Vintage Modified Telecaster Thinline Review

manufacturer: Squier date: 03/01/2013 category: Electric Guitars
Squier: Vintage Modified Telecaster Thinline
It sounds like... A Telecaster. It'll handle most stuff from country to blues to rock, bit of shoegaze/indie stuff, even metal with the right amp settings, although don't expect brutal riffage... It's a Tele with singlecoils afterall.
 Sound: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7.5
 Features: 8.5
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overall: 7.6
Vintage Modified Telecaster Thinline Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 06, 2012
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Price paid: £ 282

Purchased from: GAK Brighton

Features: Here's the basics: - 2011 model made in China. - 22 medium jumbo fret maple C shape neck with rosewood fretboard (24.75 radius) - Semi acoustic alder body with 'F' hole - Sexy Shoreline Gold polyurethane finish - Thinline Telecaster body (obviously) - Telecaster "ashtray" bridge with body through stringing - Passive Duncan designed singlecoil pickups TE-101N (Neck), TE-101B (Bridge) with 3 way blade switch, master volume & master tone knobs - Generic die-cast non locking tuners The guy @ GAK threw in a few plecs, a lead & fast fret (I tried to get a case but he wouldn't have it, but he did get me a box to take it home in, thumbs up!) // 8

Sound: It sounds like... A Telecaster, bridge is a little weak and brittle but it still has the distinct Tele twang, turning the tone knob down rounds it off a fair bit and reduces the brightness well. Neck is fairly standard, bit dull and muddy but does the job. The pickups are a down side to this guitar but I had this in mind when I bought it, they'll be replaced with some real Seymour Duncans in time. As for tones, it'll handle most stuff from country to blues to rock, bit of shoegaze/indie stuff, even metal with the right amp settings, although don't expect brutal riffage... It's a Tele with singlecoils afterall. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The fit & finish is what let this guitar down, originally it was set up with the action FAR too low and extremely buzzy & the intonation was out, after a bit of messing around I've fixed that (mostly) but this leads onto problem number two: The bridge saddle hex nuts (whatever they're called) are loose as hell and vibrate unless you set each saddle at an odd angle, while it's not the end of the world it's a pain to find an allen key to adjust them when they start buzzing again... I'm hoping with time some grime will build up and keep them still but for now, the allen key is coming out every 5 minutes. And problem number 3: The neck pickup's lower fixing screw had no thread on it, so when I went to adjust the height the pickup slipped down into the cavity below which was a mission and 3/4 to get back (My guess is they fix the pickguard onto the body before the neck in the factory as it's impossible to slide the pickguard into place with a pickup loaded at the neck). Other than these things (which TBH aren't killer, most of the items here are on my "to be replaced" list) the finish was pretty good, paint job is excellent (mmm Shoreline Gold!... Sexy!)the neck is extremely playable with no jagged frets and the electronics are noise free. For the price I'm not too fussed about these minor easily fixable things, I've paid more for worse in the past! // 6

Reliability & Durability: It'll probably stand up to live playing but I'd never go on stage without a backup, I'm not intending to gig it though as it's another studio guitar. Hardware probably won't last (Or at least I won't let it) as I'll be replacing the pickups, tuners, bridge saddles and electronics later. I'll probably never play it standing with a strap but they feel solid and I wouldn't use a strap without straplocks anyway. The finish should last (I hope so, that's what sold it to me) but being poly it'll chip if it gets dinged, but that adds character to a guitar so doesn't bother me. // 9

Overall Impression: I play varying styles of music, mostly home studio projects with the odd jam session, anything from rock and blues to industrial and death metal, I'll find a use for it somewhere I've been playing 11-12 years, own a fair few guitars (Couple of Fender Strats (MiM, MiA), Tele (MiM), a Squier Tele Standard, Jackson DK2, Fernandes Revolver Pro, Epiphone Dot, some ancient unbranded SG copy, and a few basses, quite a few amps (Orange Tiny Terror, Orange Dark Terror, Roland Cube, Fender Princeton Reverb) and a ton of pedals & effects. I wish I'd noticed the saddle buzz before buying but I can live with it. If someone stole any of my guitars I'd hunt them down and cut off their balls, but I probably wouldn't replace it as is, once I've upgraded it though I'm sure I'd try to replicate it. I LOVE the colour, Shoreline Gold is so sexy! Pictures online don't do it justice! (Go check it out in the flesh) Hates... Just that buzzing, but eventually it'll be tamed. I didn't compare it to any other guitars on the day but I didn't intend on buying anything when I turned up, but the colour made me impulse buy. (Tip:... Don't walk into a big guitar store with money in your pocket! YOU CANNOT RESIST!) As for wishes... For the price I didn't expect more, but eventually I'll swap out the pickups, electronics, tuners and bridge for better replacements, I viewed it as 282 for a sexy body and decent neck. Overall it's not a bad guitar, I think I just found a slightly dodgy model and bought it on impulse because of the colour, but it'll upgrade nicely and I can't stop looking at it! I think it would suit a beginner nicely as is (With a good setup first) and anyone else if they're willing to put some effort into upgrades. // 8

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overall: 9.2
Vintage Modified Telecaster Thinline Reviewed by: tele59, on march 01, 2013
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Price paid: € 200

Purchased from: ebay

Features: My black VM Thinline was made in 2008 in China. The specs are well known, Duncan Designed PUs, short scale, semi solid, just check the other review here for more details. I had been looking for a Thinline for almost two years on eBay here (Austria/Germany) but people seem to like them so they don't sell them. Got it for a good price, 200, - It hasn't been played a lot obviously but the fool who owned it before me must have had a capo clamped on fret 10 all the time as the fretwire there is severely scarred. Still playable though so it doesn't matter much. No name tuners, nameless ashtray bridge with six wobbly saddles. // 9

Sound: I mostly play at home, just sometimes guest with some friend's band. I use a Bugera V5 all tube amp, a Vox Pathfinder and a Fender G-DEC Junior. For recordings I use a Vox Tonelab or the COSM effects of my Boss 8-tracker. The VM Thinline hasn't been played a lot obviously but the fool who owned it before me must have had a capo clamped on fret 10 all the time as the fretwire there is severely scarred. Still playable though so it doesn't matter much. The strings were rusty so I put on #9 Ernie Ball Slinky. Tried it out on my little Tube Monster and was disappointed at first - it had a nice sparkling sound but pretty thin. I swapped the bridge with a Wilkinson compensated three saddle bridge, put on #10 Slinkies and look out, the tone is much stronger, fuller now (no idea yet which factor contributes more, bridge or strings or both). I had planned to swap the pu's too as I had read several reviews where people didn't like them but I am happy I waited with that - I really do like them now. They are best at clean and slightly crunched settings when the semi solid construction decently adds some nice color to the typical twang. It will also handle some classic rock with ease. You get a good variety of sounds out of this guitar, from jazzy/bluesy tones on the neck pu to biting twang on the bridge. As with my four other telecasters I don't fancy the middle position much. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: It was well set up when I got it and the way the former owner has treated it I doubt he had a hand in that. As I swapped the bridge and put on harder strings I had to do a set up myself. The tuners are good, the controls work well. That scarred 10th fret has some sharp edges (what did this guy do to this guitar?) but it's not that bad and doesn't cut into my fingers. The neck is great to play, the finish is flawless. Better don't look into that soundhole, they didn't bother much with the interior. The saddle is said to be some artificial bone material, I do not know. The pickguard isn't properly finished at the pickup selector switch. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I would not hesitate to gig with this guitar. It's very dependable and holds the tuning well. I especially like the tuners as I do have tuning problems on other cheap guitars but not with this one. The other hardware is good except for the bridge which I replaced with the Wilkinson bridge (which I highly recommend). The finish is good and solid, this guitar will last for some time. Only worry I have is the fretwire when I look at the state of the 10th fret. But then I don't plan to put high pressure on this neck. Some people shouldn't be allowed to won guitars. // 9

Overall Impression: I play mostly bluesy, rocking stuff and also a bit of punk rock, reggae and folky stuff. I do a lot of riffing but also some solo stuff although I'm far from being a shredder and I don't aspire to ever be one. I play for 30 years. If it was stolen I'd look out for one again - or probably for the Classic Vibe Thinline. I love that slight acoustic sparkle in the sound of this guitar. Compared to my Baja Tele it sounds brighter and more "wiry", (the Baja has overwound pu's). When I ordered it I was thinking of installing a humbucker in the neck position but as I like the pu's I am not certain I will try that out. // 9

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