X300 review by Stagg

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reliability & Durability: 4
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 3
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 5.2 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.2 (45 votes)
Stagg: X300

Price paid: $ 162.87

Purchased from: Guitar Amp Keyboard

Sound — 8
I play everything from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Metallica to Offspring to System Of A Down. Chord's aren't particularly clear through the humbuckers at all but it plays single notes quite well. The humbuckers are loud, and you need an amp with a real noise gate to shut it down (I play with a Roland Cube so the noise isn't too bad).

Overall Impression — 3
I've been playing for a year and this was my second budget guitar. Obviously you shouldn't go comparing this guitar to a 2000 dollar guitar, however if you compare this guitar to a Yamaha Pacifica or a Epiphone it massively falls short of quality. It's more of eye candy then anything and this is the main reason it sells, because after all the Strat style shape of the Pacifica (which is a fantastic budget guitar) and the quite ordinary shapes of the budget Epiphones aren't exactly the most popular for those who want to show off. But rest of sured if you're interested in playing rather then just looking cool, don't buy this guitar. You probably think I just whinge a lot or am comparing this guitar to a high range guitar due to the bad review I gave it compared to the other guitar reviews, but trust me, I'm just being honest, I did have a love affair with this guitar for about a week where I would have given it a 10 star rating, however now that I've woken from that and actually objectively compared it, I can confidently say that this guitar fails the "good quality" test. It's eye candy, but it doesn't look anywhere as good as an ESP AX series anyway.

Reliability & Durability — 4
I've had this guitar for 6 months and it's started falling apart big time now. When you first get the guitar it seems sturdy and strong but rest assured once you've had it for a while and actually play it 2 hours a day, it begins to die quite quickly. It's shape isn't that interesting and just to prove how clueless the previous reviewers were the shape is actually modelled after an ESP AX series guitar and not a BC Rich guitar! It's good for a newbie who wants to look at their guitar, but if you want something to learn or play on for an affordable price, this guitar falls short in many ways.

Action, Fit & Finish — 3
The factory set-up is absolutely crap. Fret buz on the first few frets and the humbuckers were misaligned. The pickups were set up ok but changing them to suit my playing wasn't difficult as with most humbuckers. The neck is quite unpleasant to play on compared to higher price range guitars, however for this price range it is quite good. The shape of the guitar is something I quickly got over and it has posed akward whilst using guitar stands and transporting the guitar in gigbags. I have managed to dent the guitar already and chipped off some finish due to its edges being so prominent. The strap buttons also started to fall off recently (the screws are just coming out) however they weren't very sturdy to begin with. The nobs have been poorly glued on and often fall out, as long as the cable jack. It's a novelty guitar for those who are starting out guitar, and is quite good for this purpose, however perhaps those who are learning guitar would be better served my an Epiphone or ESP LTD guitar. Also the tuning peg for the E string is quite loose.

Features — 8
It's a 2005 Guitar manufactured in Asia. Same specifications as all the other reviews. Quite good for a guitar in it's price range.

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    hello all, its almost my birthday and i'm not sure of the stagg is a good buy for a beginner, but also a good buy for somebody who played longer. So i want to ask you guys for some reactions. Because this is my first guitar i gonna buy. Thanks
    i think you get pretty much for your money when you buy this guitar, i you do not have very much money to spend, i think this is a pretty good buy...
    gary666, if u give it an 8 for the sound, while u use a Fender for distortion (suckage) i don't know wether to trust or not, lol
    i played a x400 yesterday with a hughes & kettner amp (a big one don't know which one) and it playes really fine and sounds goood :O didn't expect the sound soo good! IF YOU SEE IT ROCK IT !!!
    I bought this guitar a couple of years ago. Its not bad, but the setup was terrible. The machine heads were already shot out when i got it, and it frequently went out of tune since the get go. It still does, only more frequently. Like, every fifteen minuites! The action on it isnt great. On the plus side though, its weighted pretty nicely.
    Bought my x300 about a year ago, my first electric guitar ever, and it's actually pretty good, only my amp (also stagg) sucks.. I don't know of which scrap heap you got yours from will1471 but mine never gets out of tune (except the g-string) I mostly sit down when practising and at this point it fails a little, if you practise like 2 hours the pointy edges start to hurt which is probably no problem when your fat though
    i have it for year and a half and its in perfect conditon, nothing is falling off, like in some reviews, and it is an ok guitar for this money
    ive got this guitar, and will has it all wrong. no buttons are falling off, the action is great, the body is scratch proof and it has a great sound.
    Staggs are pieces of shit, they sell them on supermarkets next to household TV's and cell-phones, you'd be better off spending your money on a Ibanez Gio
    And from the photos I've seen on Google, it has a non-locking tremmolo, great for going out of tune
    i feel like all your doing is bashing this guitar..i bought this guitar used from a pawn shop around 2 years ago and play it everyday..i have played 5 live shows with it..its the best guitar i own except i dont like the way the neck is on mine. i have loved how it plays and this guitar has been through hell and back as far as being beat up. its been dropped plenty of times.