Strat Pack review by Squier

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 5.1 (57 votes)
Squier: Strat Pack

Price paid: $ 281.2

Purchased from: Anthonys Music

Sound — 6
I play mainly blues with this, the single couls suit it perfectly. The Marshall I used sounds great with the gain turned up, but humbuckers are way better for metal, so dont expect to play that stuff and sound good on this guitar. Some classical stuff sounds allright, still lacks the tone of an actual classic guitar, but it's playable and sounds decent, but this definitely suits blues.

Overall Impression — 7
As I said, it fits blues perfectly. The pickups buzz on extremely high volume levels, but again, this could be the amp, it's not that bad on the Marshall 50w. I've been playing about a year, but this is the first guitar I've bought, I just bludged around on my friends bfore, I had his backup guitar for awhile, its some random Ibanez. I wouldn't buy this again, id get one of them G series Ibanez I think its called? It's more expensive, but it sounds better. I really love the Strat bod style, it's probably the sxciest guitar style out, well thats my opinion. I hate the dodgy 'finishing touches' tho, like the lead in thing, it just looks bad, but yeah it's not that noticeable unless your actually looking for it up close. I had to get this one, my parents were being cheap and since it's my first guitar, it's probably a good idea getting a cheap one anyway. Overall, it's pretty sweet for its price, ditch the amp, just get the guitar tho. If you play live, get some strap loks, or use ducttape.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Ahh, I've never used this live, never played live. My friends been playing guitar for ten years, he can play little wing and he did it on this Squier on performing arts night and it played beautifully. He'd forgotten his Fender and I had left this at school so he had to use it, but no problems at all. The finish is extremely thick, I've scraped it a number of times on the sharp metal armrest edges of my chair and I cant see any scratches. The hardware? No it doesn't look like it'll last. After about 4 months, I noticed a slight buzzing whenever I moved the lead around. You can sorta get it to a position where theres no buzzing, but yeah, it wont last. The strap buttons are pretty dodgy as well, I've dropped it quite a few times.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
The place I brought it from tuned it before I bought it, but the action was pretty shoddy, way too low to play properly. the higher frets buzzed heaps, so I played around with them screws and it was ok after that. I like a lot of bass so I had to raise the nexk pickup, I almost never use the others so I've left them in their standard configuration. Everything was perfect except for the nut, it wasnt really rectanguler. like bits were hanging off it so I had to sand it off. And there was this blue smudge on the neck, prolly was just ink I didnt notice it at the store, I couldn't be stuffed getting another. Hmm, the lead thingy had a bit of a problem. I unscrewed it since one side of it seemed higher than the other, and the screw holes were misaligned, I've just left it like that, you cant really notice it.

Features — 7
This Squier was made probably around 05, or at least, thats what the salesman said. Its one of them cheap malaysian models, I dont think they make squiers in USA? It's a 21 fret rosewood board, I really like the long grainy finish on it. not sure if itll appeal to most people tho, my friends all go for the laminated fretboards. The bridge is a standard one, nothing special about it, you see it on most dodgy electrics. The tuner's are pretty sweet, they stay in tune for ages, I've tuned this guitar only twice in around 7 months. I may have gotten lucky tho, I know a few people with the same guitar, and they have horrible tuners, ie, theyre tuning them every few days. Oh, btw, ditch the amp. Its the worst sounding chunk of wood I've ever heard, even our school ones are better. Save it for the barbie, or just dont get a Strat Pack at all, the guitar itself is perfectly fine tho. I've tried it out on a Marshall 50w and it sounds excellent, but the amp you get with it just ruins the sound completely. The 'switchable distortion' thing is just that overdrive thing, sounds pretty bad. you're better off going for a Fender frontman, its around 150 bucks. you get a strap, two allen keys, a lead and a set of five picks. its not worth the pack, the amp just kills it.

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    hey b.b I started on a squier strat and no their not as good as a lot of other guitars but for a beginner they are perfect and they dont sound bad at all so if your looking for a great first guitar these are the best mine has made it threw 2 moves and a lot of abuse and still sounds new
    look if your a beginner than you shouldnt care what you get as your first guitar, i didnt, i have the strat pack or w/e its called, i still love it... the strings are a bit to close.
    This is one of the worst guitar's i've ever played. before i started playing guitar, my friend bought this. what a waste of money. i played it more than he did, then i went out and spent the little bit more to get an Ibanez GRX20 (which arent made anymore), which absolutely kicks the S*** out of the strat pack. The strat pack is only for absolute noobs who can't be taken seriously. i know a bunch of people who have gotten these, and half of them gave up guitar. these are nearly unplayable. theyre uncomfortable, they play terribly, sound like crap unplugged or through an amp.get this guitar if you're not serious about playing guitar. get it if youre gunna give up in a month. you can get something much better in the same price range.