Hawk RN QMD RDS Review

manufacturer: SX date: 02/04/2010 category: Electric Guitars
Hands down, this is a beautiful guitar for the price of it. It has 21 frets and the maple neck is just like a Fender to me.
 Sound: 7
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 8
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7
 Features: 9
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overall: 8
Hawk RN QMD RDS Reviewed by: S.F.C, on february 04, 2010
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Price paid: $ 120

Purchased from: rondomusic.com

Features: Hands down, this is a beautiful guitar for the price of it. It has 21 frets and the maple neck is just like a Fender to me. It has a Laminated red quilted top. The body is made from alder and you can tell it by how it sounds. The body style is very much so of a Strat. Has a Fender style tremolo. I've adjusted a lot with this guitar so far. I've raised the pick-ups closer to the strings, just to get more of a response from them. From the factory, it comes with D'addarios .009 on it and I slapped on some .010s on it, adjusted the intonation and the action on it. I've blocked the bridge, not that I had a problem with it, but when I did use it, I had to loosen up the screws so it was easier to move the tremolo. I wanted a guitar that I could drop tune easily, so I just ultimately blocked the bridge. You get a volume knob, 2 tone knobs, 5-way selector switch; Standard Strat stuff. The tuners are kind of junky, but they're okay for the price. It does like to go out of tune now and then, that's what to expect from cheap tuners. Good guitar for the price! It also comes with Allen wrench tools, so that's helpful. // 9

Sound: For the pick-ups, for what I play, the bridge pick-up is kind of weak. The middle pick-up is level with the pick-guard because it got in my way when I pick the strings, but it definitely sounds good. The neck pick-up is raised to the height of the neck and put on a clean channel, it sounds amazing. I have only plans to change the bridge pick-up so it suits my style a little more. With what I play it through is a Behringer v-amp floor pedal into a small practice amp and it does sound good! Even with through my Dad's Marshall JCM2000 it sounds good as long as it's not overly distorted. I enjoy playing a lot of Pink Floyd songs through this. It's a little bit of a noisy guitar and at high gains it feedbacks horribly. So it had the quality of being a way better sounding guitar, it's just that I'd suggest getting a new bridge pick-up for it. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was slightly high for me, so I had to lower it when I put on some .010s on it. I had to adjust the intonation like I said, adjusted the pick-ups to get some more responce from them. When I got the guitar, one of the tuners we're a little varnished at the top of it, but it doesn't bother me to much, because I plan to slap some grover tuners on them. I also plan to get a new nut for the guitar, mostly because when I put .010s on it, I saw how easily it started to wear down. Other than that, this guitar is pretty good for the price. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I've had this guitar for about a month now and I play/ practice quiet ofter and I haven't got a chance to really play out with it, but I think it could survive a night no problem. The Hardware, even though it's cheap, I could last. I'm not a very violent player (Jumping around and what not) and I've never had a problem with it ever since I adjusted some things on it and put new strings on the guitar. That really seemed to do some justice. It could depend on this guitar without a back-up for a gig, but I would choose not to, because I don't know what to fully expect of this guitar. It's better than any Squire Strat i've ever played at this price range. The finish seems like it would last. It has a pretty good finish but scratchs will definately appear from strumming. I give it an 8 mostly because I don't think I could really use this guitar without a back up. It's a good guitar, but I don't get that 'solid' feeling I get with my Old Ibanez RG550. // 8

Overall Impression: For what I play, (Generally classic rock, hard rock, grudge, alternative and metal) this guitar would do a lot better with a new bridge pick-up. Even though I still have the factory pick-up still in it, it does work for the mean time. I've been playing for about 4 and a half years and this guitar is definately the best, cheapest guitar I've played. I kinda knew what to expect of it, because I did some extensive research on SX guitars. So when I got this guitar, I wasn't surprised by it very much, but the neck was an exception. If this guitar was stolen, I'd definately replace it for sure. The one thing I love about it, is how it plays. For $120 US dollars, this guitar plays better than some $200 dollar guitars I've played. The only thing I would do for this guitar is new tuners and a new pick-up. It was a shot in the dark for me to buy this guitar, because I didn't get to personally play it, or any other guitars from SX. That's what happens sometimes when you buy from the internet. I give it a 9 because you just can't find a better guitar for the price. Hope the review helped and I would suggest this guitar to anybody who is looking for a new guitar with a really tight budget. // 9

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