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manufacturer: Stellar date: 05/11/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Stellar: Mercury 002
The guitar is so easily compared to a Gibson Les Paul. The guitar is extra quiet, no hum at all. I play whatever I like and this guitar is a pleasure to play.
 Sound: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9
 Features: 9
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overall: 8.8
Mercury 002 Reviewed by: Vette3, on may 11, 2012
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Price paid: $ 270

Purchased from: Factory Direst (on E-bay)

Features: Not sure what country this guitar was made in. I'm thinking its either Korean or Chinese. The guitar has a "set" neck with 22 frets and rosewood fretboard. Both body and neck are solid mahogany. Mine is "jet black" and appears to have a "poly" finish. Body style is "Les Paul". It has a tun-o-matic type bridge and saddle. Two tone and two volume controls and 3 way toggle switch. Tuners are non-locking and advertised as "Perfectune". Guitar came with a fitted hardshell (ABS) case, strap, cord and truss rod wrench. // 9

Sound: The guitar is so easily compared to a Gibson Les Paul. I don't have a particular style of playing but I find that I can usually get the guitar to sound right for whatever I'm playing. The pick ups are surprisingly HOT for an in-expensive guitar and definitely have that Les Paul "growl" when using overdrive. It can be equally "mellow" using the neck pup. I generally play thru a Line 6 Spider Jam 75 watt amp. The guitar is extra quiet, no hum at all. I'm rating this an 8 only because the volume and tone control pots could be better. They haven't malfunctioned but I notice that they don't respond until I've turned them quite a bit and this is only true at the bottom end. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar required a good set up when I received it. The good part is that it responded just like it should have to the adjustments. The action was way high when I first got it. I was amazed at how low I could set it without it buzzing. The pick ups needed to be moved closer to the strings also. It required only minor intonation adjustments. Very straight neck. The guitar is every bit as heavy as a Les Paul. Its a great lap guitar and nice to sit around on the couch and play while I watch the tube. The finish on this guitar is absolutely impeccable. I cannot find one single flaw in the wood or finish. The guitar is "jet black" with "gold" hardware. The body is "bound" front and back with a very fancy looking (white-black-white-black-white) binding. The neck and headstock are bound as well. Feeling around this guitar you cannot detect any ridge what so ever in the binding fit. As for the finish, I would put this guitar up against a Gibson any day of the week! The neck is thin and narrow which suits my small hands. The only real problem I have is that both "E" strings have a tendency to roll off the fretboard. Its not a major problem but you have to be a little more careful with this guitar than others that I own. The gold is rubbing off of the tail-piece where I lay my hand. Others people have told me that all gold hardware will do that eventually regardless of the brand. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I really can't answer this because I don't play professionally. I do play very often at home however and after owning this guitar for about 5 years I've had no breakdowns. I think it would do well live playing. The hardware is solid and it stays in tune. Strap button are solid as well but I would for sure put locking strap buttons on it if I gigged. In my opinion any set neck guitar needs locking strap buttons. // 9

Overall Impression: Like I said, I don't have a particular style. I play whatever I like and this guitar is a pleasure to play. I've been playing guitars over 40 years. If somebody stole this guitar I would definitely get another one. As for what I love about it I would have to say that I love the way it plays. Easy low action, nice thin neck. The finish is amazing and I would prop it up beside any other brand! I looked at hundreds of guitar before I bought this. I wanted a Les Paul but I could not afford a Gibson and was looking to find a decent copy. I found this on eBay and read alot of reviews before I decided to go for it. I couldn't be happier. I really don't think a 2 grand Gibson would have played any nicer! Check this guitar out! $275.00 for guitar, case, strap, cord. // 9

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