Slayer Deluxe review by TTM Supershop Guitars

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 6 (14 votes)
TTM Supershop Guitars: Slayer Deluxe

Price paid: $ 699

Purchased from: TTM Supershop Guitars

Sound — 9
I play in a Pop/Rock band. I plug this TTM hand-made sonic-steamroller through a Fender and a Marshall and another Fender a la Ted Nugent. We play every style and I can get every sound there is. The pickups are a huge improvement on any Fender or Gibson I have and are virtually noiseless unlike my USA 60s and 70s Strats that usually sound like a jet landing when I stop playing so I have to use a noisegate. I plug this guitar straight in most the time and the only effects I use is a cry baby wah wah so it's mainly the overdrive on my amps and the superlative custom made TTM bridge pickup they installed just for me and my ability to sound like what Hendrix would've sounded like had he lived to be my age and never taken drugs. This guitar sound is Rich Full Bright Warm and Full and Rich. I would give it a 10 but again, I haven't played every guitar in the universe because I can't figure out how to get past Mars for less than 25 million bucks. There must be a better guitar but I haven't seen one.

Overall Impression — 9
In case you don't quite get an overall impression of my overall impression of it, here is my impression of it. "Vayoooong Widdla Widdla Widdle Dee Diddla Dee Diddle Szhawaowwwwwng Boowaaaah wahhhh dweeet dit dit dit dit CHOWRUNGADUH dmbada dmbada bada bada ZING wonk." That was me doing my impression of my June 2008 TTM Supershop Slayer Deluxe Six String Perfect Electric Guitar. I couldn't wish for a better guitar. But like I said before there might be a better one and it's probably in TTMs showroom right now so I can't give this one a 10 but I would. I love everything about it.

Reliability & Durability — 9
One night I accidentally became a little over "ineeb" and ended up explaining to my guitar tech how sturdy and missle-proof it is and I guess he didn't believe me so I "tossed" it over a balcony and it landed in the groundcover plants and rolled/slid down a little berm. When I went to retrieve it the dang thing was still in tune. STILL IN TUNE! It takes a licking and keeps on kicking. My guitar tech Steve got out his tools to straighten the truss rod in the neck because he "just knew" it was going to be out of whack. But it was straight as an arrow. He flipped out. I never laughed so hard. Serious Nuclear-Blast, Groundcover-Zero guitar here. I would use it on a gig without a backup outside of the backyard Bomb Shelter any day after or night before. This guitar will last a long time but if it doesn't (If the fat old bald war kooks have invented something stronger than they used on Hiroshima or Nagasaki) well it didn't cost a fortune anyway so I will probably get some more of them. I'm going to get a couple more right away anyway. As soon as I'm in one place long enough to be there when they come so I can sign for them.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
Straight out of the box from Fed Ex it was set up just like I like it. Low action, perfect pickups set in the right place. Everything is routed, cut, painted, etc. perfectly. No flaws at all. The frets were amazing. No buzzing. I could never ask for a better guitar action wise. Fit and finish wise either. Everything was fitted perfectly. They really must put a lot of time into each guitar they make at TTM. What is TTM? I asked the owner Lance Who is a super chill dude and he is quick with a joke as far as I can tell so I don't know if this is true but he told me TTM is "Taller Than Midgets - Because Guitars Are!" I have to admit. This guitar is very much TTM.

Features — 9
2008 TTM Supershop Slayer Deluxe. This guitar is 6 months old and I give it quite a workout at least 2 times a day and gig with it at least once a week. I'm overly hard on guitars. If they can't take it they don't make it in my band. These guitars are made in the United States. It's the classic Strat shape. The 22 perfectly honking frets that go all the way up the neck and make a cool shaped tuning head of themselves. This guitar came from the TTM Supershops perfectly set up like I like it. That's because unlike many guitar makers TTM has guitarists working there. Ya think? The finish is bulletproof and has already stood the test of the wrath of Dave. <--me. The test includes: Whoops,,, knocking it against a doorway really hard at a gig on accident and the ding is hardly noticeable but you can tell there is a ton of paint before you get to the alder wood. That bump would've shattered my Les Paul. I'm sure there are 10 coats. There is a Wilkinson tremolo bar that works like crazy. It came with a rosewood fingerboard which I like best. The frets don't buzz, the action is tight. the locking Sperzel tuners stay put so your not tuning up all night. Everything works peachy. The whole guitar is one big fat feature. And that makes it a huge benefit to my arsenal of over 150 guitars that I have been playing and collecting for many many many years. I'm 47 and been playing since I was 5. I would give it a 10 but I haven't played every guitar in the world. There must be a better guitar but I haven't played it.

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    Hello Everyone: I have seen a lot of people posting what they want about TTM guitars, and I have been playing guitar since 1989 and I want to put my opinion up here on them. TTM guitars "ARE NOT USA MADE", they are guitars that are custom ordered from China and in some cases assembled in America. The necks on them need to be tweaked "BIG TIME" prior to playing, I had a devastator by TTM, a guitar store had it brand new and was blowing it out because no one was interested in it. I figured for $130.00 the parts could be worth it. Well the neck had to have the fret ends filed, the frets leveled, and after a good setup, it was playable. the floyd rose in it, is a basic licensed one, it's ok for a starter guitar, but for some serious playing, I would change out the floyd for a better one, not all of the licensed ones are good. The pickups and electronics "SUCK", the pickups are crappy made in china ones with ceramic magnets, and the electronics were the dime sized pots and the horrible 3 way switch, none of which were either CTS or Alpha, it was again made in China Stuff. Now let me say this guitar is supposed to be $250 - $275 new at some places, I know I got it cheaper, but for this price range that is mentioned, an Ibanez , a Jackson or something comparable can be purchased, sure most of these guitars are made overseas, but at least you have heard of them and know what you are getting in advance. TTM guitars are hit or miss, and the bad part is the fact they Lie about where they are made, if the guitar is made in China and assembled in the USA, it is not a USA made guitar, almost anyone can build a guitar from parts, but it takes time and patience to do it right. I have owned a lot of guitars off and on over the years due to my financial situations, and I can tell you that this is an honest review on a TTM Devastator.
    Guys, what wrong with TTM guitars? Why they are junk? Are they american-custom guitars, or not? I just wanted to buy TTM Devastator, but now i don't sure about it... Could someone told me a litle-bit more about TTM? Here is my icq 311260090
    i was expecting kerry king somewhere here, but ohwell i dont liek the shape at all.
    Why is it a lot of these "unheard of" guitars have reviews from unregistered users? They always talk them up like the strings spit out gold when you play them in their reviews.
    i may be the only one to pick up on this but there is no way in hell a lil piece of alder can take a hit that would shatter a les pauls 3 and a half inches of mahogony. unless it isnt a real paul...
    I bought a TTM and like some other people said,they are junk. I am sure everybody noticed that all these boastful 'reviews' about how great TTM guitars are compared to Gibson. Maybe if these 'reviewers' were not that boastful, TTM would gain far more credibility. Do they really think that we are all stupid and that people are unable to decide for themselves how good or bad are Gibson pickups,etc?
    DeKree wrote: DO NOT EVER BUY TTM GUITARS. Trust me...they ARE JUNK!!!!! I swear to god on that
    Yes I believe that.
    Lies all lies. Are you sure you want to swear to God on that fool. You are probably atheist and it doesn't matter to you anyway.
    Trust me TTM is probably the worst guitar that you can buy with your hard earned $. I bought TTM devastator this Jan. and tried to unload it on Ebay recently and guess who won the auction two weeks ago and didn't pay. TTMguitarUSA won my auction(don't ask me why and I don't intend to know) and he hasn't paid yet. I think these strangely positive reviews started to pop up on harmony-central and other guitar review sites in around 2008 and I was so dumb to give it a try. So I bought Devastator(on the Bay) and as soon as I got it I thought if cavemen were to make guitars in the caves of deserted mountains, Devastator would be that. In other words I was "devastated" at my foolish decision. So I wrote a negative but honest review(at the time there were only extremely good reviews) on Harmony-central and of course other very negative reviews followed. Other reviews were pretty brutal and more and more reviews followed but all of sudden, the whole review section got deleted. Now there is one new review that is very negative. If you are thinking of buying any of TTMs, please go buy something else!!! TTM devastator should only be used as firelog. I know I want to sell this guitar off but at the same time I don't want to cause pain and grief to other guitar player. TTM is that bad.
    thinkin of it 150 is actually pretty big, like maybe a lil too big haha
    Ive seen these guitars, played them but dont own one. A local guy had a couple for sale. They are nice least these were. He had them for sale for 189$ each. Better than a MIM strat. Ill give the guy who made them, the necks are superb. Rolled edges like a USA made Charvel.....fretwork like a MIJ IB prestige. I cant say they were all like this...but these are well worth more than these sold for. And BTW...made in the USA doesnt mean shit anymore! Morons live here too!
    I think there is some ***** trying to bash the bad ass guitars that TTM guitars are. If you want to talk crap talk about the expensive pieces of crap Gibsons are and compare the quality. TTM guitars are made in the USA and are freaking amazing!. Dont let anyone tell you any different. These guitars are worth the money all the way.
    I think there is some ***** trying to bash the bad ass guitars that TTM guitars are. If you want to talk crap talk about the expensive pieces of crap Gibsons are and compare the quality. TTM guitars are made in the USA and are freaking amazing!. Dont let anyone tell you any different. These guitars are worth the money all the way.
    Micheal guitars is an ***** that came into my store and wanted to buy a TTM I had for much less than I was willing to sell it. He then started spewing a bunch of nonsense about how the guitar should be cheaper because it is made by a lesser known manufacturer. I told him to compare to USA Fender Strat I had in the store before he said that and he said he didnt have to cause his Squire Strat was the best guitar he ever owned and he wasnt going to pay more than 300 for anything, much less an unknown manufacturer.
    Gibson brainwashed idiots! I own several expensive guitars and a Gibson is included among them.I am dissapointed and shocked that Gibson get away with the crap they put out and yet still the croanies follow like sheep to the slaughter. Why do I have these Gibsons ? Because I know I will always find a fool that will pay their left nut for one.
    it is obvious you are either full of yourself or you are one of the cronies from TTM like Lance. There is a ot of boutique guitars made out there, but remember the old saying , you get what you pay for in most cases. TTM is one of those companies that buy the guitars from China and then redistribute them for resale, anyone can do this, you can contact a distributor in China, Tell them you want your name on the headstock, and then do a batch order and walla you have your own guitar brand. I give all the guitar companies a chance, and I have owned quite a bit, and I can honestly say that my TTM devastator compares with one of the cheaply made in Korea Kramer 610's I had back in the early 90's, and that's not saying much,
    I didn't see anything about Slayer until I got to the comments. Thought it was weird them having a Strat shape.
    about the 150 150 might sound big, but on the other hand, ive been playin for 5 years and been collecting, buying, trading, sellin guitars and after just 5 years ive had about 12 different guitars, so im not sure if 150 would be good, but having owned a lot of guitars is easily possible.
    also one last note, beware of fake posts by reps from TTM guitars, it seems insanecreeper might be one of them, I have seen Lance from TTM and a few others go gonzo on the boards repeating the same posts over and over about how good TTM is, if there is more negative reviews about TTM guitars than there is good ones, well the proof is in the pudding as they say, and if there's more negative than positive, well that tell's you something.
    captaincrunk wrote: I call bullshit. This guy doesn't own 150 guitars, he isn't 47, he never bought a guitar there, and he may not even be male
    I second this.
    Kickass guitar!!! widh i had 1, looks awesome, like the Strat shape. Why no 23 and 24 frets?? Beauty of a guitar overall.
    Looks pretty nice. Think I'd prefer a Fender though... And btw, if you're going to call a guitar's name "Slayer," it should be more badass
    I call bullshit. This guy doesn't own 150 guitars, he isn't 47, he never bought a guitar there, and he may not even be male
    broken fusion!
    lol this guy is hilarious 99% chance you play in some cover band so it doesn't even matter what you sound like
    This person writes like Ted Nugent. He suffers from adjectivitis; that's why it seems so strange.
    Huh wheres the Slayer lol? Seriously though I read the review and the Guitar sounds pretty good
    I won this guitar from a raffle at my local guitar shop, Raptor Guitars in AZ. I usually don't use these type of guitars for metal, but this guitar can handle all music genres. I'm loving the Wilkinson tremolo, and the locking Sperzel tuners. The best thing I would have to say about this guitar that it has over my other guitars, is amazing note clarity.
    Morello is god
    captaincrunk wrote: I call bullshit. This guy doesn't own 150 guitars, he isn't 47, he never bought a guitar there, and he may not even be male
    I third this.
    A Bad Guitarist
    GuitarPlayer716 wrote: And btw, if you're going to call a guitar's name "Slayer," it should be more badass
    yeh no sh*t, i thought this was gonna be one of Slayer's guitars