L320 review by Stagg

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (59 votes)
Stagg: L320

Price paid: £ 99

Purchased from: JG Windows, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Sound — 10
I usually play a mixture of rock/metal. From AC/DC and Thin Lizzy to Judas Priest and Black Sabbath, this guitar can do it all. I run the guitar through a Marshall JCM2000 full stack, and I don't think I've ever had the range of this guitar. Gibson Les Pauls can be quite limited of the tones, but this can do most of what I ask it to. The bad problem in this guitar would be the cleaner tones - I wouldn't recommend it to play soft, clean stuff as the tone can't really handle it. As long as the volume is turned up half way on the guitar pickups, the tone begins to get dirty. If you keep it below half way, you'll need a hell of an amp to fill a gig, as it can be incredibly quiet. You get the bright tones of a Gibson, at simply a fraction of the price. Honestly, I don't think I'd purchase a Gibson again now I know the quality of these instruments and how similar the two are. I paid 99 for this, but the sounds are abselutely no different - if not better - than a 1000 Gibson Les Paul Standard.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, this guitar gives the quality of any Gibson at just a fraction of the price. If you can get this guitar, I'd recommend you do as it is far the best guitar I've owned in twenty years of playing and gigging :) Forget your Gibsons, Epiphones and Tokai's, this is definatelly the Les Paul to own!

Reliability & Durability — 8
I've already played a gig with this guitar (without a backup) and it performed magnificently. It was so solid I think it'll become my Standard gigging guitar (instead of my 1961 Gibson SG reissue!) as I was so pleased with the outcome. Everything is brilliant with it, and I couldn't have asked for anymore when playing live. The only fault with the finish is that it leaves a slightly visible mark after sweating on it, and you need to give it a gentle wipe with guitar polish to remove it. Other than that, the finish is solid!

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The sales assistant in the guitar shop was setting this guitar up on demo when it slipped from his grip and bounced onto the wood floor from a height of around 5-10ft. A chip around an inch long came from the binding, and I immediately made him an offer of 99. Obviously, they couldn't sell this guitar for full price and he accepted. Everything was fine when I got it, perhaps because the shop owners had set it up before. The only things I've done to it is restrung it to my own preference and changed the control knobs, as they looked a little flimsy. I bet they'd have done the job had I not changed them, though. Everything else is fine - easily up to the Standard of Gibson.

Features — 8
-Made in China -22 Frets, Pearloid Inlays -Great Les Paul style body -2 Stagg Humbucker Pickups -3 Way Pickup Selector Switch -4 Control Knobs; 2 Volume, 2 Tone -Tune-o-Matic Bridge with Stop Bar Tailpiece -Non Locking Tuners They threw in a free hardcase, strap and set of strings for me :)

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    I had the L320 too in gothic (matte) black finish for almost 3 years now and aside from the tuning problems it works like charm. It does need adjusting when bought but within this price range it's really a good guitar.
    Bought this guitar a couple of months back as an upgrade from my beginner guitar, and it sounds great, plays smooth, and it seems to be missing the tunning problems some people mentioned
    I have a Stagg L250 (72 Euro on ebay) and a L320(80 Euro on ebay). The L250 is not bad, a good copy, but the L320 is really great. If this is really firewood, its damned good firewood! Perfect tuned by the dealer who sold it cheap on ebay because of a little scratch on the backside. I have played a Gibson Les Paul Studio P90 and a Les Paul Custom. The L320 is between them!! I love this guitar Only little critic point and where rv-phoenix is right: minimal fret-buzzes. But when I bought it I knew that I will have to do some, the more I was surprised how expesive and original the L320 feels to me.
    I really really doubt that a guitar made in maple can sound "between" two guitars made in mahogany. And I fairly don't understand how can we compare a guitar with P 90s to a guitar with PAFs. They might have the same output (although I very much doubt this, and I also doubt the Staggs will preserve their output in time, connoisseurs know why), but their sound - tone, depth etc. - is light-years away.
    hi rv-phoenix, yes, Im sure from the logical way you are absolute right. I compared the studio P90 not from the output sound with the stagg. This was only the feeling when I played the guitars, the tuning, the neck, ect. Sorry for my enlish, Im from germany and try my best. I play guitar for around 20 years now and in my last band the lead guitarrist has a gibson les paul standard and I had many hours to play it. So to be objective about the output soud I must play both with the same amp setup, I dont have the possibility in the moment for this, so I cannot give an objective opinion for an direct compare, but I hope there will come a chance to do, so I am sure the stagg can not have the same sound like the original! BUT this sound surprised me and the feeling when I play it, the sustain pulls me the shoes out!!! This guitar for about 70.- is unbelievable(?!?) and I played many copies of whatever and every copy felt like a copy except this one is perhaps a lucky one, I dont know how the bleep they made it. The optic we dont have to discuss, because of the copyrights they have changed the body in a unlucky way, this has nothing to do with the original and is really lightyears away. So my opinion is subjective and I love this guitar.
    You're right to love this guitar, at least as long as you don't fall in love with another. I apologize for my harsh tone (I'm a professor, it's quite a habit, you know...), I didn't mean it. As for the English language... happily, we both live on a planet called The European Union, where 23 languages are equal. Don't worry, your English isn't worse than mine. I just wanted to point the fact that you don't actually need to pay 2000 euros to get a good LP-type guitar. Some Epiphones are surprisingly good (you need to test them before buying, though). Some Tanglewoods too. But my choice was a Vintage V-100 and I'm extremely happy about it. It really is a true Les Paul, in terms of sound, finish, pups, hardware etc. And it cost only 300 euros! Probably in Germany it would be slightly more, but, if you come across this guitar, give it a try. You'll be surprised to discover it stands against any original Les Paul. The craftmanship, the finish, the character of this guitar are simply amazing. You'll love it!
    I bought this as my first guitar about three years ago, its a nice solid guitar and like other people have been saying its got a nice warm tone, but when i first got it the intonation was way off and it didn't like to stay in tune too long, im in the process of fitting new pickups in it and a new paint job, should be nice.
    It has a set neck. Here is a copy of the full specifications from the official website of Stagg. L320-CS - Translucent Rock "L" electric guitar - Pickups: 2 x Humbucker with nickel cover - Controls: 2 x Volume + 2 x Tone - Pickup Selector Switch: 3-way - Veined Arch Top with binding - Body: Solid Alder - Neck: Hard Maple set neck, 628 mm, (24.75 in.) - Fingerboard: Rosewood, 22 frets with pearloid inlays - Bridge: Fixed Tune-O-Matic-style - Machine heads: Kluson-style - Colour: Cherryburst My father has this guitar, his first. It was already tuned by the dealer when he bought it. And I have to say that tough, in all honesty, I initially thought "bleggh" mostly just because of the brand, I do appreciate it more and more over the years.
    Guys, don't you think it would be nice if someone said whether this guitar is a bolton or a setneck?
    ... Or you're using a tuner much worse than them! It sounds great? How great? Like Robert Fripp's Crimson Custom Guitar? Or like Steve Howe's Les Paul? C'mon, guys, a guitar made in firewood cannot sound properly. The first review pretends this Stagg crap isn't so "limited" as a Gibson Les Paul. Really? When was the last time you've played on a Gibson Les Paul? Or... should I say the first time? Have you ever touched an original Les Paul? Do you think a Gibson is so expensive only because it's a famous make? Do you know that Gibson invested tens of millions into a unique laser machine that levels the frets, so THERE ARE NO FRET-BUZZES ON A GIBSON (when properly set, of course)? I have NEVER encountered a Stagg without a consistent fret-buzz, in random places, no matter how reffined is the setup. You need to polish time and time again Stagg's frets only to get rid of the buzz. Not to mention how week is the truss rod, how bad is the bridge, or what a piece of junk are the pickups.