Furrian Telecaster Clone review by SX

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  • Features: 9
  • Sound: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (3 votes)
SX: Furrian Telecaster Clone

Price paid: $ 129

Purchased from: Rondo Music

Features — 9
MFG 2014 Made in China 24 fret Jumbo Frets, Bolt on Maple neck with clear high gloss finish and skunk stripe, 3 piece alder body, gorgeous Candy Apple Red metallic flake, plastic nut, chrome hardware, 3ply (blk/wht/blk) pick guard, SX brand tuners (very similar to Grover Mini Rotomatics) Tele style bridge 2 Single coil pickups, 3 way switch 1 tone/1 volume knob. Gig bag and beginner CD. Hex wrenches for bridge and truss rod. 9/10 simply because nothing is ever perfect but this come mighty close.

Sound — 9
This has the traditional Telecaster sound. I really like the single coil sound. This is a simple single coil rig with jumbo frets. The sound is exactly what I wanted for that "Bakersfield" twang. I have been told that the bright twang of Yoakam, Owens and Haggard are cause they turn up tone on the tele's, this rig lets you do just that with ease and good quality sound. Since I seem to play mostly country it will be interesting when I attempt a Zappa tune or a try at SRV, but I think this guitar will be up for the task. If I like this I will order one with a trem. I play thru a Vox Mini 3 modeling amp.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
Finish is spectacular. Deep rich candy apple red with metal flake. No issues whatsoever with fit or finish. Fat neck profile is easy to play and fits my large hands well. All hardware seems to be well made and appears to be durable. I have only just unboxed this rig so time will tell. I live in the high desert so it is unlikely to rust or spall. Action is just right with playability at the first three frets being a non-issue as some reviews have mentioned. I may change out string guides for roller style but not at first. Electrics are quiet and seem solid. Fret ends are smooth as a baby's butt! The gloss finish on the neck needs to be lightly sanded or scotch brighted for improved playability. Website pictures do not adequately show true finish.

Reliability & Durability — 9
It appears to be a well built instrument but time will tell. This is an initial unboxing review with only a couple actual hours of play time. Since I have to fill in space to submit... strap buttons are good, hardware appears well plated and made, assembly is good with attention to details such as screws all set level and flush etc. The strings appear to be made by D'Addario (SP) but not certain. I usually change strings right off with a new axe but I'm leaving these on for a little while to see if I can hear a difference when I switch to Ernie Ball Slinkies.

Overall Impression — 10
For the price paid I have to give this guitar a high recommendation. Five stars. I have a $400 Squire Vintage Modified Reissue that does not come close to the build quality of this SX Furrian. My Gibby 2013 SG needs schoolin' about finish if this is a "cheapo" finish. 

This guitar may become my go-to axe. I read many reviews on Rondo Music and this tele clone before buying. I rarely read a bad review. I was very skeptical of the "$100" guitar but now I understand why people like these guitars. Initially I can't say enough about how happy I am with this telecaster clone. Spectacular!

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    I can add this about 2 of this model with different pickups: One has Wilkinson vintage Tele set and one has CaliG T21 and T22 set. The sets are close, but there is more complexity in the Wilkinsons. A player who wants to overdrive the sound might like the CaliG better as it has more 'bite'. But for clean play, the Wilkinsons are quite good and both sets are very cheap to buy. Both guitars have nice necks and a rewell fit and finished. Tuners are mediocre, but GFS has a Grover type set for $25 that is plenty good and an exact 10mm replacement.
    I bought a flawless used one with bone nut, Wilkinson hot Tele pickups, CTS pots and Orange Drop capacitor and white peraloid pickguard. $100 ...and although it needs a basic setup tweak (trussrod is double action!), it's clear that it is not a shabby guitar. the neck pocket is whistle clean and the neck is a perfect factory-type fit. Finish is well done and the neck is in a dark amber with big frets well dressed. The headstock is not rounded like a Fender... but it gives a bit more room to attach a clip-on tuner. For $100 in perfect condition with upgrades, it's probably the best cheap guitar I have ever had ($100 for a new electric is cheap by any measure).
    I don't see 24 frets? I have an old SX Tele and except for the skinny nut width it plays and sounds ok, much better than the SX Strats in my opinion as for sound (I also have one of those) the pickups and electronics on the Strat are horrible! The Tele is much better.