S300 review by Stagg

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  • Sound: 1
  • Overall Impression: 2
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 3.8 Poor
  • Users' score: 7.2 (370 votes)
Stagg: S300

Price paid: $ 189

Purchased from: Drums & co

Sound — 1
This is a good guitar for real beginners. I mostly play metal like Metallica, Hatesphere, but for that genre the guitar isn't suited then you can better buy an Ibanez Starter Kit. The guitar is best suited I think for like blues or jazz (the genres were you don't really need a super sound). For metal this guitar sucks, it has no full or rich sound only a high tone, wich is verry anoying after a while.

Overall Impression — 2
I would say it's a pretty good guitar for a beginner for about a year but then you start to notice the major flaws in this guitar. You can also never get good sound out of this guitar. The best thing about this guitar is the neck and the finish. If it were stolen it would be sad for one minute and want a litle bit of my money back but I wouldn't buy it again. Don't get me wrong, to begin and to play blues/jazzy this is a good guitar but if you wan't to play metallica, dream theater, hatesphere, this guitar sucks.

Reliability & Durability — 5
If you play with this guitar at first everybody will laugh cause even if you play correct it doesn't sound that good. After a while people will start to get crazy cause the guitar produces these verry sharp high tones. The hardware will last it think it's all pretty good. The strap buttons really suck when I play with it the guitar constanly falls so I just removed the strap and I play when I sit down. The finish is really cool the color like depends on the way you look at it so thats really cool.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
The set-up was great for the price of the guitar, afterwards I also could always return to the shop for probs. You have, and that is verry usefull cause after 3 months this guitar starts to have one problem after the other. Tunners get stuck, or stop worcking, and again the sound produced of this guitar is really awfull. The neck is pretty good it's good to like play solo's, but thats the only good thing probally about this guitar. The guitar looks pretty good there were no flaws in the begining except the sound again. There were no loose controls, etc.

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    Yes yes yes!!! i myself have been playing a stagg strat for four years and i am also really inpressed with it, i originally bought it just to say i have a strat but i think it sounds really good, definatly a playable gig guitar. Cool Paul samways
    ALEX V)
    this guitar really sucks how can any one say its good for any thing if ppl who say its good play a better guitar youll no how muc it sUCKS
    This is my first and only guitar too. But no, its not cool to play with. It's really bad. The guy that rated this a 9.6 is a complete fool. There are much better guitars out there. Much better. These things are a mediocre stepping stone for beginner guitarists. But even so, it doesn't, or shouldn't, take them long to discover that it was a waste of money, and that it could have been spent elsewhere, like on a Yamaha Pacifica. No beginner should have to learn to play on one of these things. I wish I didn't have to. But sadly, I'm poor, and cannot afford another guitar to compensate for my excessive lack of judgement when purchasing my first.
    i had one with a humbucker at bridge. first guitar i owned. its the worst guitar i ever played but then most starter guitars are really bad
    I purchased mine ONLY because I got an extremely good deal. The guitar shop I was going to buy an Austin starter package for 150.00 was sold out of that package. They were beyond nice because they let me "make" my own package. I chose this Stagg and other items for $120, and for that price This was VERY nice.
    Robin P
    it was my first guitar and is my only electric its good for a starter and the sounds decent however i have had to raise the pickups and tighten some bolts but for only 120 with amp its not bad and it does what it says its a starter guitar replica of a strat the sounds good i've found my old amp was shit but i'm now playing through a second hand marshall i got fairly cheap and have come along way in my 2 years of playing perhaps the sounds not bad but its , some people expect the guitar to sound good when they themselves are not so good? Stagg make decent replicas not the highest standard but my stagg electro acoustic is also fine , i will buy something like a les puals or fender strat oneday but this a fine guitar for most purposes and i think its great however im a sucker for the fender label and have already put a fender strap on it i might even change the pickups to see if it really does improve the sound to me it sounds fine? , i can get a decent sound email me to here my back in black cover i've found soloing fine on it , it's me playing along to a backing track and i have the full song in tab form in my guitar techniques magazine.
    Bottom Dweller
    As a bass player I wanted a cheap guitar to beat around on. I paid $85 for mine at a store that was dropping the line. It sounds pretty good but if you ever touch the bar, you gotta re-tune. No big deal to me, I mean I did not expect $2500 sound and quality for $85. I don't see a need to spew profanities and talk about what a piece of crap it is...anyone who has played for a while knows you get what you pay for.
    ive owned this for a little bit over a year. when i first got it i had only been playing acoustic for 6 months so i really knew nothing about electrics, or guitars for that matter. so bought it without researching and mostly because of its looks. now a year later i regret my descision. the tone is way to high and i can barely hear any different in sound in any of the pickups. im selling for for hopefully atleast 3/4's of the price i bought it for to get a Hagstrom F-20. its a good beginner guitar, but i dont recommend it if you play more than a year
    This was my first guitar. It really isn't that bad for a beginner. It's pointless to go out and by a $500 guitar, and a $250 amp only to find out that you really don't enjoy playing. Overall it's a nice beginner guitar. I learned the basics on this, and then passed it on to two of my friends. I just got it back yesterday, it's a little dirty, but it still looks good. It sounds alright, but don't expect to get any amazing tone out of it.