L350 review by Stagg

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.4 (108 votes)
Stagg: L350

Purchased from: Billy Hyde Music

Sound — 10
Well when I bought this guitar instore I plugged it into a Marshall Valvestate amp, and it played like a gem. At home, however, I only have a small practice 10 watt amplifier and still, it plays extremely well. The great thing compared to other guitars which I have tried is how there is no fret buzz or fuzzing sounds while its plugged into the amp. On the Treble setting, the sound is very sharp, and edgy- good for the solos. On the rhythm setting, the tone is very warm, yet clear, and unlike most dual humbucker guitars, it isn't muddy in sound. When put in the intermediate setting (both), the sound is clean, crisp and clear. I am very pleased with the sounds which the Stagg Les Paul produces.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, the Stagg Les Paul 350 is an awesome guitar. I bought it as my second guitar, and it is one helluva guitar. It's got the looks, the sounds, and the low price, that's all you could ask for in a guitar. In comparison to the Epiphones (I hate Epiphones), the Stagg kicks ass, you are paying 3 times less the price for the same, if not better quality. Stagg on the whole is an excellent guitar company, and I don't know why people overlook it when they go to buy a guitar. One thing which I would wish the Stagg Les Paul had was the "single cutaway" being more "curved" and longer, so it'd look closer to a Gibson Les Paul. In conclusion, the Stagg Les Paul 350 is a top notch guitar, I recommend for either the beginner or intermediate guitarist, or somebody who is looking for the Vintage look and sound, or an "old schooler," a great guitar at a rock solid price, a guitar which is quality without selling your car to buy it. It can easily match with Gibson Les Paul Standards and the Tokais.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Well I'm not really ready for the live playing, but I'd imagine that the Stagg Les Paul would be exceptionally fine. The scratch plate is a bit sketchy but it can be replaced. The strap buttons are fine, but I'd prefer it if they were placed in better positions so that the strap doesn't look like its always about to fall off.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The action is probably the one "downside" to the guitar. For me, personally, I think it is a little bit too high, but that was easily fixed by the adjusting of the string tension. So not a huge problem there. The finish is absolutely stunning, the L350 comes in two colours either Blue Burst, or Cherry Sunburst (I bought this one). It is a beautifully finished guitar, the "Tiger Stripes" (flamed top) looks stunning, and like all cherrysunburst guitars, it looks awesome. The pickups are in good positions. THe inlays are quirky and different to the trapezoids on Gibsons, it is more of a slanty parallelogram. But on the whole, spectacular finish.

Features — 10
The Stagg L350 was made in China. It is a Les Paul style guitar, and unlike the Gibson Les Pauls, it has a slight less "sharpness" to the single cutaway. Tiger stripe rock "L" electric guitar. - 2 humbucker w/cover pickups - 2 volume, 2 tone controls - 3-way toggle Switch - Tiger stripe arch top w/ binding - Solid alder wood body - Hard maple/628 mm/24" 3/4 neck, glued - Rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets and pearloid inlays - Tune-O-Matic bridge - Cluson-style machine heads.

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    spanish is a human lenguage too stupid maybe if you studied a little bit more you knew something about other countries, america is not the universe fool.
    ^ Fulcanelli said (google translater) Greetings to all. Feeling it much, my English is the quite good thing to understand it and the quite bad thing to write it so for that they understand to me He meant that I am in agreement with the commentary of this user on this Stagg guitar type Them Paul. I have bought recently, and after the adjustments necessary (I take measures) and put the cords to the height standard and fit the curvature of the mast, this guitar responds very well and it does not sound anything for this price badly. I also have a Fender to telecaster Mexico to standar and can be called on with this equal guitar of good as far as the action and thus to have a different, but dense and but smooth sound the only one beats that I aadiria is that, having either even lubricated cejuela, the bridge, and mechanical kluson, this guitar does not maintain or the refining very, perhaps so that cejuela very good although this or is not outlined. In general, this guitar I see it very well within this range, and but of that they find thus bought strato Squier and things, are arrepentirian if they prove this thing just thought i'd fill you in ...
    Some things, remember that this is a review of a guitar, we're not here to argue about spanish-english. Thanks for the info about the guitar, it helped me since I want a Les Paul but dont know which one to buy (I dont have enough money for a Gibson or Epiphone). Also, please dont use translators, they make the guy look like he doesnt know how to type in spanish (I'm from Uruguay, a country that speaks spanish so I know what the guy said and the one that translated it said) Anyways thanks for the info
    A 10 for a Stagg? How much would you rate a real guitar, then, let's say a PRS singlecut or a Benedetto Benny? A 274? You don't seem to realize that the LP design works good only if made in mahogany. Alder is much lighter and it adds too much brightness to a guitar whose shape and humbuckers are prone to beefing anyway. The result is a tonal mess. Btw, Stagg's humbuckers are crap: cheap Chinese mass-production. Either you don't have a good amp, either there is something wrong with your ears. Set-in neck doesn't help much to the sustain, because of the woods used in neck & body. Alder doesn't have the same level of resonance and vibration as mahogany: it's wonderful in Strat- or Tele-style guitars, it's just awful in LP- pr SG-style replicas. A 10 for the features, too? For those Chinese tuning keys, God knows if lubricated or not? How much should we rate the original Grovers, if we give 10 to these? Should we mark them with a 327? All in all, such reviews make a lot of damage to guitar learning and practising, because they drive innocent youngsters toward lousy instruments, thus making them abandon or, even worse, adjust to bad instruments (hence getting bad habits). A 2, my fellows.
    Mr Oh Lord, the only thing I want to say is that I do not want to spoil that language ingles.Y forgive me if I could not study it adecuadamente.No I have nothing against either of americas or anyone, as some think is just that I do not want to spoil that is a idioma.Ya Fulcanelli said (google translator): The English language is the first in the world and Spanish the second, but here, unfortunately we have deficiency in this matter and I regret that. The Spaniards are generally clumsy to study any foreign language well and I almost could not estudiar.Saludos
    (for the guy above) well, dont forget that we're also rating instruments to their price, and for its price it deserves a 10
    Saludos a todos. Sintiendolo mucho,mi ingles es lo bastante bueno para entenderlo y lo bastante malo para escribirlo asi que para aquellos que me entiendan... Quisiera decir que estoy de acuerdo con el comentario de este usuario sobre esta guitarra Stagg tipo Les Paul. he comprado una recientemente,y despues de los ajustes necesarios(yo tomo medidas) y puestas las cuerdas a la altura standard y ajustada la curvatura del mastil,esta guitarra responde muy bien y no suena nada mal para este precio. poseo tambien una Fender telecaster mexico standar y puedo tocar con esta guitarra igual de bien en cuanto a la accion y asi disponer de un sonido distinto,mas denso y mas suave... la unica pega que yo aadiria es que,aun teniendo bien lubricada la cejuela,el puente,y las mecanicas kluson,esta guitarra no mantiene muy bien la afinacion,tal vez por que la cejuela no es muy buena aunque este bien perfilada. En general,esta guitarra la veo muy bien dentro de esta gama,y mas de uno que hallan comprado Squier strato y cosas asi,se arrepentirian si prueban esta cosa...
    mrRICHARD911 wrote: (for the guy above) well, dont forget that we're also rating instruments to their price, and for its price it deserves a 10
    No, you're completely wrong: we rate the instruments to their overall quality. Otherwise, people who don't know what a crap is a Stagg would believe it is much better than a Gibson Les Paul Custom, who only got an 8,6. And Gibson is a million times better than this piece of firewood, in all respects. Besides that, this particular guitar doesn't deserve a 10 even compared to its price. For this price, you can actually buy an Encore E 99 or an Aria PE: much better instruments, in terms of wood, woodcraft, finish and sound. Last but not least, we are trying to review guitars here. Staggs are objects who produce strange sounds, not guitars.
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    I have the tiger striped model. I have had it for 6 months. For the money it was a good deal. I liked it when I saw it, I liked it more when I played it.
    I have this guitar and it's great really good sound and it's also resistent, hambuckers are also great
    As plastik doesnt interfere with elctromagnetic fields, you did hear 100% of the pickups, Children Of War!
    I agree with him because this is like my second guitar and it looks good but im going to believe what the guy said.
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    dont buy this thing it sucks.the pickups are just crap i mean...not even up to squire let alone ephone. u want a good guitar get a samick, has the same LP style but is WAY nicer and costs about the same if not a little less
    Children Of War
    Im getting this guitar, the tone is smooth,clean,sharp, and it was still covered with plastic wrapping, so the pickups output werent even on 100%! I could only imagine what it would sound like with the plastic wrapping off...Its sound could compare to many highly popular branded guitars ( This guitar beat the Ibanez Gio RG and Squier Strat Hands Down! So its a good guitar already )