Double Wing Custom review by Trayser Guitars

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (21 votes)
Trayser Guitars: Double Wing Custom

Price paid: € 2300

Purchased from: Trayser Exhibition - Frankfurt Germany

Sound — 10
I play everything style wise. My amp of choice is a Peavey Stereo Chorus 212. I am a tone guy first and last. This guitar gives me the fat clean sounds I love and have a foot pedal with the amp that gives me all the distorion I need. The hot rail pickup really screams when you need to solo hot. Switching the 5 way there eliminates the need for even hitting the foot pedal again. The guitar is dead quiet. My sons amber one does not have the hot rail and I miss the flexibility that it offers. I wouldn't change a thing sound wise. It is making me play more and better...

Overall Impression — 10
I have been playing 38 years. I own everything from a 1917 Gibson L3, old Gibson jazz boxes, semi-hollow Epiphone Sorrentos, many Strat and Tele's, Taylor and Gibson acoustics, and 2 Casio PG 380 synth guitars. Best synth guitar ever made. I will treasure these guitars forever. It is theri uniqueness and craftsmanship, plus the sounds it makes that makes all my other guitars seem almost plain. Remember though, I got to design every piece of this guitar to my liking. I never thought of calling Fender to have a Strat buit for me. That is part of the beauty of dealing with just two Austrian guys for your own wishes to be made come true. I may buy another soon before they get famous and charge me more...I did splurge last week and bought a hand tooled case to give the guitar the home it deserves. The case it came with has a zipper and not latches. I haven't met a zipper that won't fail. Upgrade the case will ya guys! I will own this guitar until my dying day. Anyone want to buy any Strat or Tele's? If you are near to St Charles, IL or Bozeman, MT you are welcome to stop by and try her out...

Reliability & Durability — 9
Rarely play out. I have two albums finished and self produced. There was a guy at their booth at the NAMM of Europe called Music Messe Who pounded on the guitar for 4 days. He couldn't make it go out of tune. The finish is a thin clear lacquer and there were no imperfections anywhere. I don't see a need for a back-up guitar for a live gig with this quality a piece. I did pay more than a Strat price, but see it as a better deal than a high end PRS.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Again, these are custom guitars. The set up and finish are first rate. The finish is spectacular. Everyone wants to pet it. The book matched flame maple is Killer. The maple neck on my son's has a brighter sound with some real punch to it. My rosewood neck simply felt better in my hand the moment I picked it up.

Features — 10
I found Trayser guitars online and over the last year had one custom built for me. The guys, George and Chris could not have been nicer and sent pictures as the guitar was being built. I have 44 guitars and now consider this my finest playing piece. I travelled to Frankfurt, Germany from Chicago to meet them and pick it up with my 18 year old son. I eneded up buying 3 because they played so well and sounded so great. You can see the 3 I bought on their web page at: I own the 2 amber and 1 red custom double wing. The guitars attracted me because of their unique design. I have a number of semi-hollow body guitars and find the tone to be warmer. I am a tone guy. These were all made in 2005. It has a flame maple top and and a beautiful mahogony back. It has the Standard 5-way tone selector. It has 2 single coil and one hot rail pic up. The variety of sounds I get makes this my favorite guitar. The all around craftmanship of the guitar is what made me buy all 3 for my 2 sons who play and myself. The inlaid abalone below the bridge is the first thing that everyone touches. The amazing this is that you can't feel it. This hand made beauty is a piece of functional ART. It may not be fair to compare it to mass made Strats and Tele's since it is hand made from scratch, but I was ready for something special. It has Sperzel tuners and in the last 2 weeks I have tuned it twice.

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    nah not a typo. think about it. the guy bought 3 guitars after paying for a trip to GERMANY. Most people wouldn't even be able to buy a Brautwurst much less 3 guitars after that that hits the bank. Man what do you do for a living? you got 46 guitars now and 2 homes!
    I'm just loving these comments The funny thing is, for most people on this site an expensive Fender, Gibson or Ibanez is the ULTIMATE thing they aspire to own. And while it's true those brands make some great guitars, there's so much more to chose from in this world. I own a Music Man silhouette special and it OWNS any (fat)strat within that price range, not only tone-wise but especially in terms of playability. It is my favorite piece of equipment in the world and I wouldn't trade it for 3 Fenders And still I know there's guitars out there that are better than mine, only you'd have to look within the $2000 + price range, so I probably won't be getting any of those until I'm the next Steve Vai (or have a great job like this guy, which probably means I'll be at least 40 by that time). Whether it's a Parker, Godin, ESP, PRS or an unknown manufacturer such as this one... I'm sure that ANY company can make fantastic guitars as long as they know their craftsmanship and put enough time and effort into their projects. And as always the big manufacturers will charge a lot more for their valuable time
    He's just a rich guy, that bought couple of guitars every second year and after so many years he ended up with having 44 guitars
    dude where did you get the money for 44 guitars?? D: do you have time to play theme all?? have you play them all by the way?? D:
    i have one guitar... you my friend with 44, happen to have the greatest life ever =)
    My god, if having that gear you dont play at least one billion times better than me Ill kill you with your own guitar. Maybe that will get it slightly out of tune Seriously now, congratulations for the deal you got. Id have expected a lot more money to be asked for a thing like that.
    Wow... 44 guitars to my 4... And you traveled to Germany to pick up a custom, hand built guitar and then ended up bringing three home. It sounds like you are living the dream, I am truely jealous. And on top of that you are nice enough to invite complete strangers over to try them out; all I have to say is wow sir.
    I'd prefer a review with a little less enthusiasm. Still believe its a far above average guitar though.
    I own one - bought it used. I always am buying/trading in guitars (and I am not rich, believe me) just can't stay "satisfied" with one thing, need to always improve my tone, etc....the comment above is right - there are plenty of excellent boutique guitars out there - and this is one of them. Fender/Gibson/Schecter/G&L - blah blah - sure, they are great instruments - but some of these boutique luthiers make works of art - and that's what trayser is - like a surh, anderson, etc - it's a lot of $$ - but it sounds and plays better than anything you've touched in guitar c***** - yeah, it's $$, but it's one you'll never get rid of - I always consider trading it in (it's my personality) but everytime I pick it up, I know why I love it - sound. feel, just top notch - makes a crappy amp sing....and not many guitars can do that