have a backup if I were to gig it but that's mainly due to my habit of snapping strings. The finish is brilliant and not wearing away any time soon although I am getting hints of buckle rash, but after six months it's only the tiniest amount.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
Off the shop wall it was set-up almost perfectly. I changed the string to my preferred choice and the action needed to be raised slightly due to this but other than that everything was bang on the mark. So far I'm yet to find a flaw although when I raised the bridge pickup it gave masses of feedback with no difference in tone or sound. I think it was in the perfect position to begin with!

Features — 7
Made in Indonesia around 2007 but I'm not 100% sure about the year. Has 22 medium-jumbo frets on a c shape maple neck with rosewood fretboard. The body is agathis with a bolt on maple neck. Graphic finish on the front of the guitar. The sides an back are solid black. As the title suggests it's a Telecaster. The guitar has a 6-Saddle Strings-Thru-Body Bridge that, along with all the other hardware, is oxidized to look road worn and rusty. Pickups are a Duncan designed humbucker at the bridge and a single coil at the neck. Tone and volume controls and a 3-way selector. Tuners are road worn/rusting non-locking.

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    I got this guitar for almost 1 year. i got ibanez rg350 and ephiphone les paul... y loved my ibanez until i got a EMG humbucker for my tele obey...now sounds great! much better than 350