Standard Strat review by Squier

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.6 Good
  • Users' score: 6.8 (177 votes)
Squier: Standard Strat

Price paid: $ 100

Purchased from: prosound

Sound — 8
I play everything from the Beatles to Pantera, Slipknot to Simon & Garfukle, it's rich lows are fairly clean not to mention the painless highs. I plug into a Peavy Expess 112 65w 12" spk. 2 channel amp it's an impressive amp to begin with so it really brings out the Strat sound. I commonly use wah, it really contributes to that classic Strat noise. Scp u's aren't really as powerful for some things as they are others so I tend to stomp on my DOD Death Metal pedal to make it scream like dimebag. With a little fancy picking this axe will scream. Noises are a slight problem when I'm using my pedals though, any Strat makes a little noise when you select just one pu even the most expensive model out there. I really like the sound, it fascinates me how much this guitar mimicks it's almost $400 Fender cousin.

Overall Impression — 8
For my extensive roots in almost every aspect of the guitar, this guitar is awesome it can really cover it all. The only thing I wouldn't use it for is extremely thrashing metal, but with mods this guitar could do that too! I've been playing guitar for ten years. I have picked up some of the best guitars in the world, played them and said they sucked because they werent as comfortable or as playable as any Strat out there. I own a 95' Fender Mexican Strat it's the aged model. Not sure what they call that one. Customized with SD hotrails pu's & custom wiring, it's ok. I also have the disconinued Ibanez RG470 black-out super Strat style HSH configured floyd rose locking metal machine. I love it like a child and wouldnt give up for the world (the price is what really gets me $899 brand new in 95' or 96'). It's actually back at prosound as of today getting a well deserved servicing. I've go a real 1960 somthing Gibson Explorer played by some famous dude I can't remember (he wasn't that famous obviously). It's paited blue with a giant bright red spider web, it's very custom, it's just a single hb with a Fender style string through body trem. System, someone put a bunch of time and effort into it. But it's warped to all hell and sounds like I found it in a dumpster. I've gone through numerous acoustics, giving them away to nursing homes and other such places. I've got a few amps, my fav being my expess 112, it's a real piece of equipment. Countless stomp boxes, dist., wah, dely. I should have asked if there were any others Squiers anywhere in the world that play like this one, I got lucky! Funny thing though, I didnt mean to even buy this guitar! I ordered a Custom Squier from Fender through prosound, the order got f--ked up and nobody told me. I went down to prosound to pick up my custom job on the day I was told to come (like 6 weeks after I placed the order) and thats when they broke it to me that my order failed, they shipped some wierd looking Custom Squier Tele with nothing I asked for except the paint color! I was furious. At the same time some guy was returning this Strat at the checkout desk, saying it just wasn't what he was looking for. He had bought it 2 days prior for $199. They refunded the unhappy customer and offered me the 2 day used Strat for $99 to compensate for my mental anguish. Took one look at the $200 brand new Squier and said yes. It wasn't quite what I was looking for but after the sevice department set it up for me it just started growing on me. Now I pick it up instead of my brand name axes. If it were lost or stolen I would be royally pissed, I honestly dont think there is another Standard Squier like this one its just the pick of the litter. I would probably get the real thing next time, just to compare. I love the look of it altogether its a chip off the ol' block, classic Fender styling, 60's style headstock, 3-ply pickguard, bronze powdercoated saddles, marble inlays, engraved neck plate with Fender logo and 20th ann. Insignia. Brilliant chrome hw, glossy rosewood fingerboard, large arched 60's style "Stratocaster" lettering, detailed gold & black "Squier" lettering on headstock, clearly stating "Standard Series" in cursive on the very round head. I am going to put a 3ply bwb pickguard w/coresponding black knobs & pickup covers & backplate. 2 black seymor duncan screamin demons neck and bridge positions, get the wiring done, no more noises. Then it'll be ready for the world. And posibly I'll get down and dirty, buy a one peice body and a locking trem. Probly that new Ibanez floyd rose knock off, the edge-pro er' whatever, I personly like it better that the floyd rose. I've gotta get my whammy bar fix in! overall I'm impressed with this Squier unlike most of them. Go Fender!

Reliability & Durability — 6
I could say if I wasn't worried about people laughing at me carring a Squier on stage, I would rely on it to go live, with a backup. The hardware is actual Fender stuff so it should be rock solid, so far so good. The strap buttons aren't presenting a problem but I don't expect to be jumping around or anything that might cause me to drop the guitar, I treat all my guitars like gold, even the cheap ones. Like I said earlier the finish on the neck continues to chip but you can barely tell w/out getting up close and really rubbing your hand over the area. The paint on the body looks wet and thick, very good for the price. It shines up real deep and glossy like an expensive metal flake car finish.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
I had prosound set it up for me, it took just a few minutes he gave the guitar to me and asked him for the phillips head to raise the brigde pu then it was tits! Everything was set up perfect, definetly one the nicest squiers I've ever played. I just love the 60's style headstock and thin neck, it fits me like a glove. The brigde is narrower than my other Strat which not only looks shnazzy but is quite simple to play and I find it easier to find notes in the 1st-5th fret range. Very comfortable feel for non american Fender products. I got the guitar virtualy brand new so there were no dings or dints no grime on the stings not even a slight showing of wear on the pickguard. Since I got it though the lamination started chipping off the back of the neck on the bottom by about the 3rd fret position on the lower side (high E). I'm still pissed about it. I almost thought I found the only perfect Squier. Expectedly like any guitar the cable nut came loose after a while.

Features — 8
2002 20th ann. Standard Strat, Indonesion made. 22frets rosewood. Laminated top I think, alder body maple neck, platnum gold metallic finish, 3 ply pickgaurd, Standard Strat floating trem. 3 knobs 1v2t 5way sw. Standard Strat s.c. immitation pickups (very good knock offs), immitation Standard Strat tuners non locking (also very fine immitations). It came with the trem bar atleast.

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